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“The International Jew” Study Hour – Episode 4


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  1. When I said Robert Sarnoff I should have said David Sarnoff. The inventor of FM was Edwin Armstrong.

  2. Another mistake. I said Max Mueller when I should have said Max Weber. It was Weber who wrote The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism, to which Sombart was responding with The Jews and Modern Capitalism.

    Max Mueller was a language-expert.

  3. Always a stickler for accuracy. 🙂 But that’s why we can rely on you.
    And if we have a test for the listeners ….

  4. Bravo, the show is hitting its stride, full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes

  5. ooooops, forgot to mention your German pronunciations Hadding. Excellent, I thought I heard a few French words thrown in somewhere, maybe last week as well. You are good at articulating in other languages, something Americans are not typically very good at.

  6. donothingwnc

    Another outstanding episode! I too found this section a bit fawning over the jews.

    Funny, I find the frothing at the mouth hatred to be on the part of jews against those who expose them, not the so called anti semites.

    Whens the first test on the material? Will there be a review? I love this series and think its very important work.


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