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The Music Industry

Oct. 6, 2012

An informative (though shocking) program about the music industry and WHO OWNS IT. Robert discusses the recent mergers of the multinational conglomerates and the decision making power of a few individuals at the top of the pyramid.

Robert believes that these individuals most likely do not have the same value system as you do. Is he wrong when he says that these ‘gangstas’ promote destructive social mores that would make any decent person shudder. He says the general public just does not grasp the huge and absolute power that is held within the music industry by a few ‘super’ humans (demons?) that we wouldn’t want to even share a meal with at our dinner table.
Robert discusses:

  • How many recording labels are there in America (and the world)?
  • Who are the people controlling the purse strings and making decisions about us?
  • Who are the judges on the music television shows and are they qualified?
  • Who controls pop music, country music, or contemporary Christian music?
  • Who really is Simon Cowell and why is he so powerful in the business?
  • And finally, is the business growing or shrinking?

What you will learn about this business is it’s not our business. And before you wish your sons and daughters well in their careers in music, please note, ‘talk them out of it!’ Have them flip hamburgers at McDonald’s, and be better for it.

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7 Responses

  1. Bob

    One good place to find decent general info on ownership etc. is the SEC’s EDGAR (Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis and Retrieval) system.

    Although every government institution is suspect, this one is a tool used by the criminals to institute some control among themselves.

    One aspect of the Prospectus and the Official Statement is to reveal those people involved materially in the stock or bond deal. Many of them are mere fronts, but occasionally something approaching truth is exposed, and top operators are named — with some bio!


  2. Don

    A great broadcast from a great new white talent. Very insightful.

  3. Robert


    Thanks for that info… I will investigate what is available on the site. I hope it is available to us ‘citizens.’ I will be pointing out ownership in most of my broadcasts and this should be helpful.

  4. Robert

    Thanks Don… Next week will be on ‘Country Music'(White Man’s Soul Music)… I will have a lot of music from us blue eyed devils.

  5. Lurker

    Back in Christmas 2009 a Facebook campaign was launched in the UK to propel rock band Rage Against the Machine to the Christmas No.1 with their track Killing in the Name. This was in direct opposition to Simon Cowell’s various X-Factor winners who had been no.1 at Christmas for three/four years previously.

    A legion of hipsters, indies types etc were galvanised into action…

    The ensuing publicity and controversy worked, RATM were no.1 but its fair to say that the X-Factor winner Joe McElderry also sold more as a result of the affair.

    The X-Factor winners are released on Cowell’s Syco label which is in effect a division of Sony. Cowell is probably the single most important music executive at Sony right now.

    Killing in the Name is released via Epic records. Epic is owned by Sony.

    Ive pointed this out to anyone who seems interested but they would rather buy into the ‘hipsters defeat Simon Cowell’ meme rather than accept they’ve been played like fiddles.

  6. Robert

    Lurker… excellent!

  7. Lurker

    Thanks Robert!

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