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Morals, Morality and Moralizing

What morals are, what they’re for, where they come from. Moral authority and moral outrage. The connection to story-telling, history, and politics. Who does what to whom for whose benefit?

I discuss Gabrielle Giffords, Sarah Palin and what Whites should understand about “blood libel”.

The image comes from the “Zionism and Israel Encyclopedic Dictionary” entry for Blood Libel. I don’t discuss this article, though it contains a typical jewish version of history, portraying jews as innocent victims:

Blood libels in the both the West and the East were generally occasions for large-scale persecution and judicial murders of Jews, as well as the basis for expulsions and pogroms. There have been about 150 cases of blood libel that were actually tried by Catholic authorities, and many other rumored cases that never came to trial.

The enduring nature of the blood libel is one of its most remarkable features. It was an invention of the pagans. It was revived and exploited in medieval Christian superstition, later promoted deliberately by the counter-reformation and the Inquisition, By the 19th century, much of the “old” anti-Semitism of the medieval period had passed from the world, but the libel persisted. It has been transplanted to the United States and the belief flourishes in Muslim countries as well. Investigations, instigations and enforcement had been transferred in part from the Roman Catholic Church to lay authorities: Tsarist police, Polish police and even New York State Troopers.

Various immediate political or other motivations are often attached to the accusations, such as desire to obtain Jewish property, but the libel could not succeed if large numbers of people did not believe it, and they do. The blood libel is not a thing of the past.

The most remarkable feature of the “blood libel” accusation is the way it inverts reality. The one common factor is jews, the accusors, who portray themselves as innocent victims of a far-flung, age-old conspiracy to falsely accuse them in order to take their property.

The “blood libel” story is an outstanding example of jewish guilt-tripping and moralizing. It is an outrageous libel against European peoples, with the effect if not intent of distracting attention from jewish malfeasance.

The podcast will be broadcast and available for download on Tuesday at 9PM ET.

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8 Responses

  1. Etienne

    Interesting stuff. The naturalistic approach p[roduces some good insights. I thought you overstated your case at the end with the blood libel example when you said there was “good reason” but then didn’t back that up. Having looked into this myself a bit I’d compare it with the European witchcraft trials in the 18th century, though on a considerably smaller scale that can no doubt then be exaggerated.

  2. Phil

    An Israeli Jew, Professor Ariel Toaff of Bar-Ilan University wrote a book about this subject called “Blood Passover: European Jews and Ritual Murder”. Only about 1,000 copies of the original book were printed before protests from jews stopped the printing. The enlish translation of the original is still available, for now, online.

    Andrew Hamilton wrote an article about Ariel Toaff’s book titled “Diabolical Passion: Ariel Toaff’s Blood Passovers” at the Counter-Currents website on April 6, 2012.

    Hamilton writes ” Italian Jewish historian Sergio Luzatto praised it….Toaff, wrote Luzatto, established that ‘from 1100 to about 1500…several crucifixions of christian children really happened'”.

  3. Konrad Rhodes

    Thanks to Phil!
    The Blood Libel is true!
    I am primarily of German extraction, still have relatives in Solingen! but
    I had a kind of Epiphany ten years ago and joined the Russian Orthodox Church and have been close with many Russian Orthodox Nationalists who are involved in pamyat. One showed me excerpts from a very old book that has not been published in almost ninety years in which a former Hasidic Jew recounted in bloody detail how young christian boys were kidnapped or even, disgustingly, bought or “adopted” for Passover and then explained the Jewish religious beliefs justifying and even glorifying the practice. The so-called Jewish abhorrence for blood and its being ritually impure is a simply a lie. Any viewing of a Hasidic bris will show you what a lie this is! An absolutely excellent book on Rabbinical Judaism and Jews is Michael Anthony Hoffman II, a Roman Catholic Traditionalist’s, book ‘Judaism Discovered’. It is over a thousand pages but it is exceptional and his research and arguments are not re-hashings of great old works. He has added and assisted in the Anti-Jewish cause immensely!

  4. Michael A. Hoffman II is an outstanding writer. I’m the happy owner of two of his books, “Judaism’s Strange Gods” and “Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare” –both excellent and very informative.

    Abrahamic religions, including Christianity, however, cannot be taken seriously in 2012.
    Sorry. No offense, but how can you, as a German, subscribe to a religion which has it’s spiritual roots deep in semitic soil?
    Last time I checked the Old Testament was still part of the Bible(!).
    That fact alone should be enough to make White Christians start seriously questioning why they keep routinely bowing down and praying before a racially foreign, semitic tribal god known as “Yahweh”.

    The sheer absurdity of supposedly racially conscious Whites still believing in jewish fairytales and jewish national lore after the Renaissance and after the Age of Enlightenment is frustrating, to put it mildly.

    R. P. Oliver:

    “[…] if men wish to improve their lot in life, they can depend only on themselves, not on supernatural beings they imagine in moments of idle fancy. And that realistic understanding of our position in the world was held by good minds so long as the Graeco-Roman world remained Aryan, disappearing only when the Roman empire had been so polluted by the influx of Orientals and the degrading myths dear to their irrational mentalities that the great edifice of civilization inevitably crumbled down into the barbarism of the Dark Ages.”

    Being against Judaism while believing in Christianity seems to me about as absurd as being against Marxism while believing in Leninism.

  5. Good webcast Tan. Forgot to mention that in my Antichrist rantings.

    Could you do me one favour?
    In line #5, I mis-spelled the possessive pronoun “its”.
    I accidentally put in the apostrophe, so it looks like I’m saying “it is”.

    Could you please remove that apostrophe for me?


  6. Always even keeled, well spoken, and to the point. Well said Tan.

  7. Scott

    Great point abut the strategy of “inverting truth.” Changing a people’s morality in this way is more powerful than conquering them. Jews are great at this (cf. Nietzsche on Christianity). It’s an interesting philosophical question why this strategy is so effective. You mentioned the practical value (“part of the reason the mechanism works so well is that you’re so busy defending yourself from their charge that you never think of turning it around 180 and using it on them”) but I think there’s a more fundamental efficacy to pulling the carpet out from under a prevailing view (rather than just trying to tinker with it to serve one’s ends) that pertains to how our intellects work.

  8. Konrad Rhodes

    Dear Hilmar,
    I am not sure that I could adequately provide a complete response yet let it suffice for me to state a few things and please forgive the glaring omissions for lack of time and space.
    Roughly eleven years ago my view on religion was, I think, the same as yours. I don’t know that I ever was as much an Atheist as Richard Dawkins but I certainly hated Christianity and particularly hated Evangelicals. I was once recommended the Gospels and I recommended Nietzsche’s Antichrist! I once gave a copy of The Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey to a drinking buddy for Christmas. It was a joke but as he is someone who believes that he had been saved through “accepting Christ” he got pretty upset.
    I write this so you know I am not just bluffing. I think that my close call with a gruesome death and staring into a void that seemed to move with fangs and tentacles along with other experiences convinced to give Christ another hearing and what I found written by an Orthodox monk who stated that one cannot be a Christian through ideologically believing in God but must take hold of the ancient means to know God personally as well as you know your mother and father. Basically it was a nice way of saying the ‘faith’ so many ‘christians’ boast is not in any way the Creed of the Apostles. I never wanted to become an Orthodox Christian because I certainly have no heritage there. If anything it would’ve made sense to rejoin Traditional Catholicism in SSPX like some of my family members had at that time.
    According to the common definitions people apply to racism and anti-semitism the Gospels and Christ himself are racist and anti-semitic. Ed Pike is one of the few Protestants I respect. The narrative he provided in his film, “The Other Israel” is basically what Orthodox Christians believe about Jews however we also tend to view them as being an accursed race. Yes we do believe that they can be redeemed by baptism but this has to be sincere, of course, and this does not at all negate racialism. In fact in Russia during the ’90’s Nationalists suggested creating a separatist organization for Russian Jews converted to Orthodoxy so that they could join the struggle for an ethno-nation of their own. The point is race was not just over-looked!
    Personally I don’t really understand what it is about the Old Testament that is so semitic that it is un-acceptable for Germanic peoples? The Aryan Nations Church/ Christian Identity is an example of a radically anti-Jewish view of the Hebrews as actually having been Aryans!
    Personally I just see the problem of Judaism stemming from perversion, miscegenation, and adopting decadent Babylonian magic and sexual mores, if they can be called mores at all, which were codified in the Talmud and Kabbalah.
    But reading Israel Shamir, a Jew who converted to Orthodox Christianity, I see that conversion to Christ does root out that perverse Jewishness and like many before him he is now one of the Jews biggest enemies!
    Go forth and convert the Nations!
    Neither Greek nor Jew.
    But hold on, their have to be Greeks and Jews for this to make sense!

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