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This is an extension of the topics discussed previously in Guilt-Tripping and The Litany of White Sins.

Stupid/crazy/evil is one tactic used against Whites who have gotten beyond the guilt-tripping, or were never affected by it to begin with. You’re White and not paralyzed with guilt? Well then, you must be a stupid/crazy/evil racist-KKK-nazi!

As with guilt-tripping, stupid/crazy/evil is a form of psychological aggression against Whites. It is a progression of escalating hostility that starts with ridiculing and pathologizing Whites as mentally defective, and ultimately leads to demonizing Whites as morally defective.

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5 Responses

  1. Etienne

    What’s the opening track on this, please?

  2. Robert Lloyd

    Tanstaafl, the issue of losing friendships over understanding the truth is a drawback. Some years ago, as many of us have done, I had to accept the fact that everything I had ever been taught I had to now discard. At least until I researched an issue from all sides… being non-Jewish sources. Then we lose friends, and even family relationships.

    When people like us are confronted with the truth I believe we all suffered loss of friendships. And I remember thinking to myself that I will NEVER deny the truth in order to save a friendship. The great Robert E Lee said approximately the same thing 150 years ago. I don’t have the exact quote at hand:( but you can only imagine the loss of friendships in 1860 America when people had to take a side.

    We are presently in the same boat, less the declaration of war.

    I enjoy your show and Carolyn’s too!

  3. Really appreciate the structure of your webcasts, Tanstaafl.

    One topic at a time; succinct; to the point.

    Good analysis of the divisive identities of somnambulant whites, a.k.a. false consciousness (sports-teams; religions; pop-culture; economic classes, e.t.c.).

    The doctrine of S.E.R.B. (simple, emotional, repetitive, brief) is often worth taking into consideration when composing messages in a lightspeed propaganda-war setting.

    You obviously do so.

  4. Etienne


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