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Germans, Slavs and Men of Action: Aug. 19 – Sept. 21, 1941 – Episode 5


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  1. Markus

    The Slavic peasants would have benefitted from German administration for an organized state by Germanic people is always functional. But the Germans would not have intervened in their inner affairs. If Ukrainians and Russians were largely illiterate, that was their destiny to keep or change, not Germany’s.

    Production with German technology and farming know how would have increased output, and the Slavs would have gotton their fair share.

    That or Jewish Bolshevism, pick your choice.

  2. Exactly right, Markus. It’s a bit difficult to read some of those statements by Hitler, especially “Slavs are born Slaves” which is certainly an exaggeration and generalization but he was making his point dramatically, you might say. Hitler saw Germans as the best people among Aryans (Whites?), but then the Poles saw themselves that way too. Many others also do. If all Whites were really honest about what would be best for the entire White race, which national people (nation) would receive the most votes to run/lead/manage Europe from the British Isles to the Urals? Probably the Germans, except that today’s Germans are too soft, based on their guilt complexes. We killed off all the best ones.

    We have WNs who insist they want “All-White Unity” and at the same time say each nation must remain sovereign. They absurdly imagine that all would get along in some kind of huge UN type decision-making forum, just because they wish it so. Even the UN has a Security Council with only 5 members, who block each other. It also requires massive financial aid for the weaker nations. That is why weaker White nations favor such a thing — they expect to get a free ride forever. For this reason, weak nations are never really independent anyway.

    Hitler made the point more than once that the Germans would remain physically separated from the Slavs in the Eastern territories. The reason was to prevent interbreeding. Yes! he didn’t think German-Slav mixing was good, therefore he could not have seen them as the same. Racial integrity is highly desirable, even among Whites. Those who preach that all White groups can freely intermix base it on the idea that it will lessen nationalist frictions between Whites and promote unity. This is exactly the same reasoning used by the One-Worlders who say races should intermix to reach a nice light brown shade which will put all humanity in the same family. It’s always based on some political outcome that is wanted. We are probably in the very last opportunities to save ourselves from these horrid future scenarios.

  3. Franklin Ryckaert

    @ Markus,

    Perhaps you have heard of such a thing as “nationalism”. Briefly, it is the endeavor of a people to be independent, and not to be ruled by others, even if it were “for their own good”. Racial colonialism would soon end after 1945 in the world. In Europe it had no chance whatsoever.
    General Plan Ost was criminally insane from the get go.

  4. Markus

    The EU agenda basically hijacked Hitler’s ideas of a European Federation and of course, Germany is the EU’s main engine and Germans are the largest ethnic group in the EU.

    Imagine how wonderful Europe could be if the EU wouldn’t deceive its memberstates constantly and Germanism would be moral compass instead of Judaism.

    To say that all Whites are equal is absolutely ridiculous. A quick comparison of Norwegians, Italians and Welch for example, shows great differences. Sure, we are related but we differ and should be proud of it.

    You stated correctly that some White tribes want a free ride, but I’m not so sure if they are necessarily small nations. Supporting a tiny folk-body of 1 mio Estonians if needed, is not a problem, for example, as Estonians understand that they depend on larger nations. But our biggest ethnic group, has proven itself to be a hinderance, easily manipulated by Jews, based on sheer numbers that crushed the Eastern Front.

    And Slavs literally means Slave. Interpretation of terms change and honest scholars need to dig through etymology if they desire to debate this topic.

    That like me saying, I’m Deutsch, but don’t you dare say that that term derives from Teutonic.

    I also only hear whining that Whites are not all equal from Slavs. An Italian doesn’t want to be equal to a German. Nor does an Irish want to be equal to a Greek.

    I ask skeptic WNs, do we want to philosophy or not?

  5. Markus


    Show me original German documents that prove that Generalplan Ost even existed. There is only hearsay from enemy intelligence regarding this alleged plan.

    And you seem to forget that Russia is half of Europe and half of Asia. There is plenty of space for development with or without Slavs.

    But reverse colonialism is ok? Draining German tax-payers for reparations and bail-outs to less productive peoples, including Slavs?

    If I wanted the best fishermen to explore a foreign sea, I’d hire Icelanders. If I wanted a state apparatus to function, I’d hire Germans. If I wanted the best ballet dancers, I’d hire Russians.

    Germany’s ambitions in the East was to make Europe independent. Europe includes Ukraine and Russia and all of Western and Southern Europe not only Germany.

    While Ukraine and Russia sat on those enormous resources, they were dependent on American foreign aid and Britain controlled Europe through intercontinental imports.

    Even today, Russia basically only produces raw material that she delivers to Europe, China and the Middle East. You want Russia to support other races or be incorporated into Europe and provide for us? In exchange, she would be independent in all inner cultural affairs.

  6. WorshipNoMan

    The fact you cant fault Hitler for those ignorant comments show that you’ve fallen into idol worship. You honestly think that Slavs are the same as Indians? That Germany cld have controlled the East, as Britain did India? Thats not politically incorrect, its totally incorrect! You’ve lost your perspective. Post (& much pre)world war II history, has proven Hitler wrong on this. Many of his prejudices it seems were wrong but no ones perfect. Unless you really believe Hitler was the first and last perfect human being? I mean Caroline, have you travelled much in Eastern Europe? You say yourself re. cleanliness, perhaps things have changed. Everything has changed, and for the most part it never was. This grading of peasants into suprer-peasants and sub-peasants is a bit ridiculous. As a European I can say for the most part, barring environmental influences, European peasants – west and East – are pretty indistinguishable. Its just, many economies have done away with the lifestyle completely. Like you, Hitler didn’t travel much, he was a prisoner of his own outlook and theories, some of which were ahead of his time, and included the best solutions for his people, some of which were simply wrong. Russian culture, arts, science is very advanced, not just globally, but compared to many European nations. Its miraculous Russia had any technology at all in such a foreign, basket case economic/political system. Russian literature has been regarded as some of the best in the world for 200 years, etc, etc

  7. Franklin Ryckaert

    @ Markus,

    For information on the Nazi’s wonderful plan “to make Europe independent” as you frame it, go to :

    1) “Generalplan Ost”, Wikipedia
    2) “Expulsion of Poles by Nazi Germans”.
    3) “Hunger Plan”.
    4) “German mistreatment of Soviet prisoners of war”.
    5) “Kidnapping of Eastern European children by Nazi Germany”.
    6) Also take a look at “Untermensch”.

    7) And if you still think this is all slanderous propaganda, go to :
    “Generalplan Ost : Fact or Fiction”, Stormfront, with quotes from David Irving’s book Hitler’s War.

    If after having read this you still can’t understand why the “inferior” Slavs don’t want to be ruled by the “superior” Germans, you are beyond help.

    There is a difference between White Nationalism and German Supremacism, and the latter should not be presented as a genuine expression of the former.

    Finally, “Slavs” doesn’t mean literally “slaves”. The ethnic name “Slav” is derived from “slava” which means “glory” or “fame”. This element still occurs in such names as Miroslav and Yaroslav. In the Middle Ages the Vikings and the Muslims took their slaves mainly from Slavic peoples, hence their ethnic name acquired a secondary meaning.

  8. WorshipNoMan (secret hidden man) – We’re reading Hitler’s words among his close German circle during wartime. And you want me to disagree, deny and argue against what he’s saying?! I do put the question to it, but as you might recall, he said:

    The essential thing, for the moment, is to conquer. After
    that everything will be simply a question of organisation.

    How things would be organized was not yet determined (in 1941). No one that I know speaks well of their enemy when they are at war with them. The troops were friendly with the Russian folk in the villages they moved through, if it was at all possible. Directly after that, Hitler said:

    When one contemplates this primitive world, one is con-
    vinced that nothing will drag it out of its indolence unless one
    compels the people to work. The Slavs are a mass of born
    slaves, who feel the need of a master. As far as we are con-
    cerned, we may think that the Bolsheviks did us a great service.
    They began by distributing the land to the peasants, and we
    know what a frightful famine resulted. So they were obliged,
    of course, to re-establish a sort of feudal regime, to the benefit
    of the State. But there was this difference, that, whereas the
    old-style landlord knew something about farming, the political
    commissar, on the other hand, was entirely ignorant of such
    matters. So the Russians were just beginning to give their
    commissars appropriate instruction.

    The Ukraine portion the troops entered was indeed primitive and dirty. Only around the major cities was this culture you speak of existing. The Russian Federation and all the other “eastern european” states have a high level of corruption in government and business dealings. So does the Asiatic world – even higher. It is the Asiatic quality that accounts for this, probably.

    I was in Poland and Czech Republic. Poland appeared like it was still in Soviet Union days. CR was more German-like, the countryside appearing much better kempt and attractive. It was not damaged by the war since the Czechs allowed German oversight, what reverted to Bohemia-Moravia. Before WWI, the Czechs were part of the Austo-Hungarian Empire, while the Poles were independent and under Russian influence. Take what you want from that. We also need to talk about jewish influence.

    I have visited most European world capitals, but what made Hitler so strong and effective for Germany was that he wasn’t “a man of the world” but a “man for Germany’s interests.” He was certainly better traveled than the asiatic Josef Stalin, and perhaps even than Roosie-velt, the NY politician. He served in WWI and was in France and Belgium.

    So now a question for you. You say you are a “European.” That tells us very little. Why not disclose your nationality? Since you call me Caroline, I suspect you are English because Brits can’t seem to spell or speak my name any other way. What I think is, the British should keep their meddling hands off of continental Europe. Your country has always been harmful to Europe, seeking only your own advantage in alliance with the U.S. You have a hideous record, so to this day feel the need criticize Germany/Germans in order to bolster your own failing place in history. Here, too, we need to talk about jewish influence. No matter what you say, Hitler was the only one who got rid of the Jews in his own country and intended to get rid of them everywhere Germany controlled. Should that not mean much more to the Slavs than their precious national independence? A Jew-Free European Zone.

  9. Franklin,

    I read the Generalplan Ost entry at Wikipedia long ago and I also searched more sources, including German sources. There are no originals and even Wikipedia admits that. Stalin on the other hand, really had a Generalplan Ost, I have friends in the Baltics who told me that the Russian occupiers, deported many Baltics to Siberia for example and to this day, Russians make up 1/3 in the Baltics (100% in Königsberg) as a result of displacing populations. Also, almost all ethnic Germans were either expelled or perished in all of Eastern Europe and Russia after 1945. When did Germans ever bring such a catastrophe onto Slavic people in Eastern Europe? Historically, Germans built civilizations in Eastern Europe (Czechia, Ukraine/Vikings, Prussia-Poland, Croatia etc) and didn’t destroy it.

    Germany adhered to the Geneva Convention and treated POWs, well. If there were any problems at all, they derived from supply line cuts of Allied railway bombings. Germans did not intentionally holocausted any Russian troops.

    And expulsion of Poles by Nazi Germany. Lol. What a laugh. Poles expelled Germans in the corridor by the 10,000’s between 1919-1939, and finally got rid of all Germans East of the Oder-Neisse River after 1945.

    And Slava may mean glory in Russian, but Slavic means “rob” in Russian and most Slavic languages. It translates to masterless orphan. That’s basically what slave means also.

    Are you also a Brit that feels that the central and most productive country on the Continent should just shut up and disappear at best?

    Repeating all those Allied talking points. Pffft. It’s basically everything the Russians and West-Allies did to Germany, not what The Kulturvolk did to them.

    Untermensch refers to non-Aryans. If you are not of noble character, you are automatically an Untermensch. This is rather a philosophical categorization of people than a racial per se. If Hitler called the Russians Untermenschen in general, it was because they were stupid enough to allow Jewish Bolshevism to deceive them and threaten the rest of Europe. If Germany hadn’t stopped the Russians, World Jewry would be much closer to its goal.

    It’s called Germanism vs. Judaism, not Slavism vs. Judaism. Someone should lead and Satan’s children want that spot.

  10. Franklin Ryckaert

    @ Markus,

    1) The Generalplan Ost was a collection of ideas, not yet crystallized out and therefore no core document can be found. It can however be reconstructed from secondary sources. That’s what the Wikipedia article says.
    2) The criminal acts of the Stalin regime do not negate the criminal intentions and acts (especially in Poland!) of the Nazis.
    3) You didn’t react to the kidnapping of children by the Nazis. Some 400,000 children of whom 200,000 from Poland were kidnapped for “Germanization”. Himmler personally drove around in his car in Poland to abduct blond children.
    4) You make the logical fallacy of the false dilemma when you say one has to chose between German Rule or (respectively) 1) “Jewish Bolshevism”, 2) “Judaism”, 3) “reverse colonialism”, 4) “the disappearance of Germany”, 5) “rule by Satan’s children” (sic). Nothing of the sort is necessary. Europe could be a League of independent nations, each one minding its own business. Germany need not either to rule or to support other European nations. Perhaps inconceivable to people suffering from a Herrenvolk complex, but nations prefer to be independent without being ordered around by aliens who “know better”.
    5) If Untermensch refers to people who are “deceived by Jewish Bolshevism” as you say, then modern Slavs are no Untermenschen while all Western peoples including Germans now under the yoke of Jewish cultural Marxism are.
    6) “…Slavic means “to rob” in Russian and most Slavic languages. It translates to “masterless orphan”…

    I don’t know Russian or any other Slavic language, but I have a Russian dictionary and I can read the Cyrillic script. This is what I found :

    to rob – grabit, obkradevat
    orphan – sirota
    slave – nevolink
    Slav – Slavyanin
    Slavic – Slavyanskiy

    Is your Russian dictionary printed at the Fantasy Press?

  11. Franklin, you are definitely showing some of that typical Dutch hatred toward Germans. Don’t say it doesn’t exist. The Dutch love their Jews and protect them in every way they can. I have some response to your points:

    1) Reconstructing from secondary sources as per Wikipedia doesn’t make it so.
    2) Specify what criminal acts (especially in Poland) you’re referring to. Or is it “what everyone knows already?”
    3) Where does this information come from? You don’t think Himmler had better things to do than drive around looking for blond children? Poland was full of blond children! Who wasn’t blonde?
    4) I don’t think any Germans are saying Germany should rule, only that Germans would be better than anyone else for the job. This idea of a League of Independent Nations is the fallacy. We’ve had that for a long time, but without rules it doesn’t work. The European Union has rules and no one likes it … because a small clique takes over anyway. And it always will. So you are the one with no answers.
    In addition, you need to define “Europe.” That’s another problem we’re having now with the EU.
    5) Slavs are just as much under the yoke of Jewry as the West; the Jews just haven’t worked as hard there yet. Seeing what’s happened in the West, Slav countries should kick every Jew out right now and not let them back in. But they are unable to exist without Western-Jewish assistance, so they will never do that. If they’re so great why aren’t they independent? — it’s just a propaganda mirage that they are have a more moral culture. The truth is, they’re just POORER so they have less of the degeneracy than we do. During the 2ndWW they resisted handing their Jews over to be put to work in camps; they wanted to protect them, while most Western European countries were pretty cooperative in handing them over. BTW, Hungary and Romania are not Slav, nor Finland and the 3 Baltic states. We’re basically talking about Russia and it’s satellites.
    6) I do not care what Slavic means, as Markus does.

    How about this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wd8CqkKNjk
    At a mass meeting in Prague, 200,000 Czechs pledge loyalty to their homeland and to the German Reich. Czech Minister Emanuel Moravec addresses the large rally on July 3, 1942, on Wenceslas Square, near the historic statute of St. Wenceslas. He concludes with an expression of confidence in a better future for the Czech people, and of support for the “new Europe,” the “National Socialist revolution,” “our leader, Adolf Hitler,” and “our state president, Dr. Hacha.” Emil Hacha, head of the Protectorate of Bohemia-Moravia government is present, along with many other officials. The meeting concludes with the crowd singing the Czech national hymn. Three minute newsreel clip, with Czech narration.

    It was the British who didn’t like this togetherness at all, and were tasked to interfere with it.

  12. Markus


    You didn’t reply to my points. I covered most of yours, though.

    I think the notion that Himmler drove around in the Generalgouvernement (probably in a Mercedes Master Race model) to pick up blonde children is made up. Blonde or not, there are differences between Germanics and Slavics.

    Etymology, Slave, Slav, rob:

    I found this comment quite striking why the Jews used the Slavs to destroy Germany and Western Europe.

  13. Franklin Ryckaert

    @ Carolyn,

    Yes we Dutch find the Germans arrogant.

    1) If you don’t trust Wikipedia, go to Stormfront : Generalplan Ost, Fact or Fiction, which has quotes from David Irving’s book Hitler’s War.
    2) For information see : Occupation of Poland (1939-1945) and : Nazi crimes against the Polish nation.
    3) I read that long ago in a book about the Lebensborn & Kidnap project. The title of that book was “In the name of race” or something. Kidnapped children who didn’t meet the severe racial standards were killed by phenol injection. I always thought Himmler’s obsession with racial purity was caused by his own racial inferiority complex due to his Mongolian looks.
    4) The European Union is in reality an anti-European project with the aim to establish a totalitarian super-state and to cause the genocide of Europeans by promoting mass non-white immigration. If all European nations are souvereign they can stop mass immigration and start repatriation of aliens on their own. For the rest friendly mutual relations are enough. Europe is defined in the East by the Urals and the Caucasus.
    5) Poor or not, the Slavs are not corrupted by cultural Marxism as we are.
    6) About that video : talk about a staged event! Look at the sad expression on literally all faces. If the Czechs loved the Nazis so much then why did they attack their “protector” Heydrich? Perhaps because he earned his nickname “Butcher of Prague”?

    National Socialism as practised by the Germans was not White Nationalism but German supremacism based on inter-European racism, the last thing we need.

  14. Franklin Ryckaert – Thanks for the honesty.

    We Dutch find the Germans arrogant. We Dutch are not arrogant … with our Jews especially. We love our Jews and make sure they have the all the same rights as we Dutch. We are not arrogant with our LGBT either, and allow them freedom to do whatever they wish. Then there are all the black and brown people who are allowed to come and go as they will. We are careful not to say, or imply in any way, that we Dutch are superior to any of these. We love the Holocaust too, and are glad the arrogant Germans are being held responsible for their arrogance in thinking they could deport people who were not them. We Dutch are very liberal and accepting, thus far better than those arrogant Germans.

    Why is it that you do not speak about the Dutch attitude toward Jews, Franklin? Was not the occupation of your country necessary for Germany to protect its own homeland after Britain and other nations, including yours, declared war on her? At that point, the choice was between Germany and Britain. Your country, except for a few brave ones, chose Jew-directed Britain. You are responsible for the world we live in today, not the “arrogant Germans,” who sacrificed beyond anything you can imagine to change this course of Jewish dominance over Europe.

    To you, the Third Reich was merely “German supremacism”, not “White Nationalism”. Of course it was not White Nationalism!! To me, increasingly I see White Nationalism as a tool of the globalists/internationalist Jews to give us an impossible ideal which they can infiltrate and control. And you are a part of that.

    4) “If all European nations are souvereign they can stop mass immigration and start repatriation of aliens on their own.” But would they do it? You are assuming too much. Are Jews aliens? Not according to you. The Dutch would balk. The Italians would probably balk. The Swedes would balk, now. The Russians would balk. The Poles would surely balk. If all states are not doing this together, it doesn’t work. The states who could see that having the powerful Jews on their side, while some others did not, would give them an advantage would take it. This is the kind of “togetherness” White Europeans have always displayed. The Germans are more conscious of a responsibility to all Europe than any other national group – a proven fact.

    6) Of course it’s a forced event, I did not say otherwise. Neither I nor the film said the “Czechs loved the Nazis.” But at the same time, there was widespread acceptance that this was necessary at this time. Was it possible to make everyone happy? No. In fact, it never is. The “Czechs” did not attack Heydrich; most of them liked him and he was not a butcher. That is why British Intelligence sent Czechs living in Britain, trained in Britain, at Britain’s expense, to assassinate him in order to force the Germans to do something in reprisal (I know all about Lidice). So who were the butchers?! This is not arguable; it is accepted fact.

    The rest of what you wrote speaks for itself as to your reliance on allied propaganda and Jewish sources/point of view. What the hell are you doing calling yourself a “White Nationalist?” I will no longer call myself that.

    P.S. Here is an example of the present day Czech parliamentarians pushing and shoving to point up the suffering of the Czechs in WWII which never really took place. http://praguemonitor.com/2014/03/25/politicians-outraged-justice-minister-downplaying-nazi-era

    “This denies or at least overlooks the suffering of thousands of Jews who were transferred from the Czech soil and subsequently murdered, this denies the obliteration of entire Czech villages (in fact, one only), this denies the suffering of thousands of brave people [Jews again?] who were killed,” Kupka said.

  15. Franklin Ryckaert

    @ Carolyn,

    1) I hope you realize the Germans anno 2014 don’t differ much in outlook from the modern Dutch.
    2) Any country invaded by a foreign nation, no matter out of what motive, will fight for its freedom. It’s called nationalism.
    3) If you call White Nationalism an “impossible ideal”, German supremacism is even more impossible.
    4) The victory of ethno-nationalist parties in many European countries is now a real possibility. Once in power they can start to implement ethnopolitics.
    5) Jews are Middle Easterners in my book. Since they have now their own ethno-state that should be their destination.
    6) White Nationalism is ethno-nationalism for peoples of European descent (perhaps it could therefore be better called Euro-ethno-nationalism). Ethno-nationalism is the policy of having an independent state for the own ethnic group that serves the interests of that ethnic group. In principle all ethnic groups should have that right.
    7) German National Socialism did indeed contain many elements of ethno-nationalism (in my estimation its best) but it was also a supremacist-colonialist movement (conquering “Lebensraum” at the cost of the Slavs) which made it morally unacceptable. In this age of post-colonialism and post-racism to espouse such an ideology is unrealistic to say the least.

  16. Tim Pietersen

    Hey franklin,

    Come on WTF? jij gebruikt jewkepedia als bron???? kom op zeg doe effe normaal lol.

    50 jaar joden tv heeft jou gehersenspoeld om duitsers te haten lol, of haat je alleen blanken? lol

    Doe onderzoek zonder gebruik van joodse oorlogspropaganda. lol

  17. Tim Pietersen

    hey carolyn i basically wrote to franklin that he is insane for using wikipedia jewish propaganda sources for his attacks ( in dutch)

  18. Okay Franklin, you make out like you’re really making points with your numbered items, but you’re now down to irrelevancies or repeating what you’ve said already. About the Jews all you can say is “They’re Middle Easterners and should go to Israel.” Pardon me, but hahaha. That, of course, will never happen, but you’ve done your part, right?

    “In this age of post-colonialism and post-racism to espouse such an ideology is unrealistic to say the least.”

    To espouse racism? Are you one who points to those bad Jewish colonialists and racists as what we don’t want to be? You’re recommending we change our terminology and symbolism in order to fool them into accepting us? I think it would be better to de-mystify those terms and symbols in order to take away the taboo quality assigned to them.

  19. Franklin Ryckaert

    @ Carolyn,

    1) We are talking about theoretical wishes here, like most internet “activists”.
    2) So we should be kind of “proud” racists and “proud” colonialists and praise the Nazi Generalplan Ost? That may satisfy the Israelis, but will it satisfy the Slavs? I might add that for Americans there is indeed a resemblance between Generalplan Ost and “Manifest Destiny”, which was already noticed by Hitler himself.

  20. Franklin –
    1) So theoretically you think the answer is for all Jews to go to Israel. I think it would be too crowded unless they expand their territorial boundaries, don’t you? Thus you’re just talking through your hat, so to speak, in order to rid yourself of the Jew question. You’ve made it clear that you don’t blame Jews for much of anything.

    2) Yes, we should be proud racists and proud of all our achievements, including establishing colonies. Why not?
    But there was not a Generalplan Ost that you keep referring to. That shows you are propagandizing here by continuing to mention it. All forward-thinking nations draw up scenarios for possible future contingencies. Some planners came up with the most extreme measures they could probably imagine becoming necessary. The Reich’s enemies (of which you are one) found references to such and pasted something together, calling it “Generalplan Ost,” just as they put together the “Holocaust Plan” (which you also believe). What their “GpO” consists of is has been “reconstructed from related memos, abstracts and other ancillary documents” according to Robert Gellately, who has written a book about it. For you to want to condemn Hitler’s Reich as you do shows what side you are on. Condemning our own actions from the past has put us in the weak condition we are in now and we won’t ever be helped by those who join in this condemnation, White or non-White.

    Satisfying the Slavs is not my concern. I would rather see Germans, a higher quality people, expanded though the areas East where, as Hitler said, Germans used to live for hundreds of years. He said all the territory they occupied in Sept. 1941 was where Germans used to live. Almost all of the historic (now tourist) sections of Prague and Cracow were built by Germans. The same in Gdansk/Danzig and other cities. Considering that the Dutch are a German people, you are a self-hating German, claiming that “Dutch” is something distinct from German. The only distinction is from the Dutch becoming so Judaized that they now think like Jews. It’s the same with Slavs, who have been intimate with Jews for so long by having so many among them.

    As to the Dutch idea that Germans are “arrogant”, that comes from the Dutch trait of being so famously “tolerant” that they see the German virtue of preferring their own ways as “arrogant.” The Dutch need to be re-educated.

    I don’t see as much anti-Jewishness in Slavic countries as we’re told exists. Of course, it’s illegal there too. I may stop praising them for their nationalist parties which may be fake. I’ll stick with putting expectation in the nationalist parties of Western Europe from now on, insisting though that they be free of Jewish direction, which your party in Holland is not. This is where our efforts and attention should go – getting the Jews/USA out of Western Europe, along with the muslim invaders.

    Here in the U.S. the WN community is extremely weak … the result of welcoming Jewish immigration into this country, especially Slavic Russian and Polish Jews, as Henry Ford’s TIJ pointed out repeatedly. That coincides perfectly with America beginning to question and criticize itself and criminalize its past, which led directly into helping instigate and then joining into the two world wars.

  21. Franklin Ryckaert

    @ Carolyn,

    1) If all Jews would live in Israel that country would become a kind of big Singapore. Jews would be able to handle that. They are an urban people anyway. You seem to have a far more sinister “final solution” in mind…
    2) Healthy ethnic pride is something different from “racism”, if with that word we mean the practice of exploiting or harming people of a different race.
    3) As for Generalplan Ost, there was no real need to conquer “Lebensraum” in the East for Germany’s 80 million people. Germany still has a population of 80 million and that on a smaller territory and they are doing just fine.
    4) “Germans used to live in the East”. Yes, but only in small numbers. There are also Chinese living in America – in small numbers – does that entitle China to claim the whole of the US for its “Lebensraum”?
    5) “The Dutch need to be re-educated”. Ha, that’s a good one! You cannot change Dutch into Krauts, we are hopelessly humane!

  22. 1) Jews are not South Asian Buddhists, not Singaporeans … it’s what they would do to their neighbors who they hate that is the problem, not what they would do to each other. Do I have a more sinister final solution in mind – darn right.
    2) Blah
    3) Germany is not doing just fine on it’s smaller territory, you disgusting mole. 80 million, including how many Turks? Ask the Germans – the Nationalists that you say you support. It just shows German superiority that, being assigned severe handicaps in the competition, they still do better than those who’ve been given extra points!
    4) Not in “small numbers” at all. Comparing the Germans in their Eastern European homelands with Chinese in America shows real ignorance … and also your jewish agenda.
    5) Humane, as in soft. Don’t be proud of it. The Netherlands army collapsed at the first sight of bloodshed. That’s why it took the Germans to do something about the Jews. Those in your nation who were brave and tough had to join the Waffen SS Nederland Division to express their manhood.

    Franklin Rosenfelt was of Dutch ancestry, aren’t you proud? Is he your namesake by any chance? He loved the Russians, Stalin, and hated/feared the Germans. He was all for reducing the size of their country and killing off millions so it wouldn’t matter so much. I am sure you think he did a good job. He was Jewish, too.

    Franklin, I think we’ve exhausted this little debate so don’t bother sending another reply. I get where you’re coming from.

  23. You seem to have a far more sinister “final solution” in mind…

    Franklin, you espouse the sick belief that Whites should be more worried about what’s best for the jews than for Whites. That’s despicable, and you’ve done it in a typically slimy manner, but thanks for outing yourself you piece of shit.

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