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“The International Jew” Study Hour – Episode 3


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  1. Michael Woodbridge

    “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread”. Long live the fool!

  2. Lurker

    Re Ted Turner – the token non-jewish media magnate.

    The cartoon Family Guy often likes to remind viewers of the horrors of the anti-semitism of Walt Disney and the old Disney studio. Neglecting to mention that Disney has now been under jewish control for years – like all the other major studios.

  3. donothingWN

    I have to be honest. I’ve gotten behind in listening to these because there’s so much important discussion, I really need to focus on the lecture. If only I had a professor like you at university, Carolyn! I never heard the word Jew mentioned once unless it was a palestinian group, with no explanation.

    I bought TIJ for $12 I think off amazon, and it’s a great copy. I’m sure I got put on an FBI list, so be it. They scan and archive PDF, books, and other documents on your kindle and upload them to the cloud unless you turn off that feature. Needless to say mine has many thought crime documents I need to remove from the cloud!

    I’m rambling. Thank you as always!!!!

  4. donothingWN: Don’t forget to thank Hadding. He is more professor-like than I am. 🙂

  5. donothingWN

    Thank you Hadding, I’ve loved your reading and your pronounciation of the german words, and especially your questioning of the material and it’s accuracy when appropriate. I enjoy the analysis, because it gives me so much more perspective than just what’s on the paper. It’s not like there’s anybody I know to discuss this with and get other opinions!

    I like what you said about Ford’s information, it was a bigger world back then and sometimes he had to use generalities to make a point or due to lack of full information.

    It’s just that whole ‘they’re not all like that’ argument that I detest. All those commisars were jews by blood or between the ears, regardless of the genetics they were all effectively jews.

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