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“The International Jew” Study Hour – Episode Two


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  1. Gute arbeit!

    This series has potential.
    Building on a pretty solid foundation, too.

    Would perhaps be useful to post the episodes on a new youtube-account with some very simple video-accompaniment. Maybe even just a singular different portrait of Mr. Ford for every new episode.

    Would probably get a lot of hits over time.

    Thank you for the effort invested, Carolyn and Hadding.

  2. How about taking that on, Hilmar? You have a youtube account and you’re very welcome to do so. There are a lot of different pics of Ford to choose from; you’re right, some variety in images is a good idea.

  3. Excellent reading and commentary !
    Yes ! This is the right track , educational and inspiring at the same time . Bravo !

  4. Thorsman

    Fantastic, I have been looking for something like this for a long time! Thank you so much, hope to hear more!

  5. William Pierce who was pretty careful about his documentation said that Eustace Mullins was unreliable. He would not carry his books. He did sell The International Jew. I am very glad you are doing it as a radio show. I don’t have much time to read, but can do other things while listening to your excellent programs.

  6. Evelyn: Interesting that Pierce didn’t carry Mullins’ books, but did like Ford’s TIJ. You and I are in the same boat combining radio and mindless tasks. It works!

  7. I should point out that WLP didn’t check out every statement made in TIJ to make sure it was true, but he thought that Ford had the right idea about the Jews and that his researchers made a good faith effort to verify their claims. Most of all, he thought it should be remembered that at least some White American leaders used to be loyal to their race. They were not always the traitors they are today.

    Also, he admired Mullins’ courage and willingness to speak out. He just thought he did not do enough to verify some of his claims and was worried about others using his books as reference works.

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