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The Fundraising Game


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  1. Robert Lloyd


    I have always loved your shows, BUT… this one just doesn’t make sense to me. For all the good history programs you have given that I have learned immensely from, down to this level of attacking good people that are just trying to fund their work, oh my.

    Thomas Edison always tried raising money merely to fund his attempt at his next invention. Everyone has to do this to survive. The Institute of Historical Review, Ingrid Zundel, David Duke, David Irving, the Political Cesspool with James Edwards and his super supporting cast, and everyone in our cause of historical truth, or White nationalism, or Southern heritage, or whatever. We all have the right to give freely to whom we choose. In fact, we have a duty, if we are to survive.

    Some people give to the ADL, SPLC, National Republican Party, or other Jewish concerns. But we need to fund OUR people too!!! We need some sort of parity eventually in order to win. Individually, we don’t have a lot of money, at least it seems at times. But Whites together, in smaller denominations CAN cancel out the two percent (2%) of the American population that call themselves Jews.

    But come on, be your best… and don’t aid the Jews with shows like this. Do the shows that make us better and stronger.

    But, as always a fan,
    Robert Lloyd

  2. It’s heartening to finally see someone with some WN caché addressing this issue. As for myself, I have been asking the same question for well over a decade: Where does all the money donated to WN leaders go, and for WHAT does it go for?

    Answer: No one is permitted to know. For instance, take Stormfront and Don Black. He routinely begs his forum members for a cash gift of $7,500 dollars PER MONTH. Recently, when two Sustaining Members pointed out the fact that Black’s so-called ‘expense report’ does not match the need for that much money, they were summarily banned. Others who question Black’s demand for money are routinely ridiculed and belittled in secret sub-forums lorded over by smug-faced Moderators. For these reasons, I have long called for the termination of all monetary support for these vile, money-grubbing leeches who are all talk and very, very little action.

    The truth is obvious, however: Don Black is using donated money to bankroll his Palm Beach lifestyle, which apparently his race-mixing wife Chloe can’t support on her own paycheck, working as she does helping little black and brown children supplant their white counterparts.

    What is the moral here?


    Each and every month Don Black, David Duke, Jared Taylor, and so many other white nationalist PAYtriots are milking thousands of people of money, and not telling anyone – except in the vaguest of terms – just how they’re spending that money. We don’t need vague accountability, however. We need ITEMIZED accounting. Demand it of every WN leader. The honest ones will comply, the dishonest ones will dry up and blow away on the next breeze.

    Hold Back This Day: new edition @ $12.95
    The Towers of Eden: new edition @ $14.88

  3. Robert Lloyd – Thanks for writing about this and for being nice. But I think you may have missed what I said in the beginning about WHITE GENOCIDE. This trumps “good people who are trying to fund their work.” Is their work helping or hindering this reality? Just take Ingrid Zundel and her continual recommendation of Gordon Duff to her followers (even though good people have tried to talk to her about him). GD is an anti-racist, a race-mixer, he approves of multiculturalism, he considers Blacks and Jews as victims of White “Republican” types and/or Christian hypocrites. The whole Veterans Today website is the same. I refrained from mentioning her belief in German-built UFO’s, and the major motion picture “Arminius” she was going to produce a few years ago in which she sunk a chunk of her supporter’s money, but which she scuttled when she didn’t like the script she had commissioned. I think that when money is easy to come by, as it seems to for some of our high-profile “names,” it is very easily wasted – even very likely to be.

    We know from political philosophy that money that one has not earned, or saved, oneself is not treated with any special care. It’s “free money,” and there’s more where that came from. I don’t think that saying these things aids the Jews at all. We need to monitor ourselves if we want to be the best.

  4. Don Black lives in West Palm Beach, not Palm Beach. There is a HUGE difference. I think anybody living a “Palm Beach lifestyle” in WEST Palm Beach would look very out-of-place. Check the median income.

    So, I think Ward Kendall is not being very careful in what he says.

  5. donothingwnc

    Very brave show!

    Asking where the money goes appears to be taboo, although I don’t know why if its being well managed.

    We have so little time left.

    Thank you Carolyn!

  6. Here’s a blog that shows where Don Black lives. It ain’t no Clampett Mansion.

  7. The only problem is you can’t really tell anything about the house from that picture, which is from 2009 anyway. I lived in West Palm Beach for 4 years and while there are upscale neighborhoods there, as in every city, it shouldn’t ever be confused with Palm Beach – across the lake on the ocean. Totally different places.

  8. Ward – Accounting of their expenses might be an idea, but not income as it might cause a problem with the IRS. It seems to me that people who give substantial enough amounts — maybe $100 up — should ask more questions about how the money is used. We are too trusting and we are embarrassed to ask. We should also expect results, not vague promises or claims. Like David Duke saying he reaches 10s of millions of people. Where does that number come from? His books are translated into several languages so why not make a public record of how many have been sold (you can figure on some average of several people reading it for every one sold). His videos on youtube are not into even 1 million views, and the same people probably watch them (as well as read the books), for the most part, so you can’t add up all the views for all the videos. This is just an example of how we might take a more business-like approach and less emotional. It’s not that we should look at these orgs in a cold-blooded way, but some sense of “profit and loss” would help.

    I would suggest putting the onus on the givers to be more demanding. They are the only ones with power to influence those they’re giving to. IF they don’t care — if “giving” just makes them feel they have “done their part” and that’s enough for them — then nothing will change. I would really like to stimulate thought on this … and comment.

  9. Luke

    I haven’t listened to the podcast yet, but I am also pretty cynical and suspicious of supposed pro-White leaders who try to extort donations out of their followers and then use those well-intentioned donations to basically ‘live off the movement’ as if they viewed themselves as some kind of corporate CEO.

    Sadly, there have been far too many of these kinds of hustlers exposed over the last 30 or 40 years, so someone who wants to help out financially has every legitimate right to be concerned about being conned and fleeced out of his or her money under false pretenses.

    However, if you flip the coin over – we all have to also realize that every pro-White advocate out there takes a substantial risk by speaking out for White European people and our legitimate racial interests. The enemy we are fighting is neither chivalrous or honorable – and they will do everything they can to get someone fired from their jobs and deprived of their right to earn a living and feed their themselves and their families. In the Aryan sense of justice and fairness, this classifies as despicable and dishonorable, and a cowardly way to do battle. But, it also demonstrates that Whites cannot expect jews to conform to our cultural rules of engagement, because they will not. This enemy will cheat, lie, stab us in the back, and kick us between the legs – they will do ANYTHING to destroy our race. They’ve even set up phony ‘pro-White’ organizations for the precise purpose of then soliciting donations from unsuspecting, naive and gullible whites who think they are legitimate. I’m sure this is a source of tremendous amusement and uproarious laughter down at the local synagogues.

    So, what is the answer? Nobody likes getting conned or fleeced, except for perhaps the White morons who worship Faux News and who stand in line to for a chance to lick Rush Scumbaugh’s or Sean Hannity’s dirty boots.

    So, there is a critical need for accountability of all pro-white donations. Scrutiny is a good thing, because with it – I am fairly certain that once the hustlers are weeded out, the donations will flow in and our movement will begin to make some real head way.

    As for the question of what the rule should be for a White Nationalist leader who puts himself or herself at risk by becoming a pro-White advocate and then gets fired from their job – and is then blackballed and pretty much consigned to permanent unemployment within their chosen career field – this is a worthwhile issue to discuss and a solution does need to be found. We need to take this weapon away from our enemy, somehow.

    BTW: On a website like this one, I need not remind everyone that the presence of even one single member of the enemy tribe inside our movement or inside one of our organizations is more than sufficient grounds for casting a cloud of intense suspicion over the entire entity.

  10. donothingwnc

    You bring up a point id thought about too, Luke.

    Don’t we have to expect that our donations will make up the majority income for the recipient?
    Basically their name and reputation has been ruined by ZOG, how else can they make a living?

    I don’t think there’s an easy or ‘right’ answer but its fair to discuss, sensitive topic it may be.

  11. Hadding: “Don Black lives in West Palm Beach, not Palm Beach. There is a HUGE difference. I think anybody living a “Palm Beach lifestyle” in WEST Palm Beach would look very out-of-place. Check the median income.So, I think Ward Kendall is not being very careful in what he says.”

    On the other hand, the core points of my post you did not dispute: that Don Black begs for $7,500 per month, that his ‘expense reports’ do not support his claims that he ‘needs’ that amount, and that those who question those bogus reports are banned.

    As for where Black lives, it’s true that I’ve only passed through that region of Florida, but the fact that WestPalm Beach is the wealthy part as opposed to Palm Beach does not for a moment belie my essential point: that Florida real estate is generally higher than average compared to most of the rest of the country and yet that is where Black – a long-standing cyber-street beggar – is able to live. And the post showing Don’s front yard (I came across that photo several years ago) only proves that Black is a slob – and not that his property isn’t worth a pretty penny.

    So everything I said in regard to Black has not been refuted merely because you and CY have pointed out the gap in wealth between the two areas. I never insinuated Black was rich. I am merely stating that he is raking in donations that he does not account for in a satisfactory manner.

    Hold Back This Day: new edition @ $12.95
    The Towers of Eden: new edition @ $14.88

  12. Correction: In the post above, I indicated West Palm Beach as ‘wealthy’ when it is the reverse. This may have some subliminal connection to the fact that I live on the West Coast, where more affluent parts (such as the far more affluent *western* coastal areas contrasted with the poorer *eastern* interior) tend to be situated on the western side. In Florida, being on the ‘west’ puts you closer to the interior gator pits, I would imagine. But whatever the case, I noted the mistake.

  13. Ken

    It should be obvious that anyone who has taken a public stand, writes, speaks, or in some public way has consistently provided grounds for being ‘professional’ deserves our support.

    Like said above, there are many individuals who have ‘sacrificed’ careers, or family in the service our WN’st cause, and how else are they to remain active and potent against our enemies?

    I support several individuals who are presently in financial difficulty due to their activism; one a writer, and one an individual who works behind the scenes. It is an honor and privilege to help.

    Organizations are another matter, and we will always have those whose agenda is more selfish than not, but it usually does not take very long to see who is who. If they are simply stirring the pot, are amateurs looking to make a name for themselves…time will tell.

  14. Timothy

    @ Ward Kendall

    Don Black, with all his warts, has tirelessly sacrificed for his folk, built a monster machine, and is just NOW attempting to get a little back.

    He has a family to consider, and unless you have more than muckraking, you should leave this one alone.

    He has supported many that conservatives like yourself would never touch: Robert J. Mathews, GLR, and the Silent Brothers. If you have supported these ideas and individuals, please, let us know.

    I have no problem with you selling any of your works in the open market, but I am curious: What do you spend your money on?

    DD is not one of my favorites, but the last several years he has really worked hard, and if he receives monies for himself, well, that’s business, and we NEED business men and women.

  15. Ward Kendall, your real core point was the accusation that Don Black spends donations to Stormfront self-indulgently, and you have no evidence for that. You alleged a “Palm Beach lifestyle,” which is to all appearances rubbish.

    Failure to make full financial disclosure to every gadfly that demands it is not really an argument.

    You used to make the same kinds of accusations against Dr. William Pierce, who lived in a double-wide trailer and worked 60-hour weeks.

  16. EvelynHill

    “Failure to make full financial disclosure to every gadfly that demands it is not really an argument.”

    And how would this “itemized accounting” be done? Would the org just submit a list of its donations and expenses? If there is the question of the misuse of funds, how could that be trusted? Would a member volunteer? If true misuse is suspected, he would have to have not only basic accounting skills, but skills close to forensic auditing. How likely is that? How likely is it that such a person would work for free? How could it be assured that the member would keep names, addresses, etc. confidential? Would he still keep them confidential if in the future he got really angry? (Personality conflicts resulting in anger are rather common.) Would an outside firm be hired? That is quite expensive! Who would pay for it?

    I don’t have any problems with Carolyn’s message which is (I think): buyer beware. Or more like: donator you have a responsibility to make sure you are giving your money to a worthwhile cause, but I do not think this recommendation is feasible.

  17. My first reaction to this subject: it is counterproductive and even inappropriate to stick your nose in other white activists’ business practices and personal finances. We should focus on our own projects and let people sponsor whomever they wish within the White Nationalist spectrum.

    After having thought it over, however, I must admit that Carolyn did expose the faggotry of V.O.R., of which I had been unaware.

    Therefore she may also have a point in this case, however unpleasant it is to witness internal accusations within W.N.

    Dr. David Duke is probably too moderate for my tastes, but he seems to have done consistent and valuable work for decades.
    He certainly deserves the support he receives. How he spends it? –That must be his choice.

  18. To speak of “he faggotry of V.O.R.” is going too far.

    There have been some queers as guests on VOR’s shows. Robert Stark in particular seems willing to interview ANYBODY. He interviewed one “presidential candidate” who, after spouting an hour of patriotard cant about individual freedom and the Constitution, revealed that he was engaged to be married to a Negress. Wow, that candidate definitely deserved our time and attention!

    I try not to worry much about closet queers that keep it in the closet, but then you have James O’Meara who, in addition to being totally overt as a queer, wants to argue that WN is essentially a queer movement. Does anybody not see that this is damaging? Sure, it’s possible to write a rebuttal to that stuff, if you want to divert the necessary time and energy to it. I have other things to do.

    I thought Carolyn Yeager should have stayed on VOR just because division of efforts tends to make the overall effort weaker. There is also the fact that Mike Conner wants VOR to be entertaining, which he thinks is going to create a larger audience for the serious shows. But, I can see the point that the very broad editorial policy of VOR tends to carry us into some directions that we should rather not take.

    In general it seems to me that there has been a loss of direction and discipline in WN since the death of William Pierce, with the result that a lot of counterproductivity and lameness has gradually gained acceptance. VOR is not the only locus of that malady.

  19. This topic seems to have touched a lot of nerves, on one side, some say bravo Carolyn, it’s about time we do some internal review as to what takes place in our own house and have a discussions as to whether or not some may, emphasis on some may, be using the hopes, emotions, and dreams of Nationalists for profit. On the other side some say, oh no, we must not speak ill of anyone who packages themselves as a White Nationalist or who may in the PAST have done good things, etc., etc. I also seen a statement to the effect, you cannot ask questions if you have no proof, well, it is hard to gather proof absent tough questions and when fundraisers are less than transparent, it invites tough questions, especially fundraisers with ethical issues in their past, i.e. David Duke who has a very elaborate fundraising mechanism. Frankly he has become our version of the TV Evangelist. Many of these “activists” essentially operate or market themselves as “nonprofits, in fact some, such as the IHR are indeed Non Profit and thus should and must account for every dime, this is not akin to providing a report to “every gadfly”. There should be a common precept, if you are going to sustain yourself off the bounties of generosity, especially off people who themselves do not have much to begin with as is the case with many of our people, then you should not be thin-skinned when asked to provide an accounting and should post Quarterly Reports. As to Stormfront, I am sorry Hadding, but $7500 per month to run a blog is excessive. To banish someone for asking questions as to accountability is childish at minimum. Mr. Black and Master Black should get employment to assist Mrs. Black as the bread winners. In the case of the IHR, which is a legal 501c3, it does NOT even post its 990’s, one must do some real research to obtain those nor does the IHR really have any true operational board governance. How could they, a true Board would never have allowed an organization to decline the way the IHR has. It just seems that many of these folks start off with great intentions, then all of a sudden a thought rings in their head, “wow, I can make some serious money at this, if I just do some ear tickling”, it becomes a money chase. This is what needs to be discussed and realized. Understand that in many cases when you “donate” to these heavy fundraisers, all you are doing is purchasing something from these individuals. I frankly find this morally objectionable, and I am recovering contributor, a large contributor, to one of these organizations.

  20. Hilmar – I don’t think the program was just about white activists’ finances, but the main question was about effectiveness and whether movement money, if you will, is going to where it will do the most good. This should concern all of us. The examples I used will not, of course, appeal to everyone. They are the ones that I notice are always asking for money. So I assume they receive it. If you ask, you receive.

    As long as we are unwilling to criticize or analyze — seeing it as accusing and “divisive” — we will continue to be outdone by our enemy. What I see among what you call W.N. is a policy of “I won’t tell on you if you don’t tell on me,” which is exactly what we critize and hate so much in our traitorous white politicians. We join a club and follow the rules — that way we remain in good standing. I am not at all calling our people traitors, mind you, but don’t you see personal egos, needs and wants put very much in the forefront? When someone becomes a glamour icon in the movement, the followers tend to see only the superficial name recognition and quit examining what they’re really saying and doing. I hear you saying that each person is an individual and can do as they wish; what I’m saying is we need to subordinate our individual egos to a concerted sense of mission and method. To do that one must see oneself as a member of the folk community and not expect the community to serve a few individuals. We are too easily satisfied, most often when we ourselves are lazy.

    My biggest problem, clearly, is with Mark Weber and the IHR, not with David Duke. IHR has been hijacked and should be returned to its original purpose and mission. This would be a giant step forward.

  21. You certainly exhibit the courage to tackle some of the most unpopular and tabooized problems within W.N., Carolyn. I respect you for that.
    I repeat: by insisting on criticism you divulged some pretty nasty degeneracy at V.O.R., of which I had been blissfully unaware.
    That effort was effective and worthwhile. Accordingly, I also had to reconsider my initial emotional reaction to your latest Heretics Hour webcast.
    I support your general endeavor to trailblaze W.N. into a more elitist direction.

    Stay strong and un-apologetic.

  22. I agree, Hadding, that I don’t want to be pointed to as “the one who exposed the faggotry of V.O.R.” !! I did no such thing and didn’t intend to imply any such thing. I only pointed out that VOR’s close association with the “New Right” led some hosts to have (mostly unawares) a relatively high number of homosexual guests. People take what speaks to them from a program, and that is fine, but that doesn’t mean it’s my view. My view is, as you pretty well covered, that VOR was not exercising the necessary oversight for a pro-White or White Nationalist network. The debate continues whether homosexuality is good, bad or indifferent to White Nationhood.

  23. EvelynHill

    There are thousand things I would like to say on this subject. Guess I can do it bits at a time. First of all, dishonesty with money, or even ill use of money are secondary problems. The primary problems would be a lack of honesty in the first case and lack of planning/organizing skills in the second case. A little less likely problem would be the lack of a good goal. My experience was there plenty of people with good goals, but few people who could put them into effect. The most annoying people of all were the people who would not even do want they easily could to put a goal into effect. Instead, they would have a great idea and then want you to implement it preferably yesterday (and get mad and start whispering campaigns when you didn’t).

    I do not think this is a problem only in WN, by the way. It happens in all groups where almost everyone is a volunteer. However in WN there are not only people doing this because they are limited in “follow-throughness,” or whatever. There are also paid (and volunteer) people who PURPOSELY disrupt things.

    I cannot recall anyone saying that WN finances should never be discussed. I would suspect such a person of being disruptive. Of course a given organization may be reluctant to have their finances looked at by a given person or group and this may be valid or not, suspicious or not.

    If the solution was proposed of having WN orgs registered as this or that sort of nonprofit corporation, I do not think that this would work either.

    WLP looked at incorporating as a non-profit. Yes, to save money on taxes (and mailings). He decided that it would be too complicated, cost too much, and very likely the government would put up even more than the usual obstacles. [He didn’t do all the work on his own, of course. He had people familiar with issues (some who had organized corporations before) whom he trusted look into it for him.]

    However, the main reason this would not work would be that this would not stop a dishonest group or “leader” from doing something else on the side. “Sure you can give to the non-profit, but if you really want to help do X instead.”

    Honesty and character should be looked at more carefully. And, as Carolyn pointed out, results should be more carefully scrutinized.

  24. EvelynHill

    I wish there was a way to edit one’s post on this site! I guess that option is not available with your software? One can see why official proofreading was required for the NA. (Could be enforced at the NO, but not so much elsewhere.)

    No need to post this if too OT, just a comment.

  25. The National Alliance was incorporated as a Virginia nonprofit corporation, but it was denied tax-exemption after some legal battles.


    As a taxable nonprofit, the National Alliance has the same legal status as credit-counseling agencies and ACORN.

  26. Evelyn – If you’re just talking about a few spelling errors or typos, everyone understands how these things happen on comment boards and doesn’t judge the writer. I find it frustrating too, when I wish I had proofread more carefully! But for me, here, it’s great … as an admin I can edit all I want. LOL. If you want to say something differently, just send another comment. I’ll okay it as soon as I see it.

  27. Hadding – The main benefit for being a non-profit is tax-exemption. What other benefits accrue from being a non-profit. Can donors still deduct their contributions from their income tax?

  28. This information about nonprofit status is from a website of the State of Virginia:

    Forming a nonprofit corporation normally protects the directors, officers, and members of the nonprofit from personal liability for the corporation’s debts and other obligations. Called limited liability, this shield ensures that anyone who obtains a judgment against the nonprofit can reach only the assets of the corporation, not the bank accounts, houses, or other property owned by the people who manage, work for, or participate in the business.

    So, there is some advantage to nonprofit status other than avoiding taxation.

  29. EvelynHill

    Thanks for the correction Hadding! The incorporation of the NA was way before my time and I just heard it discussed (as opposed to researching it as you did).

    Here is some of my background with the NA in regard to financial matters: I purposely did not take any position which required any sort of legal financial responsibility. I was asked to be on the Board of Directors, for example, after someone (can’t remember who) died or quit and I refused. [This was when the Board of Directors basically only meet the legal requirements and was not very active. I would have wanted to be part of it after Dr. Pierce died even less. (I didn’t think the NA could survive and did not want to be involved in the drama)]. I didn’t feel I had enough accounting knowledge to really meet any sort of fiduciary responsibility.

    The parts of my job which related to money were to open the mail (which would of course have checks and sometimes cash in it in addition to correspondence), occasionally make deposits at the bank, and maintain the NVB site. This included seeing orders and the payments for them. I had access to the computer on which orders were processed, payroll was done, etc. but I didn’t look at it regularly (mostly to try to help with computer problems).

    But I digress: I was not there when the NA was formed, but I was there when Resistance Records was formed. It was definitely organized as a Limited Liability Company (for profit). Some (all?) of the property was recognized as a farm (and therefore got tax refunds for fuel used on the property). WLP also tried to organize a church (before the rules were tightened on this). This was also rejected by the government.

    Okay that was too long, here is the point:

    There are dozens of methods for forming legal entities. They vary by state and are always changing. I think the point is not to organize something in the same legal form as Dr. Pierce, but rather to follow his method. He would seek out people familiar with the issues (especially member attorneys) and go with their advice. He was mostly going for keeping money away from the IRS (while not getting thrown in jail) and keeping down expenses, but you could add transparency to the mix. I certainly think that would be a plus.

    P.S.: Carolyn – if it is a choice between posters editing remarks or the admin, by all means keep it as the admin! :-0

  30. It should be noted tht the IRS is really reviewing all 501c3’s these days and have revoked a great many 501c3’s for very minor infractions. While there are advantages to having Tax-Exempt status, there are near draconian requirements as to what you can and cannot do and foes can and will challenge the status. Another option maybe a simple L.L.C. or a taxable Not for Profit, but again there are reporting requirements. The issue here is not structure. Some have turned a cause into a business and that may be objectionable, i.e. make a substantial living off the problem and have no real motivation in seeing a solution. If it is structure, I have always liked the concept of a WN Rotary or WN Chamber of Commerce as a model. WN must also charter their entities in States that have the best legal protections as well, i.e. anti-slap states so as to protect them from vexatious and frivilious litigation designed to break their budgets.

  31. EvelynHill

    I should have made clear in my last post that I meant transparency in regards to $$$ in and what money is spent on, not in regards to donors, (of course)! Many donors to the NA were concerned that they would “be found out” or “end up on a list.” I do not think many would report their donation to the NA on their taxes. This fear could also be used in the hands of an unscrupulous “leader.” “Give me cash and you won’t end up on a list.” Again, honesty and dedication are key.

    As far as I know no one got into any trouble from simply donating money to the NA, but of course I do not have omniscient knowledge of the matter. Still, I think these fears are way stronger than they need to be. Maybe a topic for the future?

  32. Still, I think these fears are way stronger than they need to be.

    Surely. Most people seem to greatly overestimate the ability of the government or Jewish organizations to track and persecute political nonconformists. The fear that most people have is way excessive.

  33. I don’t wish to engage in Forum Flamewars VI but I will address the last comments made to me:

    Timothy: “I have no problem with you selling any of your works in the open market, but I am curious: What do you spend your money on?”

    Timothy: There is big difference between selling a product for a set price, and begging for monetary donations. When I offer my books for sale, it is an equal exchange between buyer and seller, no different than when you exchange money for a Big Mac. If Don Black sells a Stormfront T-shirt for $20, I see nothing whatsoever wrong with that. It’s when his Moderators threaten and belittle Stormfront members in order to extort money from them that something needs to be said. And something is being said, notably over on VNN Forum by two ex-Stormfront “Sustaining Members”, about the unethical coercion of Black’s henchmen.

    So there’s your answer: I am not ethically or morally obligated to be transparent about money that I have EARNED by my labors, in a transaction that was voluntary. It is when cyber-thugs like Black’s moderators try to squeeze money out of its members that something needs to be said by the decent members of the WN community. Such matters are by necessity said off-Stormfront, since attempting to respectfully do so on Stormfront always results in being banned.

  34. Hadding: “Failure to make full financial disclosure to every gadfly that demands it is not really an argument.You used to make the same kinds of accusations against Dr. William Pierce, who lived in a double-wide trailer and worked 60-hour weeks.”

    It has nothing to do with “making disclosures to gadflies”. It has to do with making disclosures to those who donate THEIR money to Don Black. See the difference? Don Black is ethically obligated to account for the money he rakes in from donors, pure, plain, and simple. That he obfuscates, evades, and conflates when asked for a straight forward accounting is an immediate red flag that something may be amiss.

    Carolyn Yeager is correct to question Mark Weber, and cannot worry about every other WN leader and what they do with their donations. Even so, I have little doubt that if she looked into Stormfront she too would come to question just what it is Black wants with that much money ($7,500 per month) and how much is going for personal vacations, steak dinners, and more. None, you say? Then he has nothing to fear, and should come clean. So why doesn’t he?

    As for Dr. William Pierce: working 60 hour weeks is not proof that Pierce did not bilk money out of his followers. No such causality exists between labor expended and the integrity of the individual’s character. Nor living in a mobile home. What is in question is what Pierce did with the donated money he received? And what happened to that money after he died? All questions that have never been satifactorily answered, and a dark warning to any one contemplating funding a Great White Leader who refuses accountability.

    DEMAND ITEMIZED ACCOUNTABILITY FOR ALL MONEY DONATED, otherwise, a fool and his money are soon parted.

  35. Note: the for selected text in the above post failed to work properly.

  36. The bold coding failed to work.

  37. Carolyn: as another poster suggested, it would nice if you had an edit feature, as it is very easy to make grammatical mistakes even when reasonable care is taken.

  38. Hadding, I agree with you to a point. It all depends on how you conduct yourself and how well versed you are in legal self defense, i.e, you need not be a hooligan anti-semite, you know who said that.

    Remember what Hitler said, use the tools of democracy against itself. Nationalists who tend to get in the most trouble are ones who have no common sense, no sense of legal defense, and provide enemies with a lot of ammunition.

  39. Ward, I know how easy it is from my own experience. I don’t know if such a feature is available on this WordPress system we use. Tan will be back from his vacation tomorrow (not paid for with tWn donations, btw 🙂 or he would have been home 5 days ago, haha) and I will ask him about it.

  40. Ward Kendall, your accusations are complete blind stabs in the dark, and you are perennially saying this kind of stuff. I am satisfied from what I saw in the several summers that I spent working for Dr. Pierce that he was devoted to the cause and was not spending lavish amounts of money on himself. If you don’t believe that, ask Fred Streed.

    As for Don Black and Stormfront, I have no idea what their expenses are, except that a “Palm Beach lifestyle” does not seem to be part of it. Even if all of that $7500 per month were going exclusively into Don Black’s pocket, I would not expect to see him on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous anytime soon.

    The issue with Mark Weber is that he is not even doing what the IHR is supposed to do. With his backtracking he actually damages Holocaust revisionism, and sets a bad example for newbies seeking information.

    If you don’t trust a particular individual then donate to somebody else.

  41. Greg Smith

    In Canada we have a similar scammer named Paul Fromm. He constantly begs for donations and even asks for people to name him in their Will. Paul Fromm hardly does anything but take fancy trips around the world. There was a recent case of a person named Terry Tremaine. Although Mr. Tremaine is getting legal aid for his “hate speech” charge, Paul Fromm has been asking anyone who will listen to donate money for Mr. Tremaine’s cause. And not to give it to Terry Tremaine, but to send it to Paul Fromm. Considering that with Legal Aid all the expenses are covered why is Paul Fromm asking for money for Tremaine’s defence? And why send it to Fromm? Just like Mark Weber and others, there is no accounting of what Paul Fromm does with all the money and further, Fromm posts on Facebook, pictures of himself in various exotic vacation spots. Meanwhile, Terry Tremaine can barely pay his rent. So where is all the money Paul Fromm is raising in Terry Tremaine’s name? Tremaine is not seeing any of it.. that for sure.

  42. I am revisiting this comment I made on 7/20, where I said:

    I don’t want to be pointed to as “the one who exposed the faggotry of V.O.R.” !! I did no such thing and didn’t intend to imply any such thing. I only pointed out that VOR’s close association with the “New Right” led some hosts to have (mostly unawares) a relatively high number of homosexual guests.

    It might be worse than that. But when things can’t be proved, I am not going to suggest them. Does it matter? I think it matters very much. My position is the same as for the fundraising issue: Buyer Beware. Exercise your intuition, put two and two together, but also do your homework and stick to what is on the record.

    The debate continues whether homosexuality is good, bad or indifferent to White Nationhood.

    I don’t mean to imply that I am open to this debate. My mind is made up. But it’s clear from reading other WN comment boards that many don’t see it my way, and that homosexuals are even presented as an asset. There are those who will continue to express this view. Is my attitude a “witch hunt” or will it lead to a witch hunt? I think this argument smacks of coming from the Left – which preaches tolerance and civil rights. Traditional societies did not accept homosexuality. However, there are man-love advocates who set themselves up as experts on these societies and try to say they did, and that it was even the “ideal,” the highest level of intellectual development.

    By writing this, I’m not trying, or wanting, to spark a new debate here, but only to correct any misconceptions I left with my comment on 7/20. It does take some thinking through.

  43. Nick Dean

    Apologies if it’s already been linked, but you reminded me that I have yet to check out Piper’s insider view of the takeover by hostiles of IHR. I’m sure others will also be interested. 5 broadcasts beginning here:


  44. Here’s an interesting wrinkle in The Fundraising Game. At least with this you get something for your money — a catered meal along with a big bunch of recycled nonsense that hasn’t been updated for 10 years. Some of you may have received this from Harry Cooper in your email box. It’s only a reminder. So don’t think it’s free; it’s not. Unregistered arrivals pay more.


    Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun-Hitler did NOT die in the Berlin Bunker – this is fact and two decades of research, interviews, travel, archival files and more brings this to reality.

    This is your last chance to be at the Adventurers Club of Chicago when Sharkhunters Founder and President Harry Cooper shows how Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun-Hitler and many others escaped the crumbled Europe and lived out their lives in South America, primarily Argentina. This presentation will be Friday and Saturday evenings at the Adventurers Club in Chicago and this is the first time in the 101 year existence of the Adventurers Club that the attendance is so large that the presentation had to be split into two separate evenings.

    Charts, photos, “eye witness” reports from the bunker, comments from world leaders at the time and more have gone into this definitive work. Sharkhunters reported this in their KTB Magazine in a series of articles beginning in 1985 then it was all put into a book more than a decade ago. There can be no doubt of these findings and conclusions.

    Be at the Adventurers Club this Friday and/or Saturday evening.

    The World’s ONLY International Source of U-Boat History

  45. I have an old cassette of an interview that Ernst Zundel did with that guy about the secret U-boat base in Tierra del Fuego (Feuerland).

  46. So what did Ernst Zundel tell him? I think Ernst liked speculating on this stuff, but I don’t think he believed it. Somewhere recently I read that he talked and wrote about that secret base to raise money for his serious work.

  47. I got the impression from the interview that the Feuerland U-boat base was genuine. This didn’t have anything to do with UFOs, just a secret base.

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