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The Queer Question – seen through the “crimes” of Charlie Rodgers and Johann Hari


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  1. Etienne

    That should be “alleged misdemeanours” in the title shouldn’t it? – neither has been convicted of anything.

  2. You’re sort of right. I added quotes around “crimes.” But “alleged misdemeanors”? If you noticed, Johann Hari and the Independent didn’t worry about all the false statements they made. It’s war, Etienne.

  3. Carolyn,

    In your write-up for this interview, you use the false term “gay man”. This is Jew-Commie double-speak. The phrase slanders manhood by insinuating that there is such a thing as a “gay” man. Men are not homosexual and homosexuals are not men. It is proper English to say “a gay male” or a “homosexual male”. But there is no such thing as a homosexual man.

    Likewise, women are women but there is no such thing as a lesbian woman. A “lesbian female” is the proper English description of these creatures.

  4. Fetzek

    Homosexuality is a mental disease You are quite correct, they have no place in a WN philosophy !

  5. Two points. First, you will not achieve your ultimate goals without homosexuals, because the laws of probability are such that the more members you acquire, the closer your membership composition will come to being characteristic of the population of white people at large, and the population at large does consist of a certain percentage of homosexual persons. The specific percentage is not known for certain, but it is known for certain that a percentage exists. Second, however much you may dislike homosexual men or women, white homosexuals are white people, and they make up one legitimate segment of the white population. Homosexuals exist for a reason. If they did not constitute a legitimate component of the white population, biological evolution would long ago have eliminated them. There is plenty of reason to suggest that homosexual males, particularly, fulfill an important role in populations of all kinds throughout the world. In any case, I’ve been a white enthusiast for a long time, and I’ve seen very clearly that you already have a significant number of homosexual members.

  6. Lurker

    Im thinking a fake hate crime blog would be a handy resource. They seem to crop up quite regularly.

  7. @ Lurker: Sounds like a lot of trouble. The result would probably not be significant, considering the time, effort and money involved. And you would have to develop a means of getting the desired readers to come to your site. I think you would find it wouldn’t be worth it. Besides, coming up with an idea and making it work are two very different things.

  8. The choice is simple; not easy, necessarily, but simple. Homosexuals are going to exist within your group, no matter what you do. You will not be able to get rid of them. You might think that you have, but you won’t. If you think you have, you’re naive. Therefore the two possible choices. You can either believe and pretend that you have no homosexual members at all, in which case everyone who is not naive will understand that you are deluded and lying, or you can be courageous and take these facts as they are and not make an issue of individual sexual practices. Of course the avid zealot revolutionaries who think that they themselves are the only correct form of life won’t like you, and may leave you, but good riddance, and then smarter people may start seeing that you’re an organization not based on ignorant and hot-headed motives whose hope of changing the world are impossibly unrealistic, as is the case now, but will realize that you may actually be trying to achieve something within the context of how the world actually exists and functions, and they will be more likely to appreciate that this is a mode of action which can be put forth in an enduring way, which is something you haven’t got now. One thing that you need to understand is that human sexuality incorporates the entire spectrum of possible activities. In other words, if something can be imagined, someone does it. You will not be able to change this fact, and it is not within your legitimate purview to attempt it. Everyone with any sense knows this. The result is that you keep getting hung up on this one issue, probably because you have a lot of memebers who are insecure about their own sexuality, the general public perceives this, and they will never join you. So otherwise you will end up with a lot of latent homosexuals who fool themselves into believing they are straight, and nobody worth having will have anything to do with you or your organization. Stop beating up on homosexuals. They don’t deserve it, and you make fools of yourselves when you do it.

  9. Robert – this is double-talk. That’s about all homosexuals like you ever come up with. Because homosexuals exist in the general population of White people does NOT mean they exist for a reason. What reason? They continue to exist because they want to exist – they have a will to live and expand their numbers. “Biolological evolution” does not “eliminate” everything that does not “fulfill an important role.” Biology doesn’t take a moral stand – we do. Our morality demands that homosexual practices are not openly allowed in our society, and that we teach that they are wrong and destructive, and that homosexuals should be shunned. That’s what we have to do with infectious agents.

    There is plenty of reason to suggest that homosexual males, particularly, fulfill an important role in populations of all kinds throughout the world.

    Once again, you claim “reasons” but don’t give any. Homosexual males play a perverting and destructive role in populations. http://www.resist.com/Onlinebooks/DestroyTheAccuser-FrederickSeelig.pdf

  10. I am posting this comment by Robert because it is instructive in the kind of argumentation homosexuals employ. He is saying: You must accept us, you have no choice. We will infiltrate your organizations and destroy them unless you allow us unfettered access and control as equal partners.

    the avid zealot revolutionaries who think that they themselves are the only correct form of life …

    That’s all of us who don’t want perverts & child molesters freely corrupting White children and youth. And they do!

    how the world actually exists and functions,

    The scummy seamy side of life is “how the world actually exists and functions.” Whose world? The Near-Eastern and African world? Saying there is only one world is one way these creeps misrepresent the issue. We White people had our own world, once upon a time.

    One thing that you need to understand is that human sexuality incorporates the entire spectrum of possible activities. In other words, if something can be imagined, someone does it. You will not be able to change this fact, and it is not within your legitimate purview to attempt it …

    That’s your opinion and your imagination … it is not mine, nor the millions of others who agree with me and I with them. You are representing your disgusting practices as having such overwhelming reality that “we” normal, clean-living people have to accept them. Fact is, we can’t stop you, but we don’t have to accept you or what you do. We don’t have to allow you to continue to intrude into our midst. You are trying to persuade there is some INEVITABILITY about what you are and your co-existence in normal society. Wrong, in both reasoning and reality.

    you keep getting hung up on this one issue, probably because you have a lot of memebers who are insecure about their own sexuality,

    The usual crap argument from bankrupt creatures like you. Who doesn’t see through this?

    Stop beating up on homosexuals. They don’t deserve it, and you make fools of yourselves when you do it.

    No, I won’t stop. Especially after hearing all this from you, a typical homosexual male. You are, as I titled my first program about it, a menace to a healthy White society.

  11. I don’t have sex with men or boys. And anyone with half a brain will see what’s wrong with what you’re saying. This is why your group will end up having nobody for members but thugs and grunts. Everyone else will leave.

  12. I don’t believe you, Robert. In an unpublished comment you wrote before this one, you said:

    What bothers me is that I am white, I want to support the white movement. I have many valuable resources from which white people could benefit. But I am what I am, and to me it seems clear that deceit is a defect; therefore I don’t want to use it. But when I try to be true to you, you reject me.

    If this isn’t “doubletalk” then it is contradictory talk … or what’s called “out of both sides of your mouth.” Whatever works in the moment.

    Another typical argument from your side is that everyone who refuses to accept homosexuals, and all they bring with them, are “thugs and grunts.” What you have said here is not new and it’s not original. It’s all said by Jews, too.

  13. Franklin Ryckaert

    Homosexuals could at most be tolerated if they don’t try to obtrude themselves upon normal society. That means no gay-prides, no homo-marriage, no adoption of children by homosexuals/lesbians and no teaching to little children that homosexuality is an acceptable “lifestyle”. Unobtrusive homosexuals should accept that they always will live at the margin of normal society and never really be accepted as “normal”, let alone as examples of a “higher” form of life. Spare me the “homos-with-a-mission” of the type of a James O’Meara! Our promised land should be called “Normalistan” and not “Homostan”.

  14. WhiteLurker

    @Robert : there are hundreds if not thousands of mental disorders/problems that continue to exist with each new generation. Evolution hasn’t taken care of them. Pedophiles have always existed along with schizos, retards, bipolars, kleptos, psychopaths and pathological liars. Should we also accept them as normal ?

    Homosexuality had been considered a mental disorder for a long time, and was only normalized in the past decades for political reasons.

    No one is perfect. Homosexuals just don’t want to acknowledge that they have a problem. Instead they want to force everyone to accept their disorder as normal. We already live in an inverted world where good is bad and bad is good. We want to build an Ethnostate that is actually different than the world we live in now. Accepting open homosexuals would also just open the flood gates – once given an inch, perverts will fight for new “freedoms” like pedophilia, gay marriage, non-White mates since there won’t be pro-creation so why not! etc.

    All societies have to draw lines as to what is acceptable behavior and what isn’t. Open homosexuality should be out. If you don’t like it then there will be other societies for you. Why is that a problem ?

    Why can’t homosexuals just accept that there are people who don’t want to associate with them ? Why would a homosexual try to associate himself with a group that doesn’t want him ? What type of mentality does that ?

    I think it is FEAR. Similar to how non-Whites, jews in particular, fear that people will realize that racial diversity is not beneficial. Homosexuals have the fear that people will realize that sexual diversity is not beneficial.

    A traditional racially-conscious White society will succeed. That scares the non-White and homosexual alike.

  15. What I said is true: “I am what I am.” Aren’t you what you are? Sure you are. But does that mean you’re a lesbian? No. It is true that I don’t feel very constricted when it comes to sex. But I don’t agree that is any of your business. And you do need to look up the term “double-talk.” You are not using it correctly. So, if Jews came out in favor of dogs and cats would you automatically be against dogs and cats? If Jews came out against eating rotten meat would you eat rotten meat? Just because Jews say a thing, does that make it true or false or good or bad? I don’t think it does. We need to learn to figure out what the real truth is, on our own, regardless of what Jews might say about it. Now. I am not on your side or their side. I am only on my own side. And only because a white world is better for me than some other kind. I was just trying to tell you about a mistake that I see that you’re making, and to the white cause it would be a fatal mistake. I can explain why, but not in twenty seconds. Without help, it will take you decades to figure it out. That’s how long it took me. And I worked very hard to understand it. You’re not even trying. But why should I help you? You don’t know how to employ anything but combat and contention. We should not be fighting among ourselves. We have a real enemy to eliminate. We won’t do it by fighting among ourselves.

  16. Poor Robert. He used his best ammunition and it didn’t work. Now he’s at a loss but still putting words together. If putting words together that don’t amount to any meaningful sense is not doubletalk, fine, but it is still something we don’t want here.

  17. Phil

    Banjo_Billy said to Carolyn,

    In your write-up for this interview, you use the false term “gay man”. This is Jew-Commie double-speak.

    Agreed. It’s also a euphemism. Every chance I get, I pose the question: what’s so ‘gay’ about homosexuals? Of course, nothing is ‘gay’ about these sexual deviants, especially the very sick, morally repugnant perversions these practitioners of buggery engage in.


  18. WhiteLurker, in this ethnostate that you dream of, you think there will be no homosexuals? In the first one hundred babies born there you will have at least two or three, more probably five or six. If you kill those, or reject them or shun them, when your population’s grandchildren are born, in the first one hundred of those, you will have at least two or three, or more probably five or six. Do you really believe that if you have a million white people move to your new ethnostate that not even one of them will ever have even so much as a single homosexual thought, or that you will figure out who they are, or that you will be able to teach them to become straight? You don’t even know how they came to be that way to begin with. What you are going to end up with is an ethnostate in which nobody can do anything except what you approve of. What you really want is a nation where you are in charge, where if you don’t like something it cannot happen. There is no such place but in your dreams, and it would end as a nightmare for you and everyone else.

  19. Phil, look up the word ‘gay’ in a good dictionary, you’ll see what it means. It has been used since the thirteenth century to indicate persons of illicit sexual practices. In English, the word ‘homosexual’ has been used only for a little more than two hundred years.

  20. Robert now has 8 published comments here since a few hours ago, and 2 in the trash with 2 more headed for the trash. I think I have been more than fair to Robert … who obviously wants to just keep going. Clogging up the Comments section, saying basically the same thing over and over, is not acceptable behavior.

    To Phil: Sorry, but you also posted one right after the other – 5 in a row, so three went into trash too. Use some restraint please.

  21. From the Oxford British & World English dictionary:
    Gay, noun : a homosexual, especially a man.

    Origin: Middle English (in gay (sense 2 of the adjective)): from Old French gai, of unknown origin

    Gay meaning ‘homosexual’ became established in the 1960s as the term preferred by homosexual men to describe themselves. It is now the standard accepted term throughout the English-speaking world. As a result, the centuries-old other senses of gay meaning either ‘carefree’ or ‘bright and showy’ have more or less dropped out of natural use. The word gay cannot be readily used today in these older senses without arousing a sense of double entendre, despite concerted attempts by some to keep them alive.Gay in its modern sense typically refers to men (lesbian being the standard term for homosexual women) but in some contexts it can be used of both men and women.

  22. WhiteLurker

    @Robert : Many great White civilizations that produced fantastic art, technology, literature and science outlawed or shunned homosexuality. So, your argument that outlawing/shunning homosexuality leads to a society that is dysfunctional is at odds with the history of the White race.

    Is society today better than it was prior to the 1960s ? Homosexuals have their freedom today unlike in the past – what good has that done us ? I’ll happily take the “oppressive” past when the country was 90% White and homosexuals were in the closet. Our problem wasn’t shunning/outlawing homosexuality, but rather accepting non-White immigrants and their philosophies. The White race has succeeded in the past with homosexuals in the closet.

    You are also putting words in my mouth. I never said there would be no homosexuals. On the contrary, I said there would be homosexuals, as well as schizos, addicts of all sorts, pedophiles, psychopaths and others with disorders. That is the nature of large populations. The manner in which people with disorders are regulated depends on their negative impact on society. That is rather basic and not extreme.

    Given the low percentages of the population with the homosexual disorder, dealing with homosexuals as we have dealt with them in the past only makes sense. History has shown that banning or shunning homosexuality does not negatively impact the culture of a society. Many homosexuals obviously lived and worked in these past environments, so it is not as if the situation was unreasonably harsh for them. Simple laws/cultural norms to obey should not pose a problem for reasonable homosexuals.

    I am not suggesting anything that hasn’t been tried and worked in the past. So, Robert’s attempts to scaremonger with extreme scenarios is way off base and not connected to anything I would suggest or would want. Homosexuals in the closet and not in the public sphere is a good start that anyone, homosexual or otherwise, interested in a White Ethnostate should be willing to accept at this point.

    Jews often say the choice is multi-racial state or Nazi Germany (as if that were all bad!). Robert seems to suggest that the choice is Sexual Diversity or Authoritarian Regime. That should be rejected because the history of the White race has proven that is not the choice we face.

    In terms of any particular “movement” group, a ban on openly homosexual members is valid. There are other groups that accept open homosexuals.

  23. Franklin Ryckaert

    My Concise Oxford Dictionary of Current English gives as meanings for “gay” besides : “full of or disposed to or indicating mirth, light-hearted, sportive ; airy, off-hand and showy, brilliant, bright coloured, finely dressed” also : DISSOLUTE, IMMORAL, LIVING BY PROSTITUTION. It is clear that from this latter group of meanings the current meaning of “homosexual” has developed. What an honour!

  24. This is not about “gays” (although you never know) but about making false police reports … maybe. This is worth watching. The police are already saying it was not a hate crime.



  25. Ritter

    Hari is a typically loathsome little faggot – as far as Roberts sophistry goes, nature indeed selects and deselects – but for modern medicine the nasty homos would be dying in ever greater numbers from the dread diseases they acquire through their thoroughly nasty habits(like the equally nasty Negros in Africa). Jewish liberal democracy promotes chaos, and all unnatural things over the natural. One who has studied National Socialism in practice as well as theory knows that that which was natural was promoted and that which was abberant was discouraged and eliminated – in the same manner nature operates – for the greater good of the Folk community. This concept is foreign and alien in this monstrous Wiemar America with its decidedly inferior black/brown racial types and, really, significant number of whites who could be classified a mentally defective – witness the large number of Zio Christians as evidence. On a side note, I think Rohm’s online histories are inaccurate, I remember reading, long ago, in a real paper book, about Rohm going to South America after WWI and only connecting with the NS movement much later,late 20’s as I recall. The book, I’ve forgotten the title, did state that Rohm was referred to in South America (forgot if he went to Venezuela or Argentina) in Spanish as a “White Roe”, meaning homo. I think a bit of the “memory hole” is occurring a great deal on the web now and will get worse, so don’t take Wikipedia and other sites as being that reliable, if you are really interested in something, try to find a book/publication through about the fifties to verify facts. Rohm was not an early member of the NSDAP at all and had no early involvement.

  26. Ritter

    One last comment – so Hari had to give up his Orwell award ? God, the entire British media is nothing but Orwellian, they may as well award it to themselves as an industry every year and have the government pay them the 2000 pounds for all their “good” work.
    Also, this disgusting nonsense about “male dominated” leadership that is queer – my God, the whole subject is so ludicrous that it can’t be taken for anything more than ADL/FBI Cointelpro type BS ! A successful political movement is made up of solid people who work, have families and a sense of community – something impossible in the U.S., other than on a racial level. Fascist Italy and N.S. Germany made it happen with sane, decent people who had the will and the character to crush the Judaeo-Communist terror.

  27. Sept. 5 from the Jerusalem Post: http://www.jpost.com/International/Article.aspx?id=283847
    BERLIN – A report in a state-controlled Iranian paper last week asserting that the “Zionist regime” “spreads homosexuality” across the globe in order to pursue its goal of world domination has sparked fierce criticism from experts on Iran because of its homophobia and anti- Semitism.

    Mashregh News, an outlet affiliated with a radical Islamists in Qom, wrote that the US and the UK are using money from Jews to spread homosexuality throughout the world. The article blasted Israel for promoting demonstrations for gay rights and specifically decried Tel Aviv as the gay paradise on earth. It also ridiculed Conservative Judaism for accepting gay rabbis, and urged Western governments to stop people from engaging in gay – and therefore immoral – actions, and provide medical treatment for homosexuals in order to stop their conduct.


    The Iranian report also attacked Hollywood for depicting gays in positive terms on the silver screen. Moreover, according to the article, schools in California include homosexuality in their education plans because of a recommendation of a Jewish university.

    Saba Farzan, a German-Iranian expert in the field of human rights in the Islamic Republic, wrote the Post via email on Tuesday: “This recent attack on human decency by the Iranian regime is tragically not surprising, but these vicious words continue to hurt. Once again this barbaric dictatorship has revealed its hatred towards gays and lesbians as well as towards the State of Israel and Western countries.”

    “This is especially ridiculous as in the Middle East, Israel is the only state where the gay community is safe and protected,” she continued. “The Islamic Republic shows with this uncivilized world view how desperate it actually is.”

  28. That accusation by the Iranians is not as outrageous as it would probably seem on its face to most people. Every recent U.S. administration has been dominated with Zionist Jewish interests, and it’s well known that the State Department under Hillary Clinton has been actively promoting “gay rights” abroad, something that is still highly controversial even within the USA.


  29. Exactly Hadding. It’s a huge global agenda of the Jew-nited States. It’s also an agenda in the White Nationalist movement now and all the rabid anti-Christians out there need to pay attention to this. Real Christianity is not Jewish. Real Christianity doesn’t even have to be universalist … in fact, isn’t. Real Christianity is adamantly opposed to homosexuality. Pretty much all orthodox forms of religions are. So are a majority of atheists, pagans, Cosmotheists, National-Socialists …

  30. Thanks Hadding. I watched Girls Beware too. 🙂

    This film shows the difference between 1961 and now. These films were certainly shown in American schools. Now in schools, the kids get the opposite message that homosexuality is a great lifestyle, and for the girls the message about sex is “make the boy wear a condom” rather than “don’t give into boys advances.” I also noticed that the narrator in Girls Beware couldn’t say that the girl in the story got pregnant, but instead used the common-at-that-time euphemism “got in trouble.”

  31. Boys Beware! shows homosexuals recruiting (and otherwise preying on) teenage boys. Some homosexuals were doing this back in 1961 and they still do it, regardless of what Hillary Clinton says.

    The fact is disguised in news-reporting, however, by the terminology used. If a homosexual makes news because of some inappropriate action toward a teenager, the news-media refer to him not as a predatory homosexual but a “pedophile.” This is inaccurate, because a pedophile is somebody attracted to prepubescents, but the use of that inaccurate term helps to dissociate the crime from homosexuals so that airheads like Hillary Clinton can go on saying that homosexuals don’t do such things.

  32. EvelynHill

    An artice from the SF Comical:
    Castro naked guys have gone too far

    “The principal at Harvey Milk Elementary School in the heart of the Castro has seen naked men while going to and from school.”

    Thank the gods that Supervisor Wiener is trying to uphold pubic decency!

    Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/nevius/article/Castro-naked-guys-have-gone-too-far-3867094.php#ixzz26YwSB2PW

  33. Evelyn – Thanks for this terrific link. It is really unbelievable to me that San Francisco allows nudity in the public streets — when did that happen?!! And if Supervisor Wiener (a homosexual himself) changes the law back to what it was, it won’t include “the Folsom Street Fair or even the nude runners in the Bay to Breakers.”

    How so like the Jews this is. You give them an inch and they want to take a mile. It’s okay, though, since it leads to the backlash, and to their rejection. What filthy creatures, indeed. Wearing genital jewelry in public!

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