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The Litany of White Sins

A review of the many things Whites as a group are guilt-tripped about. The effects it has. Why it works.

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  1. Phil

    When that Newsweek issue went to print, who owned Newsweek? What are their names?

  2. Franklin Ryckaert

    That article in Newsweek is from September 14, 2009 when it was still owned by The Washington Post Company, editor of the paper of the same name and several others.The WPC is a public company, but its greatest stockholder is the family of the late Eugene Meyer (1875 – 1959 ) who published The Washington Post. Meyer also served as Chairman of the Federal Reserve from 1930 to 1933. Both parents of Meyer’s were Jewish. In short : the usual suspects!

  3. Great to witness TWN operating like clockwork; a well-oiled Kriegsmarine diesel engine.

    That Newsreek frontpage surely represents the epitome of judeo-media’s schemes to mass-induce white guilt. Wow! So abhorrent, yet such good material to wake up fence-sitters.
    Taking white infants hostage, en masse, for political (genocidal) ends. Way to go, kikes! What’s next? –Prenatal racism?

    Aryan loyalist advice #3:

    Prepare a contingency plan for how to defend your house and family in response to a nocturnal armed robbery.

  4. Great show,Tan. Your work is stellar. God bless you.

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