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“The Holocaust” cult uglifies our world and other complaints


Podcast: DownloadJuly 9, 2012

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  1. Superb work, Carolyn.

    The new religion of Hollowcausetianity is certainly an acutely relevant topic to break down and place under the Yeagerian microscope.

    The quality and regularity of your output is impressive.
    Hard to keep up.

  2. Thanks Hilmar! And thank you for undertaking “The International Jew” Study Hour video project. I think it will certainly increase the number of people we reach with Henry Ford’s great work.

  3. fnn

    Weber reviews an only very recently published book by Herbert Hoover in his most recent podcast. In the book, Hoover vouches for the accuracy of the “German White Papers” that showed that in 1938-39 FDR carried out a covert campaign of incitement pushing Poland, Britain and France towards war with Germany.

    Weber is actually reading big, thick books without pictures and extracting valuable nuggets from them-so all that money is not going *entirely* to waste.

  4. You’ve got to be kidding. That book came out last November and there is nothing in it that hasn’t been discussed over the years since it was written. It’s contents were already known. The Polish diplomatic messages found by the Germans didn’t need Hoover to vouch for them (although it doesn’t hurt); it was always clear they were authentic, in spite of the usual “denials.” Weber’s latest podcast is nothing but a rehash of what’s already been stated time and time again. Are we to accept that because Weber reads passages from this book, he is worthy to be supported by the revisionist community?

    I understand that most folks will not read big, thick books without pictures. But there are already plenty of reviews of this book that can be read – Weber is actually a bit tardy with his, and he doesn’t say anything new or original. Is it the only job of the IHR Director to read books and newspapers? That’s what Mark Weber has turned the position into! Money sent to the IHR is going to waste. As long as we support mediocre organizations we won’t get better ones. The IHR should not be closed down due to Weber’s poor performance (which could happen), but Weber should be replaced by someone like Germar Rudolf, a man of proven energy, vision and accomplishment. There are others who could also do the job that should be done.

    Consider this: There is no one producing any work at the IHR. It is an “institute” with nothing going on. Before Mark Weber destroyed it, it was a lively place with many talented people producing new and intellectually valuable work. What happened? That question must be asked and investigated. Instead, there seems to be fear of ‘rocking the boat.’ Mark Weber himself backs away from answering questions; instead he hides behind his acquired “dignified” demeanor.

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