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Crunching some numbers for September

Published on October 4, 2012 by in Blog


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  1. Alexander from Flanders

    It’s good to see the White Network grow.

    You guy’s (and girls) should get a show on that deals with the news. Something like The Friday Show on VOR (I really miss that show) or Aryan Matters (with James Hawthorne and Lee Gardner). Not to serious, with some humour.

    I would love to hear a show like Aryan Matters on the white Network. Maybe someone knows the awesome Mister J. Hawthorne, and can ask him to return to the radio waves (hint-hint…).

  2. We have plans for a Friday news show, but at the moment cannot get the necessary commitments from the right people. I have tried to get a response from James Hawthorne, as I don’t have contact information for him, but he has not replied. To be sure people will be reliable, they really ought to be hosts on the network. I’m wanting to find another good host.

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