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Circumcision – An Idea Whose Time Has Passed


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  1. Carl

    I would love to hear Mr. Finck’s comments on the whole thing, perhaps over on his network. I think he would critique your understanding of the spread of Christianity and Paul’s motives. For example, I think Mr. Finck would argue that the ‘cosmos’ was only the Israelites in the ‘world’, that over time ‘world’ came to mean something other than what it did at the time. But indeed circumcision was set aside. Why it existed in the first place and how that affects White people is an interesting question.

    I agree that it sounds like a feasible wedge issue. Jews like to create suffering, for their own and for others. Maybe in Birobidjan they can engage in all the circumcision they want.

    Great news about sperm counts among chosenites in Israel.

  2. who+dares+wings

    Read what happens to all those foreskins and why the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is circumcising Africa…

    Human Foreskins are Big Business for Cosmetics

    ‘Miracle’ Wrinkle Cream’s Key Ingredient: Circumcised Baby Foreskin

    Circumcision in Africa: We Keep Warning. Is Anybody Listening?

    Bill Gates Cuts $50M Check to Circumcise African Men

  3. Konrad Rhodes

    Carolyn, I totally agree that all white people should stop circumcising their boys. Please forgive me if this is too vulgar at points or ranty: THERE IS NO CIRCUMCISION FOR CHRISTIANS PRESCRIBED IN CHRISTIAN SCRIPTURES. The New Testament is very clear about that. And, aside, the Orthodox Christians, don’t even use the same Scriptures nor do we view them as the sources of authority as and the way that Catholics and Protestants do so what Christians are we talking about? But I really don’t mean to indict or be rude this is for any Christians reading who are somehow infected with Judaized apologetic nonsense about circumcision being somehow holy and clean still.
    I, like, 70% of men in the midwest, am circumcised but I will say that I think you are putting a bit too much emphasis on the psychological and sexual affect for the man. I was always told the sexual performance of a natural man is better because it is more pleasurable for the woman. Frankly men already get plenty of pleasure as I’ve heard more than once and in terms of orgasm it’s true,’it can be good or bad for the woman but for men its always good.’ Now if the man isn’t selfish and, like any loving man, he’ll want to make his woman feel just as good or else it will be unpleasant for the man and wound his pride. But still to make a tired point it really has a lot to do with health, psychological and physical, the compatibility of the man and woman, psychological AND physical again, the use of alcohol, nicotine, or other drugs, and relative levels of stress and confidence felt by the man determine his sexual performance a great deal more than foreskin. Jews and Crypto-Jews are such perverts because they often undeveloped, un-athletic, shrunken and shriveled shells of men! An over-weight or alcoholic or overly-stressed natural, non-circumcised man would still perform poorly sexually. However I do not at all dismiss your points! I have never looked into this much but I’ve seen articles and been told that circumcised men can do things to regrow foreskin! Again I don’t know much about it but there is help for circumcised men who find this to be a big impediment.
    Second, when my wife was pregnant with our first boy I was 100% against circumcision and do you know who fought me tooth and nail for it? ALL of the women in my family!!! NONE of the men in my family cared much but my Dad at least took my side. My wife fought me, my step-mom even sat me down to tell me her husband wasn’t circumcised but she wish he had been because he always felt bad about being different?! I had another woman, a friend of my wife, offer her opinion having been married to a natural man and yet again, “Oh it will get dirty real easily, it looks weird, it doesn’t do anything extra for a woman, at least not me, etc. etc.” This is definitely something women have internalized too. Which made me think to start asking them,”Do you want to have your genitals mutilated?” That actually worked well to stop their false arguments. Jews ought to admit this is what it is and its only justification should be divine revelation of its necessity as a covenant with God which is to be SUFFERED instead of making up hygienic garble and such which is ridiculous. But you know what I put my foot down and I will not EVER see my boys, I have two sons so far, get circumcised. I went down to see through the window what it looked like when my first son was born as my wife was even then begging me to have it done for our son. When I saw those giggling, selfish nurses watch as the boys let out the most blood-curdling scream I’ve ever heard from a newborn a thunderclap hit me, this is just one more way the Jews are trying to force their rule over the gentiles as they pray for their messiah, the anti-Christ is who he really will be, I believe, to eventually do. NO! I will always argue and inform against circumcision as it truly is a vile procedure that outside of the covenant between God and Abraham has no value and we don’t even know what it looked like or how it was done in those ancient times!
    I cannot go through all the New Testament and Apostolic times but in defense I can tell you the Jews HATE us Traditionalist Christians because they view, quite correctly I think, the whole New Testament as a thoroughly Anti-Jewish set of books which convicts the pharisaic Talmudists for killing the prophets and raising up a false perverse religion born in Babylon to mask as the Hebraic faith. Not to try to do it all here I will just say that St.Paul was not some Jew simply putting one over on us goys. He taught that the spirit of the Law is primary and that through Baptism the shedding of the old man is now effected hence circumcision is no longer necessary. ANY Judaizers who tried to push circumcision on us were always strictly dealt with up until the past hundred years. I don’t know why but what is christianity today, Protestantism and Catholicism of the masses in the west, is such Jewish infected garbage that they stink to high heaven crying out for vengeance.
    Let me relate one other experience please,
    Years back I worked in a factory at nights while a full time college student. I trained every new hire and we had a high turnover rate. I made good acquaintance with a few west-central afican muslims from Sierra Leone & Guinea. One day one of them just had a normal conversation with me, “how are things?” etc. He told me about his Afro-American wife and step-son and how disgusted he was to find out the boy wasn’t circumcised,”these American Blacks always look down on us like we are dirty Africans but these N**gas ain’t even got cut!” This obsession with circumcision as hygienic, civilized, and godly is thoroughly embedded in even the darkest African Muslims, this guy was coal black and, he even joked about this, had lips so big that they made up 1/3 of his face! My point is obvious Muslims practice of circumcision has resulted in the same garbage in medicine and the popular mentality of Muslims. Islam and Immigration, I think, are both Jewish Golem! Gentiles conflicting comes back to bite them in both cases.

  4. Check this out for what the medical profession gets away with: http://www.cbc.ca/news/background/reimer/

    “The Boy Who Lived as a Girl” after a botched circumcision. My thanks to a listener for this.

  5. Whether Mr. Finck agrees with what I said about the spread of Christianity to ‘all the nations’ is not the point here, Carl. The point is what we do about circumcision today, with the opportunity we have. I hope we can keep up some effort in that direction without getting sidetracked. Thanks for the great article updating the cause of low sperm counts in Israel. That’s incredible news.

  6. Carl

    Agreed! 🙂

  7. Mary, White Advocate

    A Russian emigre told me that the reason the Jews pushed and almost enforced circumcision in the USA is so that “they can’t tell them (the Jews) apart.” This is very true. One will never see this in history books or hear about it on the History Channel, but about every hundred years or so the Jews have been expelled from every duchy, city state, kingdom, dukedom, barony, country, province, etc., in Europe. One could ask, how does one tell them apart from the rest of the population, especially in Southern European countries like Italy and Spain? The answer is that the men were lined up at spear/sword/gun point and told to drop their trousers and drawers. The men who had been circumcised were taken away and either shot or rounded up with their families and expelled from the area.

    I have seen pictures of circumcisions and those photographs belong in a police evidence file to be used at the trial of a sex criminal. I would like to see this brutal and cruel practice be outlawed in every country in the world.

  8. Nick Dean

    In general I think the comments section at the Occidental Observer has been a disaster (in terms of quality and subsequent PR), but there was one especially active fella in a thread about this topic and he posted quite a lot of interesting stuff. Should be easy to google up for those interested.

  9. NEW STATS! I was able to look at my carolynyeager.com server stats today for August and September (to date) and found the downloads had improved. I knew the traffic at my site was up, but didn’t know how much. This program on circumcision has 343 dls, plus 102 here at The White Network, adding up to 445 in all since Monday night (about 40 hours). However, my server stats include all hits, while tWn count is restricted to completed downloads only. If it were not, its numbers would be considerably higher.

    I’m bringing this up because of what was said on the previous week’s Heretics’ Hour that we had “about 1000” on average per show. Dietrich was citing server “hits” in his figures, not full downloads as Tan does at tWn.

    Here are some numbers on other Sept. shows: the “Libel, Slander” with Bill Finck Saturday Afternoon with Carolyn show on Sept. 1st has 3,039 dls to date (19 days) plus 325 on tWn. Sept. 8th (Dietrich – Crossed Signals) has 1607 to date plus 302 at tWn; and Sept 15 (John Beattie) has 782, plus 186 at tWn.

    The Sept. 3rd Heretics’ Hour (Elie Wiesel and Gottfried Feder) has 2605 dls to date (16 days), plus 196 at tWn. Sept. 10th HH (Dietrich – Mishko) is at 1400, and 297 at tWn.

    The International Jew Study Hour, Episode 10 has had 2355 downloads since Aug. 30 (20 days) plus 181 at tWn.

    I think I will study this some more and post a blog on it soon.

  10. Brit in Norway

    As you said Carolyn, this whole circumcision business is just awful. I thought you covered many areas and IMO you brought out just how important this topic is in dealing with the Jewish menace. A few points I’d read are: some Christian sources state early circumcision was only removing the tip of the foreskin. It changed with the pharisees. I’m not
    sure how true this is though. I know Traditional Catholics and Eastern Orthodox see it as “a wound” which is a healthier mentality. I believe when surgery is medically required it is usually best achieved by a frenectomy not circumcision. Personally, I believe the practice is insane from our perspective and akin to how the orthodox Jews swing chickens over their heads when they pray. The origins of it though are important to study which you did go into. Everyone needs to attack them on this as they clearly are struggling to justify it.

  11. Alexander from Flanders

    I’m from Belgium (Flemish part) and circumcision here is viewed very different than in the US. Every professional doctor will tell you here that it is bad for your health and sex life. Anyone who claims otherwise is simply lying.

    It is quite a shock to me to learn that circumcision is so common amongst non jews in the US. And even more shocking that people still believe the lies told by the disgusting American doctors. What a bunch of freaks!

    By the way; here is a link to a catholic website from Belgium with some info. The title is “Discouragement of circumcision”. I’m not a christian but at least they are right on this subject. It was posted because of the controversy in Germany. So Caroline is right: We should use this in our advancement. People are talking about this.


    PS. Caroline you’re show is AWESOME. Keep up the good work!!

  12. Another great show,Carolyn. Mutilating the genitals of children has never been a part of Western culture. It would, therefore, be interesting to learn where and when Americans first began practicing this barbaric custom.

    Link to a horrific news article about Rabbis spreading herpes to Jewish babies in New York:


  13. RodC

    I have read that in the three oldest existing copies of the Torah that circumcision is not mentioned as being part of the covenant between God and Abraham – and that the rite of circumcision was inserted ca.500BC
    (1000 years after Abraham) by Jewish priests. I do not have the reference to this claim. Has anyone else come across it? If true, it rather knocks out the claim for it to be a required religious rite.

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