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Interview with British Canadian John Beattie


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  1. I am a bit skeptical about the claim that Jews don’t control Canada. Maybe the word control is a bit strong; certainly the ability of Sabina Citroen to have Ernst Zundel prosecuted endlessly for violating a law that was blatantly unconstitutional shows that Jewish influence in Canada is very great.

    The real power is not in elected office but in mass-media.

    Raymond Baaklini, the Lebanese ambassador, shown in a file photo, said yesterday: “90% of the mass media in Canada is controlled by Jews or Zionists.” http://www.radioislam.org/islam/english/jewishp/canada/lebambas.htm

    Jewish control of mass-media in Canada may be less now than a few years ago, since the Aspers’ CanWest went bust and was bought by the Shaws.

  2. This was an interesting talk with Mr Beattie. I hope that you have him on the programme again in a few months so he can update us on the progress of the BPL.

  3. Robert,
    It will be a pleasure to have Mr. Beattie on again after a few months. Maybe I should be asking you about your magazine.

  4. Will Toffan

    This is probably old news, but I am new to this website. Certainly Prime Minister’s first act in foreign affairs ( reversing Canada’s long held position of supporting Palestine and accepting the Israeli world-view should have set off alarm bells for any Canadian. Further, Harper’s labeling of long-term British parliamentarian George Galloway from entering Canada for a speaking engagement is the most blatant example of Harper’s stupidity ( and our national embarrassment), or a symptomatic example of his sycophancy to the Canadian Jewish lobby. For the life of me, I fail to see how most Canadians remain oblivious to the loss of our national pride and our service to a foreign power which in no way represents our national interests.

  5. On the good side of the coin, the Harper government followed the lead of Marc Lemire, with yids screaming in parliament, and had the major hate law, section 13, repealed ! On the good side the first 100 Federal Court Judges appointed by Harper are all white except for 2 native indians (yes by all means go through the list and you will probably find a jew or two or maybe ever four ). On the good side of the coin there are only 3 jews in the whole parliament of Canada. For those proud of our Royal connection ( as a people, not slobbering over Monarchy ) but the term Royal itself being brought back into our armed forces, meaning bringing back our BRITISH roots. And on and on goes the list. The Canadian banks were the strongest in the world during the recent mess. Check out the presidents of our Canadian banks. Accent the positive, and deflate the negative was a great tune with a lot of common sense.

  6. Hello Carolyn. Feel free to ask about Candour. Our magazine was founded by the great patriot A.K. Chesterton in 1953.

    We have a website, which is http://www.candour.org.uk

    CANDOUR : To defend national sovereignty against the menace of international finance.

    CANDOUR : To serve as a link between Britons all over the world in protest against the surrender of their world heritage.

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