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False Visions of Hitler in the West, Part I: Through the Gulf War to the Golden Dawn

Adolf Hitler with ChildrenSept. 19, 2012

In this first show of an Hour by the Window, August discusses some propaganda about World War II, about Adolf Hitler himself and the causes and conduct of the war, and their specific role in refashioning domestic policy, immigration policy, as well as foreign policy in significant ways not conducive to the benefit of European Americans.  He spends the first half discussing some of these domestic and foreign policy changes, maintaining that America’s vision of itself and the propaganda of Jews were decisive factors in those changes.  In the second half, August goes back to the personage of Adolf Hitler himself, addressing significant points about his ultimate foreign policy goals and intentions, and the causes of World War II.  Ultimately, he maintains that European Americans will never be able to escape a cycle of decline unless they come to terms with the past… a past that has been mythologized to their detriment.

In the course of the show, August also brings up other important issues:

  • The mythologizing of Jewish suffering in World War II into the story of the Holocaust.
  • Hitler’s desire for an alliance with the British Empire, stretching back to Mein Kampf, with reference to the 1937 Ribbentrop-Churchill meeting.
  • Comparisons between Hitler and heads of state in follow-ups to conflicts, in order to justify such conflicts in the minds of European Americans.
  • Media attacks on the Golden Dawn as an example of how nationalist and patriotic movements are consistently attacked in the Jewish media.

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Above Image: Adolf Hitler with German children.

Break Music: “Progeny” from the Gladiator soundtrack, followed by a clip from Kenneth Branagh’s Hamlet, the gravedigger’s scene.

References: Professor Kevin MacDonald’s essay “The Jewish Role in Shaping American Immigration Policy 1881-1965“, John Toland’s Adolf Hitler, Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf, and  Patrick J. Buchanan’s Churchill, Hitler and the Unnecessary War: How Britain Lost its Empire and the West Lost the World.

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