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Pathologization and Demonization

Part II of Stupid/Crazy/Evil, focusing on the jewish source of these tactics.

Subjects include: Sigmund Freud (father of psychoanalysis), Theodor Adorno (Frankfurt School member, author of The Authoritarian Personality), Richard Hofstadter (life-long communist, author of The Paranoid Style in American Politics), Daniel Goldhagen and David Neiwert (coiner and popularizer, respectively, of “eliminationism“) and Lawrence Auster (whose special concern is “exterminationist anti-semitism“).

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8 Responses

  1. donothingWN

    Hey man, where do I download this? no link. Thanks!

  2. The program will be broadcast and the download will be available at 9PM ET tonight.

  3. katana

    Tan, may I recommend that when posts are made that don’t yet include the download you also include a note like your comment above, e.g.:

    This program will be broadcast and the download will be available at [time and date].

    I also used to wonder where the podcast was, until I figured out what was going on. For new comers it will save them unnecessary searching.

  4. donothingWN

    Thank you Tan! Love your work and can’t wait to listen to this 🙂

  5. AWM

    What is the status of the itunes feed – stopped updating after the first two?

    Great job, Mike

  6. Mike, please verify if the feed is complete now. Thanks.

  7. Nick Dean

    Beginning a few months ago Bradford Libraries has imposed a complete ban on your blog, Tan, and now your radio page at tWn also, even though I can browse the rest of the site. You made it, bro!

    I was able to open this page from the recent posts sidebar and this will be the first of your shows I’ll listen to.

    Great work on getting the network online — I’m sure it will soon become an essential resource!

  8. donothingWN

    I enjoyed what I’ve heard so far. These podcasts are so important, it takes me a awhile to get through them because I miss too much if I listen while doing chores or something.

    Thank you for your hard work!

    PS if you or carolyn have any thoughts on the northwest front concept, I’d love to hear them, as I’m seriously considering moving.

    We need a homeland.


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