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Interview with VOR’s Dietrich and Mishko


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  1. Chris

    I kept getting the feeling Carolyn was perturbed that Dietrich and Mishko wouldn’t come out and say they are specifically ‘National Socialist’. And they most likely aren’t. This shouldn’t be a problem. After all, there do exist a few millinneum of white history from which to draw our political and and philosophical viewpoints from. Because although admittedly an interesting time period to study, white history did not start in 1933 and end in 1945.

  2. Carl

    At first I thought that this episode had too much arguing. My sense is that Carolyn believes that VoR lacked some focus, while the VoR people believe that they reached a lot of people with material that was soundly consistent with the 14 words. One could say they are both right. But as I listened on, the VoR people were a little slippery, especially on the extent to which it is worthwhile to team up with and discuss with homosexuals and multi-racial non-Whites. One great example occurred near the end, when Dietrich said that the enemy must be shunned, while earlier he had said there was no problem with interviewing Jews. It’s hard to have it both ways.

    It’s pretty clear to me that those two have enormous technical talent, huge dedication, and a good chunk of years of working for the good. But they haven’t thought through some of the social issues and implications. It isn’t a matter of homosexuals being yecchy, rather, it is inappropriate for them to think they will run the White Nationalist efforts and it is inappropriate to let them think they will run it. It isn’t appropriate to have Jews on for discussion, because Jews will tell a thousand truths to get one lie in. And who cares what they have to say? They are all over the place, funded with billions of dollars. The VoR people have a lack of clarity on some points like this.

    The debate about whether the Holohoax should be buried or exposed as a part of White Nationalism also reveals their sloppiness. It’s more than something that ‘depends on the audience’. Revisionists argue that the Holohoax itself is a key tool to waking people up, whereas milquetoasts would have us avoid the topic as an unnecessary controversy. As soon as you accept a position that is effectively Jewish, you leave open a question as to whether or not you will be compliant in other areas. If truth is the best platform, then stand there, and present it in a way the audience can grasp. It will come up, anyway. As soon as you make a racially sensitive comment, you can hear people saying, Yeah but whitey is guilty of the Holocaust.

    Actually it’s funny, because those who are saying we should avoid the Holocaust topic are proving it to be an essential ingredient.

    VoR had some great shows. I think Dr. Sunic was really valuable, Mark Weber had some great podcasts, and of course there is Carolyn’s show, obviously the flagship. But that network was a bit unprincipled, and Carolyn has revealed that, and it’s useful going forward to observe this fact. And in the end we must remember the great work that was done, and that will be done. Honest critique is all we are seeking.

    Another quick point: there was some debate about numbers of downloads. They say that at least some shows experienced 300k downloads over several weeks. But didn’t Mike Connor say that Carolyn’s show was the most popular? Then hers would have been among those numbers, or have high numbers. So why would she now be having only 1000 downloads? Something doesn’t add up. Obviously her listeners would find out about this new location. That said, I don’t know if it matters. I’d rather have quality listeners over quantity. I’d rather have quality material over crowd-pleasing vapidity. I’d rather have straight talk from a true historian, than a Jew telling me why Whites should fight for their future. I’d rather hear serious analysis from a White, than a Negro telling me why race matters.

    A mission statement is restrictive, true. But it’s time for Whites to become more restrictive. Whites need to start talking to Whites about White interests. Thank you Carolyn and Tan for your superb contribution.

  3. Ulfric

    There are a million websites and networks devoted to the libertarian/leftist idea or the “appealing to the masses” model. I think it is good to have a network devoted to White interests only.

    The only show I will actually follow wherever it goes will be The Orthodox nationalist. The rest, I could care a less.

  4. Very interesting show. I do find Dietrich’s position regarding homosexuality, his words– “I just don’t give a damn who people sleep with” …. ” it is just a sex thing”, to be inconsistent with the 14 Words, which he previously said is non-negotiable. His position regarding homosexuality is 100% Libertarian-Liberal and his use of historical Greek references is troubling and is a common liberal academic tactic. The obvious follow up question to his position is if he doesn’t care who people sleeps with, does that apply to race-mixing as well? This Libertarian fixation on all things freedom is the ultimate undoing of White Nationalism as it undermines the required sense of order, discipline and loyalty to ones Race at the expense of personal gratification. I do not believe Dietrich is fully aware that there is no difference between a “political homosexual” or his model of an “intellectual homosexual”, the type he believes that have value or would listen to; they all have the same agenda. I would use the example of U.S. Dist. Judge Vaughn Walker who presided over the California Prop. 8 Case in which CA voters banned homosexual marriage, Walker declared it unconstitutional then after doing so, “came out” and identified as a homosexual. These degenerates are dangerous and as Dietrich said later, anyone who is a danger must be shunned; this includes ALL homosexuals, who by the way the Jew uses as a weapon in their war against us every day.

  5. No Chris, whether they are National-Socialist or not never even came into my mind. They’re not and I don’t expect them to be. I never presented such a question to them, did I? I do recall asking Dietrich what his political stand is, and not getting a clear answer. Dietrich said he “once wanted to be a politician” (that was on Saturday, I think) and it shows. 🙂

    Dietrich revealed in these interviews that he’s most interested in current politics and how to change it. We can expect to hear him talk at length about that, and about history (as he sees it) on his new program.

  6. Mary

    ANother great show Carolyn, thanks~!

    Ps:I hope this isn’t in bad taste to say, but Dietrich really ought to consider doing videos: he is HOT!!!!!


  7. John McGhee

    The more White media the better. True it has to be more focused on White interests, and how the jews are screwing us. We should have multiple White networks producing good content, for if the ADL goes after the ISP of one, then we still have another picking up the slack. I encourage more White Nationalist “techies” to put up networks, the more the better.

    It is a good idea to have a “clearing house” a one stop shopping for you’re WN audio. However this is open to attack also.

    What I’m trying to say is, the more White media that is out there, generating content it will be harder for anti White groups like the ADL and the SPLC to shut our message down.

  8. M Orwell

    I agree w/most of what Carl said, but I’ll add this:

    Listening to these 2 reminded me of how Jewified “our” culture has become. The utter disrespect they showed Carolyn, who is probably old enough to be their mother, was palpable. Also very Jew-like was their bloated self-importance (as a doctor, I just love it when shysters, business criminals, and computer people say they’re “worth” outrageous sums per hour), the hedging/contradiction re issues, and finally, the one-two punch that the silent one (mishko? mark?) delivered at the end. Blurting out insults to a host who’d shown them respect throughout was painful to listen to because it served to remind me that “our” young people have taken on many attributes of The Chosen. It’s hard for me to believe that they’re responsible for vor. I’m glad I wasn’t exposed to their verbal diarrhea before now, or I would have been turned off enough to not listen to some of the excellent hosts vor used to have.

  9. Konrad Rhodes

    Thank you for asking those questions Carolyn!
    I was relieved to a great extent when he said he stands by the 14 words and when he was clear about Revisionism as important to White Nationalism and reaching more people. Personally I think Revisionism is the best way to break people out of the Matrix.
    The fact that they want to call it WhiteLandia says a lot to me.
    It may seem unsophisticated and too informal and loose but I think they are solid White men who will be able to reach a lot of people, particularly youth and average white people, on their level and bring them into White Nationalism. They are not building a cadre, I think what they are doing is trying to change the minds of masses of people enough that when the time comes for war, for revolution, there will be masses already exposed to and open to White Nationalism. In that role they are serving a useful purpose.
    One more specific question I did want to ask was what did they think of Stark’s interview of James O’Meara? Frankly that was the interview that got me upset and concerned simply because I see James O’Meara as a man who is trying to wed Allen Ginsburg Queer type filth to White Nationalism.

  10. Chris

    Well it’s obvious Dietrich and Mishko quite feel as if over the years they’ve ‘done enough’ with VOR. And indeed, they have done incomprehensible major things – to the liking of many of us in the quoir, as well as the newbies they invariably brought in. But in the end, I have to say that I agree with Carolyn anyway – that VOR attempts to stay a valid entity somehow and becomes more focused. Forward into the future!

  11. Robert Lloyd

    I have backed away from posting for the most part as it has become too confusing as to what is or is not allowed, and I’m too simple minded to figure it out. But on this broadcast, I would like to chime in with support for many of the above posts and of course, for Carolyn. Dietrich and Mishka need to grow up and learn that when they are talking to someone, especially someone that is older than them, and a woman to boot, they need to show respect. Gentlemen, remember the 14 words.

    It was apparent that their age and immaturity showed through. They talked out of both sides of their mouths, and as M Orwell pointed out… they sounded like a bunch of Jews. If VOR, or Whitelandia, is to succeed, they better grow up and show some respect. As it stands presently, no quality people will want to work with them.

    But on the plus side… and even with these poor kids as guests… great show Carolyn!

  12. Welcome back, Robert. I do NOT want anyone to show special respect for me because of my age or because I am a woman. I have not brought up my age for that purpose but only because it became increasingly difficult to talk about myself truthfully without bringing it up. Obviously Dietrich got wind of it on Saturday, and on Monday in our pre-show conversation he was calling me “Ms. Yeager.” He did it so many times, I finally said, “I hope you’re going to call me Carolyn.” He agreed to.

    Since I am now known in some circles as someone who “goes after” people, let me say that I do it without expecting to get any kid-glove treatment in return. I’m in the battle and can only hope that truth will win out, whichever side it’s on.

    My impression re Whitelandia is that Dietrich is doing his own thing and Mishko might be involved or not. They’re not an indissoluble team.

  13. Ulfric

    Yeah Rodney, these libertarian boys have a real problem discussing fags and all their wonderful bedroom activities. They have no problem talking against Christianity though.

  14. White Working Man

    Great show as always Carolyn. It’s good to hear from Dietrich and Mishko again.

  15. Some notes regarding audience/download size.

    Our live broadcast audience size at any given time is visible here: http://thewhitenetwork-archive.com:8000/index.html?sid=1

    We poll the listener count (which we parse from the Stream Status because Listener Peak reports inflated values) every 5 minutes and have logged this value since late June. The log is not publicly accessible and I have made no deeper analysis of the data, but I proabably will do both eventually.

    “Listener count” is basically the number of active connections to our Shoutcast server, the bulk of which come via the Flash-based pop-out window. Tech-saavy listeners may directly access the stream via other players, but they still get counted.

    My impression, based on occasionally glancing at the counts, is that the typical number of listeners for AoTR and TIJ is 10-15, while for SA and HH it is 30-35.

    These numbers are computed directly from our web server logs by a custom script. Each number includes all downloads of each file since it was made available. This covers access by all clients and methods as all eventually end up as requests to our web server. “Download” means only all-at-once, full-sized, successfully-completed requests – if a file is X MB, only downloads of close to X MB (the most significant 4 digits have to match) are counted.

    Partial downloads are not (currently) counted. I chalk these up to downloads being aborted (and possibly restarted) and certain client software automatically breaking up file downloads into several smaller requests. I wasn’t interested in counting the former and couldn’t think of an easy way aggregate the latter. (Thinking about it now, I could fairly easily account for both cases by adding up the total downloaded bytes for a given file, and then divide that by the file size.)

    Our counting is intended to give us a closer indication of the number of individuals who are actually listening. To be fair, we’re still over-estimating downloads in some ways – since we don’t discount for multiple downloads from the same IP, and can’t know what fraction of the downloaded files actually get listened to. We’re also under-estimating because some downloads are being shared by other means, particularly HH and SA which are also available at carolynyeager.net.

    I’m a fan of Dietrich and Mishko. I think they have done a great service in creating VoR, manning it, and now reclaiming it. I realize that the large numbers they cite for VNN/VoR programs make ours seem puny, but I think some of the difference can be explained by inflation on their side – some resulting from looser methods of counting, and some from a different intent.

    One sanity check is Carolyn’s interview with Alex Linder (tWn_Saturday_Afternoon_with_Carolyn_Yeager_20120721.mp3). This has been tWn’s most popular program so far, both in live audience (50ish as I recall) and downloads (almost 1000, not including cy.net). Our web traffic in general also spiked for a week or so. Part of that program’s popularity is explained by the cross-over from promotion on VNN. Also, Linder hasn’t done much radio lately, and there is obviously a popular demand to hear what he has to say. Even so, based on D and M’s numbers, we should have seen the broadcast get above 100 listeners and it should have had closer to six million (har har) downloads by now.

    Another sanity check is in the numbers for this program, which by all indications serves a relatively popular demand. The listener count was only slightly above normal, but that could be because there wasn’t much promotion outside what Carolyn normally does. We’ll get a better idea from the download number (for tWn_The_Heretics_Hour_20120910.mp3) as time passes. I’m guessing it will be higher than usual and eventually come close to the Linder interview.

    I don’t think either program will reach millions any time soon, but I hope I’m wrong about that.

  16. Carl

    I would like to remark that I share Carolyn’s sense that news commentary is too easy, trite, and hackneyed. It points too easily in the ‘shared outrage’ stage of awareness. Time to move beyond that. Deep history, deeper analysis, finding out what the real thinkers are doing, this is where it’s at.

  17. Henry

    Dietrich is right to specify the the collapse when a leader falls by the wayside.

    The great example is how quickly the fascist party of Italy completely disappeared 5 minutes after Mussolini was fired.

  18. M Orwell

    The extent of the egalitarian corruption (i.e. Jewruption) of “our” culture needs to be examined & cannot be underestimated. Why do people in their 20s & 30s feel entitled to be on the same footing w/older folks? Why do the undereducated feel entitled to “know as much as” experts? Racial egalitarianism is only the tip of the iceberg; these other distictions are just as important and obvious. It’s all part of the egalitarian matrix, & has been force-fed us for many decades.

  19. Trying to do something, even if not quite right, is better than nothing, which is what the situation is with most of our white sub-tribes. Having followed many “White” radio shows over the last couple of years, I find Carolyn to be a breath of fresh air, with no fear of probing questions. One spot which will have me condemned to hell for sure, is the fact that I consider israel nothing but a puppet state of the American Empire, and not the other way around. Cunningly the public has been spoon fed to think it is the yids who brain dirty us all. Would you like to live in israel facing rockets………I know, I know, the Arabs facing hell all the time. Frankly Ms. Scarlett I dont give a damn about the middle East………and if it gets spooks off the streets into the Army, to go fiddle over there, then fine and dandy. My only concern is for our peoples period. Anyway sticking to topic, I find all the attempts at broadcasting truly refreshing and certainly inspirational for us all to jump OVER the rainbow.

  20. Carl

    I agree Mr. Beattie, the efforts to broadcast White material are commendable. And who of us has done better than the people at VoR?

    On an aside, I’m not sure that Italy counts for much of an example. That country is rather recently confected, and fascism is not much of a racial preservative anyway. I always marvel at how people conflate national socialism with fascism.

    Is anyone else here a pessimist, by the way? I think that by the time it takes to wake up say 1,000,000 White people, the non-Whites will have made another 100,000,000 copies of themselves, both by multiplication and addition (lol). We are in the most remarkable circumstance, of being on the point of choosing to be enslaved by, for lack of a better term, lesser people (less talent, less IQ, less drive). And I really enjoyed Carolyn’s interview with the lawyer who observed that we are slaves already, by virtue of being deprived of freedom of association. I have thought that so many times.

  21. From VNNF: http://vnnforum.com/showthread.php?p=1433351#post1433351
    Cora McGuire wrote:

    I listened to the White Network (Heretic’s Hour) broadcast with Dietrich and Mishko, and I wondered about their claims regarding the number of downloads for Goyfire and their own shows. Is that really true Alex? A quarter of a MILLION downloads per show?
    If this is indeed true, I beseech you to get back on the air! Incredible numbers!

    James Hawthorne wrote:

    One sanity check is Carolyn’s interview with Alex Linder (tWn_Saturday_Afternoon_with_Carolyn_Yeager_20120721.mp3). This has been tWn’s most popular program so far, both in live audience (50ish as I recall) and downloads (almost 1000, not including cy.net). Our web traffic in general also spiked for a week or so. Part of that program’s popularity is explained by the cross-over from promotion on VNN. Also, Linder hasn’t done much radio lately, and there is obviously a popular demand to hear what he has to say. Even so, based on D and M’s numbers, we should have seen the broadcast get above 100 listeners and it should have had closer to six million (har har) downloads by now.

    Carolyn Yeager.com has consistently had higher download counts of my programs that does The White Network. That can be explained by the traffic pattern that built up there before The White Network came into existence. As I explained on several of my programs, as soon as I got the possibility of posting podcasts on my cy.com website, I did so, and people who didn’t find them on VOR (even before I left) began coming to my site to download and listen. Most of these people still come to my site because my download counts remained substantially higher than those at tWn, and continued to be so until I had the server problems that caused my podcast postings to be late, and I directed people to tWn.

    The live audience for the Linder interview actually reached 60, in fact I think even slightly higher at one point. My cy.com download count was in the 500’s as of a few weeks ago, when I lost my download count feature because of the software upgrade to my site (I may not be using the exactly correct terminology). My website manager says the download counts are still being recorded somewhere, but I don’t have access to them until he can install something new for me. He’s currently out of town and out of touch for at least another week. So I can’t give a current download count at cy.com for any program now and I don’t know when I will. Very frustrating. This is all thanks to the ADL, at bottom.

    So, the downloads of the Linder Interview are at almost 1000 at tWn (completed, full downloads only are counted there) and close to 600 as of a few weeks ago at cy.com … might be as high as 1000 now. I have other programs that reached 1000 at cy.com and continued higher, and some of these are also posted at Christogenea.org where they have much higher download counts! They were also posted at VOR!! If 2000 or so is as much as Alex Linder can bring out … sorry, I have to doubt the numbers that Dietrich and Mishko were claiming.

    One additional comment: When my Heretics’ Hour program went to two hours at Voice of Reason network, with phone calls, and I discovered Shoutcast to see how many were listening, my numbers usually got close to 50 and a few times over 50. This was way above what any other show got, except after the new Friday Show got a couple of months old and it had similar numbers. Not better. When I moved to tWn, naturally my numbers were not that high as it takes people awhile to change their habits. My live listenership is moving up slowly, is now in the 30’s as Tan said, but since the program is archived immediately, people have no incentive to listen live. Not so with Mike Conner’s Friday Show; it wasn’t archived often for several weeks! For that reason, I always listened to the live broadcast.

  22. Dietrich and Mishko are of a more Libertarian attitude than National Socialist. The fact of the matter is that, like Alex Linder, the main priority is getting the critters and their masters away from us with the follow up assumption being that Whites will naturally fall into the standard normal type of society we were once accustomed to. They are primarily focussed on the first part and hopeful about the second. Some of us are concerned that without thinking about the second part now it will likely fall into chaos again. This is addressed by National Socialism, which in fairness is statism, and retaining Christianity (for at least some of us), especially an exclusivist form like Christian Identity, as a way of trying to maintain the mindset necessary to keep the kind of Liberal Jewish crap away from future generations that have destroyed most of our folks’ minds to this point. I suspect that a majority of people on our side can relate more easily to the Libertarian follow up judging from my previous exchanges with Mr. Marr on another thread here. Perhaps these people are personally capable of sticking to their principles without having hard and fast rules under an Hitlerian type of state or a state sanctioned religion, BUT that is not true of the average person. If it were true of the average person, we would not be in the dilemma we face today. For those of you who dump on Bill and CI or Christianity in general, it is a sad fact that we are not a flawless race, we are prone to failing, and the point of having a rule book is to make sure there are principles that MUST be maintained … sometimes ruthlessly.

  23. Carl

    I think that if all those programs on VoR had 300,000 downloads each, it would be a lot easier to muster public demonstrations of support for White interests. Right now, I think the people who really get it, and who commit to learning more, are pretty few in number.

  24. Henry

    I’ll take the bait…

    Carl said:

    On an aside, I’m not sure that Italy counts for much of an example. That country is rather recently confected, and fascism is not much of a racial preservative anyway. I always marvel at how people conflate national socialism with fascism.

    How you’ve managed to ”conflate” fascist Italy with (as you put it) the ”rather recently confected Italy” is a ”marvel” in itself.

    The example given related to Dietrich’s pertinent observation of how movements fold when their autocratic leaders fold (his example: Peirce/National Alliance).

    This issue has nothing to do with the ideological differences between fascism and national-socialism but everything to do with the problem of continuum within autocratic systems when the Big Bird suddenly falls from his perch.

  25. Robert Lloyd

    From Carolyn: Robert, I do NOT want anyone to show special respect for me because of my age or because I am a woman. I have not brought up my age for that purpose but only because it became increasingly difficult to talk about myself truthfully without bringing it up.

    From Robert: Carolyn, as a White man, I will always give respect to a woman as that is what the Lord wants me to do. As a woman, you will have my respect, even when we might disagree, I will not try and be disagreeable. And as a woman, you NEVER have to give your age. That is your prerogative in a respectful White culture. Enjoy being a White woman… you don’t have to apologize.

    PS: But you will have to live with men that will abide by the 14 words.

  26. Carl

    Probably the best way to avoid autocracy is to be as factual as possible. Always stand on the truth, to the best of your ability.

  27. Mary

    Alex Linder posted the following in response to an inquiry regarding Dietrich’s and Mishko’s claims about the number of downloads per ‘Goyfire’ and their own shows:

    I would say a good show done regularly would get thousands of downloads per show. Maybe an odd show would get 10,000+. I really doubt any show we’ve done has gotten 250k downloads. I’ve given up trying to explain to certain types why making claims like that is the wrong way to go.

    VNN started from nothing, just me writing daily. It succeeded without advertising in building a large audience for one reason alone. So it is with everything. If the quality and reliability are there, the audience will find it very quickly. That’s what the saying “there’s always room at the top” means: genuine quality is hard to find. Most stuff sucks.

    I will be getting back on the air soon. I tested a simple taping system by which even a technophobe like myself can produce a simple podcast. I can even tape a talk between me and someone else, but I couldn’t get the call in sound levels right, at first test. However, my first few podcasts will just be me doing what I do: singing, joking, doing voices, lecturing, hectoring, cursing, didactically browbeating dopes, criticizing, mulling, poking, obscenitizing…and so forth. At lot of time has gone by since the last Radio Istina. I know people want more because they email me requests, even after 4+ years of no show. So that proves there’s value there, and as I have said all along, I would do it again when I was able and the time was right. Well, that’s now. We have Golden Dawn and pedophilia and lots of other good material to get into

    I am delighted to hear he will be back on the air soon. Can’t wait in fact!

  28. John

    Dietrich’s response to the homosexual question was very peculiar:

    1. “What most people do in their bedroom makes me want to gag.” Here Dietrich expresses disgust both for pro-creative heterosexual intercourse and homosexual sodomy. He equates the two.

    2. He then pronounced the word, homosexuality, like a fag as he criticized the West for having a “weird” view on homosexuality. He said, “Back in ancient Greece and in Ancient Rome, guys could have sex with each other but they weren’t like gay, per se, like here it’s like, you know you suck one wiener and you’re gay all of a sudden, ok, ok not like that, the point is that I don’t really care one way or the other; but it does make me want to gag.”

    3. He made numerous crude references to a “circle jerk” – the male sexual practice of group masturbation.

    After hearing this interview, I am certain that E. Michael Jones is right about Homosexuals being the Avant-garde of the revolution. I suspect VOR was started by homosexuals working for Jews.

    Carolyn, keeping digging into the homosexual question. There is a real story here. Also, please take time to listen to Jones talk about homosexuals, I’ve heard no better.




  29. Mary – Without a doubt, my leaving VOR and starting The White Network with Tanstaafl, and the subsequent closing of VOR (which I knew was inevitable, sooner or later) stirred up the pot, brought on a new paradigm, so to speak, bringing radio hosts who had dropped out back into the ring. Dietrich and Alex are two that will make an impact. And maybe compete against each other LOL. But for how long? Do people still care about what they have to say? Time will tell.

    Alex Linder also wrote (10 hours ago):

    As for live broadcasts, as I recall, we usually had a few dozen [listeners]. We might have got to three figures [100] a couple times, like when we were building up to one of the rallies. This is why I don’t think broadcasting matters that much, the numbers are in the downloads. […] Stan can correct me if I’m wrong about the live listener levels, but I think it could range anywhere from 25 to 75 generally […] Generally these broadcast deals only let you have 200 [listeners] before they start charging extra, and we never got to that level.

    Greg Johnson has just announced his new and improved VOR2 … called CC Radio. http://www.counter-currents.com/2012/09/the-counter-currents-radio-network/ He admits that he will ape RBN and Oracle, and even go after their advertisers – yuk! Anything for money. Sure, ’cause Matt Parrott is program director, and he is to make a living supporting his wife and children from this job! So give, give now until we have all that advertising filling up our podcasts (and pockets), says Greggy.

    I’ll just add that what Greg Johnson is describing is exactly what Mike Conner outlined to me as the future of VOR, before I knew I was going to leave. Except for the unscheduled shows idea. I objected to it. So it’s quite probable that Greggy and Matt Parrott were advising Mike (maybe with Mark Weber agreeing in the background); the idea was to have Mike Conner keep running VOR, and getting paid, while they had it serving their interests. I wouldn’t be surprised if we find out at some future time that that’s why Mike finally gave it up. He finally saw the light.

    It’s an interesting time, and everyone wants to be independent. We simply can’t fit ourselves to someone else’s plan. I want The White Network to remain a broadcasting network, with live shows and a show schedule … not shows when and if we feel like it. Tonight’s aborted premiere will appear as scheduled next Wednesday, at which time the host will be more ready, will have learned a bunch of stuff the hard way, and will have a better program than he would have had tonight. These last few weeks seem to be fraught with confusions, misunderstandings and screw-ups of all sorts. And it may not end any time soon!

  30. John, I agree with your points. Thanks for making them. I did notice # 1 and 2 myself. It is because of asking questions (in this case from the listener Konrad) that you get answers like this – unprepared, unpracticed, off the cuff. In his own podcasts, Dietrich won’t be as likely to say such things … and then, he’s going to record them so he can clean up what he needs to by editing. I find Dietrich, the politician, likeable and am sorry to hear him say things like that. He’s trying to be smart, and OPEN-MINDED. He wants to appeal to everyone. Dietrich, like so many, portrays himself as brilliant, while his ideas are just run-of-the-mill. Of course there are all these groupies who tell people like Dietrich (and Alex Linder too) that he is brilliant, so he believes it. Mishko said in the beginning of the program that he was so proud of the people they brought to Voice of Reason … and gave Greg Johnson as an example. Then later he said homosexuals were disgusting; he doesn’t want to be around them. Are M and D blind? No, they just play the game that all the White Nationalists play: don’t ask, don’t tell.

    I will listen to the two programs you linked to.

  31. Ulfric

    One of the things that sends red flags up for me in this movement is the homosexual issue. I really appreciate Carolyn going after this. What I have noticed from these so-called White nationalists is their extreme tolerance for most “lifestyles” including queers. They say, “they just don’t care” or it “doesn’t matter.”

    Very interesting. They don’t care about buggery but if a man is a Christian, he is the lowest thing since pond scum. Christians are spoken of in the harshest terms among these people. No tolerance is given to Christians and this includes Dietrich who is very anti-Christian. They even make blatant statements that they wish to see Christianity destroyed which can only mean a purge in the likes that the Bolsheviks (Jews) carried out against the Russian Orthodox people.

    I find it very interesting that the hatred they express for Christianity does not carry over into queers and other alternative lifestyles considering that these alt lifestyles are leftist in nature and have pushed for most of the policies now destroying the West.

    I am really beginning to be completely turned off by this movement in general. I was willing to overlook the anti-Christian attitudes but considering how tolerant and understanding they are about queers, it really is beginning to be a bit much in the area of complete bullshit.

  32. Robert Lloyd

    Ulfric, I believe your concerns are correct. But as I have stated in the past, the White Movement will NEVER succeed without the White Christian males, which are the backbone of all positive right wing activity.

    This movement is the only movement where I believe the Christians and White atheists can coexist and use each others talents and numbers to grow. The corrupted White Nationalists that viciously attack our faith are working for the Godless Jew whether they understand that or not. Even the crude and profane language of the White atheists should never be tolerated. If we host a show and someone uses unacceptable language, warn him/her once, and then cut him/her off if need be.

    We MUST have standards or we will not survive. The National Socialists grew with Adolf Hitler, a man of great standards and who understood human values. He didn’t even like dirty jokes! And if you look at individuals that are successful in this movement, you will not find vulgarity.

    You don’t find David Duke, David Irving, Mark Weber, Dr Michael Hill, or James Edwards etc etc etc, talking as Alex Linder does. Linder cursing while attacking our faith is EXACTLY what the Jews do. He is a puppet of the Jews by acting this way and that should hurt him deeply. He should upgrade his behavior to be acceptable to more people. And I love what Alex can bring to us… he is smart, presents himself well, he’s articulate, and then ‘BOOM’… the cursing starts and the antichrist verbiage, and I must turn off the interview.

    And we need to know who our people are that are giving us information. If we have an influx of homosexuals in this movement, it will kill us before we ever get going. If we are anti-Christian, we are dead on arrival. No, we don’t need to know everyone’s date of birth, but we need to know basic things of a person’s moral character.

    Don’t quit us Ulfric as we need you. And even more importantly, your children need you to hang in there.

  33. Lurker

    Very interesting. They don’t care about buggery but if a man is a Christian, he is the lowest thing since pond scum. Christians are spoken of in the harshest terms among these people.

    Very good point, very telling.

  34. Nick Dean

    Ulfric wrote, ‘The only show I will actually follow wherever it goes will be The Orthodox nationalist.’

    Matthew Raphael Johnson provides a great model for other radio presenters. Organize your thoughts and information thoroughly before going on-air and keep it clear and concise. The program length and time investment for the listener is probably half what it would be if he didn’t prepare so well, and as a consequence people are more inclined to listen. I find his shows a pleasure to listen to even when I might not be terribly interested in a given subject.

  35. Nick Dean

    I can understand that non-nationalists like Preston, Weber and Stark would take their shows to Counter Currents, but if Fromm, Kelso, Sunic and Hess do likewise that’s a bit baffling. Have they been invited to join you guys here?

  36. John,

    My attention was just brought to one sentence you wrote in your 9/12 comment:

    I suspect VOR was started by homosexuals working for Jews.

    Your “suspicions” are not of much value when making a charge as serious as this. One set of facts (the statements you correctly quoted from Dietrich) do not prove another set of facts (that he is a homosexual working for Jews). That thought never entered my mind, nor the minds of people who know Dietrich, I’m sure. What I think Dietrich is guilty of is the same as are so many: being too tolerant of dysfunctional behavior in Whites. This is a philosophical question, and a ‘practical politics’ question. It is a libertarian versus authoritarian question. One could say that anyone is “working for the Jews” if they’re perceived as in any way helping along the Jewish agenda, or even not resisting it sufficiently or in all areas. There are many, many sincere Whites who would fall into that category.

  37. Nick, take into consideration there are different kinds of programs. MRJ’s and also Weber’s, and also William Pierce’s are basically lectures. They are prepared down to the minute and delivered as a recording, with no input from listeners. Are you saying that all radio should follow this format? I doubt you mean to say that. An interview show, for one example, is unpredictable by it’s very nature … and therefore potentially more interesting.

    Then there are “talk” shows and group talk shows. I know a person who praises American Dissident Voices and Goyfire as their all-time favorites, and they are so very different.

  38. No, they have not. I think you should take a look at our mission statement, under “About.” We’re very strict. Matt Johnson was invited, but declined on the basis he is not a racialist. I wonder what that means to him and how many of his listeners realize that? I guess I could ask him. But I let many things go because I can only do so much.

  39. Armor

    In the program, Dietrich Mullis said he didn’t want to preach to the choir. He’s interested in reaching new people who aren’t already White Nationalists. I think he’s interested, like Mike Conner, in having programs that do not have a strictly White Nationalist perspective. For example, VoR host Keith Preston seems less interested in the 14 words than in “fighting the empire”. I think that’s all right. Even though the 14 words are essential, I like to hear about other things too. And I doubt if intellectuals like Keith Preston can be listened to in the main stream media.

    Dietrich Mullis also insisted on the importance of having good sound quality. But I wonder if having good quality programs that are more entertaining and less heavy on White Nationalism will really help White Nationalists get a larger audience. In fact, I think that millions of White people would like to listen to a program like VoR’s Friday show with Parrott and Conner, with their very pro-White perspective. The problem isn’t whether programs are too pro-White or not, too serious, too intellectual, or not entertaining enough. The real problem is how to tell people that the show exists (or used to exist). I think the best way to get more listeners and stop preaching to the choir is not to change the program content, but to do more advertising, get better networking and have more web links.

  40. Armor – I agree that listeners should be posting links to The White Network programs on as many websites, forums, comment boards, and anywhere else on the web they can. This is crucially important. Better than paid advertising. It’s free advertising! I encourage those who say they like our programming and support our network to make this a daily process – a contribution to keeping us vital and alive. Let us know you’re doing so. Even let everyone reading these comments know you’re doing so. Maybe we could have a support group like VOR’s SPU, only instead of giving money, they would form a cadre to spread links to The White Network all over the web. If anyone wants to organize that, feel free!

    Also, any further ideas are welcome.

  41. Brit

    The end of the interview was disrespectful to Carolyn. After Mishko made the ugly comment about the “axe to grind” I could hear Dietrich say something like “Mark, you are f****** (prince?). Then they started to laugh. How rude! I was going to listen to his new show but am not so sure now.

  42. To Brit – We may have heard the beginning of a chuckle from Mishko, but I’m sure that Dietrich’s comment was disapproving. I feel positive about that. The word “prince” doesn’t necessarily mean something good in their personal language. So don’t blame Dietrich for something that I think you took wrongly, and go ahead and listen to his new program. I will.

  43. Florence Simpson

    Although I did not hear the interview with Dietrich and Mishko, I did read with a great deal of interest all the comments.

  44. Ray

    If Dietrich thought he was impressing me with his use of the term “circle jerk” he miscalculated.

  45. Further comment to Brit – I am re-listening to the D&M interview for how many times “circle jerk” was said by D. [Two, at the very beginning and the very end of the two hours], and discovered at the end of the first hour is where a real problem of ‘disrespect’ occurred, imo. On Saturday’s show, Dietrich brought up his children being with him, saying (quite on his own initiative) that all three of them were upstairs taking their nap, and at 4:00 “the babies” would be running downstairs and be all over him. On Monday, he said “If I don’t work, I have 3 little baby girls who starve.” So I asked him if he had full custody of his children now; are they with him all the time, and suddenly that topic is “off limits.” Mishko says, “Wow Carolyn, you had to go there?” and Dietrich says, “That was a little crappy” (sound was a bit broken), and then, “Getting into people’s kids. Stay classy, Carolyn.”

    That, I think, was a real “jerking around” they were doing to me. If D. doesn’t want to get into his kids, why does he keep bringing them up? With these two, what they say is holy writ, but what I say is going to be taken in the worst possible light. This show is a classic of it’s kind that brings a lot of things to light that, however, many friends of Dietrich and Mishko don’t want to be confronted with, so they will ignore it. However, it’s there. It is a record.

  46. Nick Dean

    Carolyn, your ‘about’ page is banned at this library PC I’m using. Nothing new, haven’t hardly seen Tan’s blog for months.

    I’m surprised you’d invite MRJ when he’s clearly neither a racialist nor actually a nationalist despite his taking up that label at the behest of VOR managers. He’s an Irish-American convert to Eastern Orthodoxy who ‘identifies’ with Russian and Ukrainian nationalisms. I think that’s a personal tragedy for him but offensive to real nationalists. I thought the name-change at VOR, from Orthodox Medievalist to Orthodox Nationalist, was alarming at the time.

    There’s a pattern emerging, though. The Ugly Truth team have added a ‘White Nationalist’ to their stable who clearly isn’t a White Nationalist. Piper’s RBN broadcast of September 9th was devoted to redefining nationalism as raceless and ethnicity-free. And of course, you’ve got Jared Taylor, Richard Spencer and all the European ‘nationalist’ non-nationalist parties.

    I thought at least those other VOR guys I mentioned WERE nationalists. Perhaps it’s some other problem you have with them? Fine, your site. I’m enjoying Hadding Scott especially.

  47. Nick – Interesting your library would ban that page but not our programs. Or do they? Our About page is short enough to post here for all who haven’t seen it:

    “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children.”

    Our mission is to build group consciousness, solidarity and pride among White Americans. One way we do this is by educating our listeners in real history — the history of the amazing achievements of Whites as a race, but also our mistakes and the crimes committed against us. We encourage Whites to be more aware of and assertive about our interests as a group, to speak out and answer slurs and attacks directed against us and our White heroes.

    We recognize that different races and ethnic groups cannot live together in peace on the same soil, that Whites cannot and should not tolerate being governed by non-Whites. As White Americans, we affirm our European heritage and common cause with our European cousins everywhere.

    Jews are not White. They are obsessed with their own group’s best interests, not ours. Our network is and will always remain by, for, and about the best interests of Whites, and only Whites. We are uncompromising on this point. We do not hesitate to identify and criticize Jews and will not allow them to hide amongst us.

    I’ve been aware of what you say about Matt Johnson for 3 years, except that I don’t know that it was VoR that wanted him to switch his show name from Medievalist to Nationalist. If so, it’s possibly because Nationalist would seem more relevant to listeners? Hadding Scott was a regular listener to Father Raphael’s program and suggested we invite him onto TWN after VoR stopped functioning. Neither Tan nor I had any objection, so Hadding broached the subject with Johnson. It was to Hadding that Matt gave his “no, he was not a racialist” answer. I actually thought that he was, as I had had some friendly email exchanges with him in the past. He had told me he was a big fan of The Heretics’ Hour. I doubt that he will move to the queer network.

    The White Network is not just Nationalist, it is White. We exclude Jews totally. We are the only network that you can count on for that. “Fromm, Kelso, Sunic and Hess” – the names you mentioned – are all friendly with some Jews. They might even fall into the category of Dana Roccapriore, the new addition at The Ugly Truth (thanks for the heads-up on that), who wrote at “Jew Among You” Blog:

    Dana Roccapriore Says:
    March 7, 2010 at 10:38 am
    I appreciate this blog. As a white nationalist, i fully accept jews who show beyond a shadow of a doubt that they support the western imperative for self-preservation. The reason why this is a problematic issue is because when you say “jews should be jews and put jews first” – this is exactly what they do, resulting in disastrous consequences for the greater white society in which they live – through the various movements and intellectual trends they support, which in no small part have contributed to the destruction of our nation. The push for “diversity” was spearheaded by jewish groups because they know they are safer in a mixed society, not to mention they blend in better and through their cohesive tribalist identity they dominate. the very identity of jewry has defined itself as being at odds with the west, so jews in my opinion who reject their own tradition/culture are no longer jews, except in biology – and that is a messy topic. when you find rightist jews often they have alterior motive, such as being against immigration because they want to limit muslims from entering the nation, not because they care about the well-being of a white demographic. there are many true-hearted anti-zionists such as norman finkelstein, israel shamir, etc. – and occasionally when i find a jew who identifies himself as “white” and refuses to belong to an alien cult operating within white nations, and he/she proves this by openly repudatiating judaism and working against them – there is no reason not to accept their support.

    http://jewamongyou.wordpress.com/2010/03/01/the-jewish-problem-and-white-nationalists/ I recommend reading the original blogpost.

  48. Mary

    “the queer network”

    Carolyn, you simply rock 🙂

  49. Mary, since you brought this up, it has come to my attention that Matt Parrott, program director of “the queer network”, has pronounced that “there is no evidence that Greg is gay.” Excuse me, but that’s why I posted all those links over the course of three comments here at tWn. Anyone who looks at and reads those linked articles and sites will see the picture of a “gay” man – no doubt about it. Here’s something else: When asked if he is a homosexual, Greg has never once said, “No, I’m not.” Instead, he returns a question of his own to the asker. A common ploy of those who are trying not to be caught in a lie.

    If these people (VoR and CC) keep up this charade, I will have to write a long article detailing the evidence and history of this debate – not something I want to do. I have better things to do. But it’s important that we tell the truth. A house built on lies cannot stand.

  50. Mary

    You have done (and are doing) great work here Carolyn, no honest person can deny that.
    As far as I can tell, just about all of this ‘shifting ground’ we are witness to currently has come about largely as a result of your demand for truth, transparency and accountability from our WN ‘leaders’.

    It has been fascinating to watch it unfold as it has so far.

    Whether or not you decide to devote more of your precious time to keeping on this track with the slippery Greg Johnson is up to you, but either way I think you are owed a great deal of gratitude for giving everyone involved a big ole digital-style ‘kick up the butt’; for better or worse, you got a lot of folks into action .

  51. Nick Dean

    Carolyn, only select pages are blocked. The AoT show main page for example, even though most individual episode pages are OK. From what you posted I can’t see why the ‘about’ page should be blocked unless there is a comments thread with naughty words or a high volume of words/phrases associated with taboo ideas.


    Yep, in one of the shows closely following the name change Fr. Johnson said the change had been requested by the VOR admin/s and that he had been willing to go along with it. But if it was to help sell the show to VOR’s audience of primarily White nationalist listeners, which I also assumed was the calculation, doesn’t it mean a false and diluted conception of nationalism would be promoted to impressionable White nationalists in one of the few venues friendly to us?

    Where the same message of adulteration and compromise also comes out of Johnson and counter-currents, Piper and the Carto press, Spencer’s Alt.Right and NPI, Taylor and Amren, Edwards and TPC, the BNP and other Euro-‘nationalists’, the Ugly Truth network, and every damn place else except the White Network, it isn’t all happening by chance.


    Johnson’s refusing to say either way is evidence he’s bent. Straight men by definition want it known they’re straight and want it known especially that they’re not bent. The most prissy liberal might possibly take a stand on the issue and say it’s irrelevant and therefore refuse to answer – just to morally preen over all the oiks who think it does matter – but Johnson’s a hard-right traditionalist, isn’t he?

  52. Nick – there are no comments on the About page. Maybe you should complain to the Library staff. 🙂

    Re Johnson’s sexual orientation, everyone can take note of the amount of homosexual “eye-candy” in the form of nude male images that have illustrated the posts at Counter-Currents for a long time. I think there’s a conscious effort to tone it down recently in the face of my criticism, but they can’t disappoint their readers altogether, so look here for the latest: http://www.counter-currents.com/2012/09/phases-of-resistance-part-1/#more-31259. And scroll way down to the end of the article for another eye-candy photo.

  53. Hawke

    The entire Ugly truth is basically a pro-Islamic network. They also are friends with so-called “anti-Zionist” Jews, same as Rense.com.

    They are also very pro-Islamic immigration into Europe and heavily criticize as “Zionist” anyone who speaks out against it. As a matter of fact, I have heard these types claim over and over again any form of White nationalism is a “Zionist” creation. They supposedly love nationalism unless it takes the form of White (and of course Jewish) nationalism, then it’s bad.

    Piper claims that the Islamification of Europe claims are overstated, yet I can turn on my TV and know he is bullshitting to no end. Britain is loaded with Black Africans, Pakis, and other Asian garbage so who the hell are these people kidding?

  54. Thanks Jay. That’s pretty wild alright! No shame. No pulling back. Just full steam ahead.

  55. Jay

    Are you going to do another show exposing the homo menace?

  56. I will continue exposing it as long as there is a need to do so. For example, James O’Meara writes in his new book which is being published by Counter-Currents, and publicized also in the new blog post, http://www.counter-currents.com/2012/09/wild-boys-vs-hard-men/ :

    Civilization begins not with the nuclear family, but the Männerbund; not with work, but with play; not with necessity but with luxury; not with modesty but with display.

    He promotes a culture of “leisure” for “real men”:

    The medieval Church, steeped in Aristotle, was part of a continuous Western tradition, going back to the Greeks, which condemned work and promoted leisure as “The Basis of Culture,” in the words of Thomist philosopher Josef Pieper, whose Leisure: The Basis of Culture, was a surprise bestseller in the 1950s …

    Then O’Meara tries to define “work” as only belonging to the Industrial Revolution factories and the Victorian bourgeoisie. Of his hero, Oscar Wilde, he writes:

    What was the basis of this evident kinship of Oscar Wilde, the dandy and aesthete, with these Wild Boys of the Wild West? Simple: no matter how hard they may have worked, they did not allow their souls to be subjected to bourgeois economic necessity. Instead, their lives were dedicated to ideals and actions that transcended economic necessity: aesthetic appreciation and display, games and contests, chivalrous behavior, the unfettered imagination—in short, the wellsprings of real culture.

    He’s talking about the cowboys! 😕 Here is the result of the culture of “Wild Boys,” as sent to us by Evelyn Hill: http://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/nevius/article/Castro-naked-guys-have-gone-too-far-3867094.php#ixzz26YwSB2PW Here they are, in all their fat, flabby playful glory, sitting around nude in a U.S. city park, displaying their genital jewelry for all the lesser bourgeois folk to gaze enviously upon. Yes, these are the Männerbund in reality, enjoying their leisure.

    There is a clear line drawn here, and every White racialist needs to decide which side he is on. Saying, “I don’t want to think about it” and “there is no evidence Greg Johnson is a homosexual so it’s okay that I join his club,” thereby facilitating the growth of the menace, doesn’t cut it.

  57. Carl

    I’m pretty sure they are misusing the concept that leisure is the basis of culture. I have that book right here. A taste, p. 57: “The point and the justification of leisure are not that the funcionary should function faultlessly and without a breakdown, but that the functionary should continue to be a man–and that means that he should not be wholly absorbed in the clear-cut milieu of his strictly limited function; the point is also that he should continue to be capable of seeing life as a whole and the world as a whole; that he should fulfil himself, and come to full possession of his faculties, face to face with being as a whole.” How homosexuality could possibly be part of such a program of fulfillment is beyond my grasp.

  58. Carl – could you tell us what book you mean?

  59. Mary

    There is a clear line drawn here, and every White racialist needs to decide which side he is on.

    Amen to that Carolyn, and thanks to you, Tan and other good folks about the place, that line has never seemed so clear.

  60. Carl

    Leisure, The Basis of Culture, by Josef Pieper, 1952. It’s the one they mention in your quote, above.

  61. What struck me the most in my reading of De Profundis is that through his turbulent conflict with his boyfriend Alfred Dougles (“Bosie”) Oscar Wilde behaved like Bosie’s dog. Read De Profundis! Wilde himself was ashamed of himself.

    I don’t get James O’Meara. His philosophy of hedonistic leisure is exactly the opposite of the facts as to the Germanic peoples’ severe, hardworking families (see e.g., Wm. Pierce’s excerpts on the subject). Since these pre-Christian Germanics did not tolerate homosexuality their history gives the lie that, as James claims, homophobia was a Judeo-Christian import.

  62. P.S.

    I’ve visited the comment thread of James’ most recent article at CC and it bothers me that there are no comments harshly critical of this intellectual apology of homosexuality. What a shame, especially comments such as “Best article I’ve read on here, to date” and recommendations to “watch again” Fight Club: an extremely nihilistic and degenerate movie based upon a degenerate novel by a homo.

    Will these libertine guys save the white race from extinction?

  63. Hawke

    I’ve visited the comment thread of James’ most recent article at CC and it bothers me that there are no comments harshly critical of this intellectual apology of homosexuality.

    That might be because none are allowed.

  64. Excellent point, and no doubt true. Chechar should check it out by writing one.

  65. Carolyn,

    I wouldn’t even try. A truly open debate on homosexuality is perhaps the only forbidden topic at CC.

  66. The White Network is also forbidden. As is Carolyn Yeager, and I could probably come up with quite a few more.

© the White network