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Afterthoughts on the meaning of “The International Jew” radio series – final episode


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  1. katana

    Congratulations Carolyn and Hadding on completing a magnificent job! A real contribution to the cause of freeing us from the jewish vampire.

    Henry, somewhere up in the big garage in the sky, would be proud of you!

  2. Gee, thanks katana. To think that Henry would be proud of us … what a nice thought. I’m proud of him!

  3. RJ

    Thank you for the excellent reserachwork and courage, courage because of anti White criminals at large who want to suppress US, if they can’t keep you drunk or drugged is so many ways.

    I will make C.D.s on the weekend for some friends who don’t have a PC.

    This is important history.

    I remember joo’s when I [was a] boy Oveying about how they would never own a FORD, and when I ask them why they did not reply.

  4. TC

    Thank you both for such a momentous marathon effort – which l’ve followed from the beginning.

    One can only hope that in an alternate universe, Amy Scwharz and Izzy Rosenblum have been doing The National Goyim Study Hour (for a violently kvetching audience). 😉

  5. TC – Another Jewish female who managed to get herself involved with Ford is Rosika Schwimmer. By using deception and subterfuge, she played a role in the ill-fated “Peace Ship” that Henry Ford bankrolled as another of his generous ‘grand gestures.’

    “Later in life Schwimmer tried to create a world government. In 1935 she formed the World Centre for Women’s Archives with Mary Ritter Beard. She received the World Peace Prize in 1937 and formed the Campaign for World Government with Lola Maverick Lloyd.” Wikipedia.

  6. if they can’t keep you drunk or drugged is so many ways.

    Drink is a huge problem for our race. It’s important to note that both Adolf Hitler and Henry Ford were teetotalers; do you think that had anything to do with their great accomplishments for our people? They were clear-thinking and “sober.” We should discourage alcohol consumption in every way, and anyone who bristles about that and tries to defend drink should be looked upon with suspicion. They are either weak themselves or desirous of weakening others.

  7. RJ

    Carolyn, Yes exactly correct you are.

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