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In Praise of White Women


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  1. Adrean

    I found this a delightful interview and most interesting conversation. I especially enjoyed the mental image of the entitlement culture as baby birds, mouths agape, waiting for the food to just fly in.

  2. Ray

    Great show Carolyn. Marina Orwell was one of the most impressive guests you’ve had on any of your shows.

  3. Keep up the good work here!

    I think you should have MR Hess. His shows were top notch.

  4. Another great show Carolyn,and another interesting guest. But I am kind of wary about the feminism topic as I consider it to be another arm of Communism. There is a line between feminism for real women and radicals and I am still not sure how much support I should give your guest. May I suggest that you have Marina Orwell back some time to further discuss her views on Feminism.

  5. Why don’t you write to her and ask her your questions? orwellsdaughter at hotmail dot com

    Don’t get hung up on the word “feminism.” The meaning of any word is only what people have been taught it is. You’re right that there is a big difference between real women wanting rights for women, and Jewish and Communist radicals. On listening to the podcast, there were a few points that I see differently, where I said I generally agreed. Maybe I’ll design a 3 or 4 person show to discuss the topic.

    BTW, thanks for posting (linking to) the program at your website. 🙂

  6. I wouild like to view the videos, but they are locked out. I’d also like to download them and post them on my own website. I joogled it and this tWn show comes up but no Orwell videos!!!!

  7. By the way, I have done the Wiki editing attempts myself in the past and experienced the same thing as Marina. This is exactly why people like Zuckerbergmanstein and other Jews that have companies get the big bucks instead of Lycos, Yahoo, and their competitors. All the money goes to the jewish entrepreneurs so they can pull this kind of crap on the rest of us.

  8. Robert Lloyd

    What a Show! I can’t agree on the women being equal stuff, but over all, this was one great show. And this is coming from a proud male chauvinist.

  9. So how many, and which women, are not equal to you, Robert? It’s pretty insane to think that every woman who ever lived was not your equal. Oh, I know … it’s biblical. Don’t bother telling me if that’s the case.

  10. Carl

    I was very impressed with your guest. After I heard the show, I was inspired to check into making Youtube videos. I think there is a substantial learning curve. It seems to me that one must be a decent hand at image making software and video software, have something cogent to say, and do the legwork to find or craft appropriate image material whether stills or moving footage. This isn’t something one can do overnight. And then if you say something that touches too close to home, someone ‘flags’ it and then your creative work is not visible at least for a while.

    I applaud the idea that feminism is at root an Aryan idea, that was perverted by Joos. They pervert everything. Why shouldn’t they pervert feminism? Women have always worked anyway. What is all this about how they are not equal? I think we must have had a temporary period of history in which it looked like they were not equal, but that would have been but a brief moment within our culture except that the Joos made it into something else. I don’t know about the Bible teaching that there is an inequality. There are verses about the man being the head of the household, but then it also says that each is to obey the other.

    Anyway the fact is that there are good Aryan women who wanted women to play a larger part in the emerging Western world. It’s the Joos who made that ‘equality’ into a functional and pornified weirdness.

  11. It’s unfortunate that soon after I linked to the videos in my program notes, they were removed from public viewing on youtube. I don’t know who is responsible for that. I suggest you write to the email address I gave and ask the author.

  12. Robert Lloyd

    >>So how many, and which women, are not equal to you, Robert?<<

    It might be easier to ask which women are? Of hand, I can't think of a single example, but I will keep trying! (g)

    But joking aside, I believe it's rather childish to think women are equal to men. In issue after issue, it is only the exception that shows any similar aptitude, and exceptions do not disprove social norms. When men listen to women they throw out common sense and start down the road to liberalism. It started with bad advise in the Garden of Eden and never stopped.

    Why is Green Peace 80% women?

    I'm sorry this infuriates you. Take an aspirin.

  13. SazzyLilSmartAzz

    Thank you for speaking about the White Woman! There are so few of us in the movement and this subject really needs to be addressed more!

  14. Nemeth

    Shame the videos discussed in the program are so hard to locate on the net.
    The Miss Fossil Chutzpah video which is still up is hilarious.

  15. Carl

    Robert is referring to ability/equality. He means that more [White] men are e.g. scientists. But more [White] men are also criminals. And women have certain strengths, too. They are good at seeing the whole picture. M. Orwell’s point is that it’s erroneous and misguided for [White nationalist] men to carp and whine about [White] women traitors, and ‘feminism’. Ironically, carping and whining about women shows the importance of women. The reality is that White men have abandoned their women, and left them to fend for themselves. And the women know it. As for Genesis, the woman made a mistake, and the man made a mistake. For a man to now blame the woman is quite telling!

    I believe that the White race is distinct from the other races. The other races are definitely oriented toward their women being underlings, work-donkeys and the like. The White race is simply not in the same category. I say that from a Christian Identity perspective. Christianity is only for White people. White people are unique. The equality between [White] men and [White] women is in the form of respect, right to shape the future, authority over choices, etc. I think the man is the ideal head of household, but I think women prefer that anyway.

    I have not yet absolutely committed myself to Christian Identity, but it gives the soundest explanation of the problems we are always talking about.

    The way 1930s Germany fell into terrific shape, with White men and White women cooperating perfectly, is very telling. All that is needed is to remove the Joo, and our natural understanding becomes very easy to manifest.

  16. Nemeth – Yes, it is a shame. The MFC video that is still up is entertaining, but it’s not in the same class or category as the other two.

  17. Alexander from Flanders

    I loved the show.

    I hope that Marina Orwell comes back real soon. Or maybe she can do her own little show on the White Network. She sounded like someone who could not only do such a thing, but do it really good.

  18. Carl

    I don’t know why I didn’t think of it right away: I think M. Orwell should host a show here. She’s already keen to produce, has plenty to say, boasts a fine speaking voice, and it’s quite true that women are underrepresented among White nationalists. And without women, we’re nowhere. Just the facts of life! lol And don’t forget, Women loved Uncle Adolf.

  19. Ray

    Someone mentioned 80% of Green Peace being women. Sylvia Stolz never joined G P but she did go to prison for standing up for her people. I wonder how many men would have done the same if they found themselves in her position.

  20. eirann

    Hi carolyn great show I really enjoyed it, sadly I cannot find any of the lasses videos on youtube:-(

    last week I tried to email you this vid, its off topic, but you might think its very well done.

    title: Glass bombed in Burnley


    love your shows,,,, good luck and god bless from Ireland:-)

  21. Piney

    White Men and White Women win together or we lose together.

    It’s as simple as that.

    Thanks for the wonderful show.

  22. Beth

    Your guest’s awakening reminded me of this essay from UK blogger “diggerfortruth”- very activism minded, jew-wise voice. “The 6 Stages of Awakening”, which reduced to bullet points are,

    1. The bloody government
    2. Arrrhhh so that’s why!
    3. zim
    4. Jew-wise
    5. A virus behind a people
    6. The Force

    ^ see those fleshed out a bit at the full essay:
    and of course browse his other great essays while you’re there (and no it’s not my blog!)

  23. John McGhee

    Video’s taking down from jewtube because of their politically incorrect nature, can now be uploaded to Podblanc.mobi.

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