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St. Pat’s Day, Austrian Anschluss, and the Enemy Inside the Gate


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  1. Interestingly, Christoph von Dohnányi, later conducter of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, was the son of Hans von Dohnányi and Christine Bonhoeffer.

  2. Markus

    I believe, you said Miliband immigrated from Ostende. This is in Belgium, not Poland.

  3. Dietlef Busch

    Thank you for great show Carolyn. Regarding the “Potato Famine”, it was actually a genocide against the Irish people The Food Removal and Britain’s Cover Up therefore another historical lie.

    As for Dietrich Bonhoeffer and his brother-in-law, Hans von Dohnanyi they are still hanging as some “Righteous (idiots) Among the Nations” (the Jews actually mean “JDF’s”) in Yad Vashem, ahaha. That happens when you shake hands with the Synagogue of Satan, in the land of the blind, the one-eyed king rules!

    As for Martin Niemöller and his “Stuttgart Declaration of Guilt” (says it all)

    What can one add more to Red Ed, if one probably has a consensus amongst the British, they will tell you “Marx was a great poet like Shakespeare”

    The occult UN is trying to replace Christianity with a sort of New Age Religion and NS Germany was an obstacle to this plan.

    It is clear from this link why National Socialist Germany had to vanish:

    Time to Wake Up

    It was not NS Germany which was “occult”, it is the New World Order which is occult.

  4. Thanks, Markus, for that correction. It only dawned on me during the show that Father Miliband was in Belgium because I had first read he was a Polish Jew, and that stuck with me. So I was thinking Ostend must be in Poland.

    And while we’re at it, if he was a Jew, then the Polish part is unnecessary, but it helps to distinguish his lack of any British genetic material.

  5. Markus

    I find it highly disturbing to see a Pole or Belgian heading a British party, let alone Miliband is an International Jew.

    A British Canadian or Australian would be different, but a Pole or Belgian has no place in British politics. Even an Irish Republican would still be more British than any mainland European, since Ireland is geographically part of the Greater Britain Isles and there might be hopes of reunification or eternal brotherhood.

    What are the British thinking of this Belgian-Polish Miliband, besides that he’s an innate treacherous Jew?

  6. Bob – yes, he followed in the footsteps of his grandfather.

  7. Lurker

    Belgium just happened to be the last place Miliband snr lived before ending up here. Before that it was Poland. This family are not Polish, not Belgian and not British.

  8. Franklin Ryckaert

    Ed and David Miliband’s father Ralph Miliband was a rabid Marxist who hated England, the country that gave him asylum. This is what he wrote in his diary shortly after his arrival in England :

    “The Englishman is a rabid nationalist. They are perhaps the most nationalist people in the world…you sometimes want them almost to lose (the war) to show them how things are. They have the greatest contempt for the Continent. To lose their empire would be the worst possible humiliation.” (source : Daily Mail : The man who hated Britain.)

    This is typical of these people. You give them asylum and immediately they begin to undermine your country. Emma Goldman who joined the anarchist movement shortly after arrival in the US is another example.

  9. PatColo

    Dietlef beat me to it on the Irish “potato famine”, which it turns out is just another whitewash of history.
    Chris Fogerty created the site which Dietlef linked to, irishholocaust.org

  10. PatColo

    I also meant to link to this from Jan ’13:

    “The Irish Slave Trade – The Forgotten “White” Slaves”


    It’s no coincidence that the Irish immigrants to the US were oppressed; recall the infamous “Irish Need Not Apply” in job advertisements. When people are systematically held down as the Irish had been for centuries, it’s easy for the dominant classes to imagine themselves being just naturally superior. The Irish were able to rise out of that pit over the decades, with their advantages of being native English speakers, being accustomed to UK/US legal systems, believing in property ownership, and getting active in “machine” politics.

  11. Dietlef Busch

    @ PatColo not sure if you ever read this book Stakeknife: Britain’s Secret Agents in Ireland the old term “controlled opposition”.

  12. Markus

    Lurker – the average Brit will not criticize Miliband for being Jewish but maybe for being Polish or Belgian.

    Franklin – interesting quote. Very revealing. No wonder, Miliband says that he is not brainwashed by his father’s Marxist views.

  13. Rick

    Another great and informative show; it is refreshing to hear someone who thinks outside of the box. Made a donation through Paypal in appreciation for the hard work that you and all the others at the White Network do.

  14. Thank you, Rick. A very nice donation too! Glad to have a new and appreciative listener.

  15. Lurker

    Markus – sadly you are correct.

    There is regular Disqus commenter (on the Daily Telegraph) who constantly brings up Miliband’s ‘Polish’ identity as if that was in any way important to Miliband’s motivations. She’s so insistent on it that I suspect she isnt just being stupid, its deliberate misdirection.

    (She also harps on about Eastern European immigrants while not being at all concerned about Africans/Asiana – highly suspicious behaviour)

  16. Markus


    Opposing inner-European immigration is nothing new. UKIP is famous for that and even Merkel’s CDU admits that opening the borders to Bulgarians for example is bad for the job market. But opposing the African and Asian (mostly Arab and Paki-Indian) hordes are somehow out of the picture.

    While allowing masses of Eastern Europeans into Western Europe is a problem, it is really a non-issue compared to the deliberate White Genocide caused by the Jewish desire to invite as many non-Whites as possible to Europe.

  17. Nemeth

    Miliband can hardly be worse that the wretched Blair, a gentile who deliberately flooded the UK with immigrants to “rub the Right’s nose in “diversity””.

  18. So what are you trying to say? Maybe we don’t know how “worse” it can be?

  19. Lurker

    Worse, bad, the same – its all a shambles. Miliband is an enemy alien, Blair is a traitor.

  20. Chuter Ede, home secretary in the Atlee government refused David Miliband’s grandfather permission to stay in Britain after World War II and eventually he had to get permission from the then prime minister. It is believed that his grandfather had genocided white Christians fighting under the flag of Stalin in Poland. Unfortunaltly I can’t find the link anymore.
    His father was an influential Marxist theortician in the UK:

  21. Dietlef Busch

    @ Endzog, this article His father, the Marxist dialectician Adolf Milliband, had fled the Jewish ghetto in Warsaw; his grandfather Schmuel Milliband had fought for the Red Army; this rootless family had fled again

    “These resistance fighters, called terrorists by the Germans, would nowadays be called insurgents by the Coalition of the Good, and were presumably anyway okay by David Milliband.

    They were terrorists nonetheless. Allied (CCS) documents show that they decided it was a jolly good idea to spread typhus bacteria against the German soldiers; they failed to appreciate, in their less than infinite wisdom, that bacteria are blind — they are poor respecters of race or uniform, let alone religion, and indeed kill all indiscriminately: the wartime typhus epidemic rampaged out of control across eastern Europe […..]”

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