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Country Music (White Man’s Soul Music)

Oct. 13, 2012

This week Robert covers the history of ‘White Soul Music’, where it comes from and why it came about. It is a true American art form and is known around the world for its unique sound. From Jimmie Rodgers and the Carter family to the present ‘super stars’ (they think), no stone goes unturned, as is expected.

Some areas discussed are:

  • Hillbilly music and where in the world did it come from;
  • Why the Second World War helped make the music more popular;
  • Why it was called country AND western music;
  • The rise of rockabilly, countrypolitan, the Bakersfield sound, the devastating ‘pop’ country, and the return of traditional country;
  • And of course, who is in control of all this now and where it is going.

Hold on to your hats, folks, and take a ride on this American musical freight train. It’s like no other music on earth!

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14 Responses

  1. Jeff

    Don’t get me wrong, I like country. But I really get sick of the “My woman just left me, so Im going to the bar to get drunk” crying in your beer songs.
    The same Jews that put out Ghetto/Gangster rap put out country music.

    The Jews do the same thing to the white musicians as they do to the blacks.
    They promote junk culture. Getting drunk and high. Divorce, cheating on your mate.
    Whites need to have their own media platforms. Radio, recording studios, tv. We need to promote our culture without Jew influence.

  2. Robert


    You hit the nail on the head! In fact, the dead-on reasons you gave are the exact reasons for my show. I will do my best to give our people a show concerning ‘our’ culture, the ‘promotion’ of our culture, and an ‘outlet’ for our people.

    Back a few years there was a movement to give us positive lyrics in country and it did change some of the tripe that we had. Ultimately, we will have to have the ownership back of OUR culture.

    Thanks again Jeff,

  3. Carl

    I think the Joos have a harmful effect even on classical music. I have seen bits of horror music using the harpsichord as a sign and symbol of evil! The harpsichord! Is nothing safe around them? (answer: no)

  4. Haakon Kreutz

    I dislike most country just because of how it SOUNDS. That “dee-di-dickey-dai-do, sheebasheeba-SHAW rootin’-tootin’ moonshine fiddles n’ incest good time y’allz” just grates on me most of the time. Yuck. I’d rather hear Bach or Buxtehude. There’s nothing “White Nigger” about them.

  5. I liked your country music program, Robert. You selected some real good songs, not the dumb ones that Haakon seems to be referring to. I’ve liked all 3 of your shows so far – I think they’re a great addition to The White Network. Keep up the good work!

  6. Robert


    I agree with you 100% as so much of what’s called country music is merely singing ‘down’ to some low-life yahoos, as we are supposed to be. I hope, however, you actually listened to the program as I think I covered your concerns pretty well.

    I will be having a show on classical music in the next several months. And as much as I love some of Beethoven’s, Pachelbel, Strauss Jr, and Tchaikovsky’a music (some of theirs anyway), overall, I consider classical music as “bad music, played well.” It was virtually impossible for songwriters in the general lower classes to be heard or even have the money, let’s say, for a piano. This led to the elite no-nothings (the royal class) to choose what gets heard) and that would be by whatever fool kisses their butt the most.

    So listen to the bulk of classical music and you will hear composer after composer that knows NOTHING about melody. Don’t think for a moment the best music gets through the maize of the bureaucracy of fools in any genre, past or present.

    I’m going to have shows on the TOP 10 Rock Songs of all time and TOP 10 Country Songs of all time, and etc etc etc… it is going to be fun.

  7. Robert

    Thanks Carolyn…

  8. Don

    My wife ran off with my best friend and I miss him.

  9. Nick Dean

    If the idea is that Soul music is Black, you ought to be calling Soul music the Black Man’s Country, and call Country just Country. Define them by what they’re not – White – don’t define yourself as non-Black, ‘gentile’ etc.

    Not to mention Country is the folk music of just some portion of White Americans, and relatively few White people globally.

    Just a coupla hobby horses of mine, no offense. I’m enjoying your shows a lot, Robert.

  10. Robert


    And I certainly agree with your points… and well taken. Of course you understand that my choosing of titles is for the sparking of interest in a story. And I think that without “White Man’s Soul Music” merely “Country Music” would not be as dynamic.

    We can be so technically correct that we can bore everyone to death… and just like a movie, college lecture, and a church service, we must entertain. As fervent and devoted to my faith that I am, if a service bores me (and most do)… I am gone.

    Thanks brother…

  11. Haakon Kreutz

    Cool. 😀

    Play “Lucky Old Sun” by Jerry Lee Lewis, just to stick it to me. I’ll be smiling thinking of one of the greatest real-live public trollings of all time: The “Mississippi Delegation”, LOL

  12. Robert

    >>Play “Lucky Old Sun” by Jerry Lee Lewis<<

    Instead of blaming country music for this, I believe it should be considered rock-n-roll. But the heck with picking bad examples of a genre, it is the best of the best in any form of music that counts.

  13. Nick Dean

    Peter Cook and Dudley Moore: Bo Duddley

    This will not be to everyone’s taste and I can’t imagine Cook and Moore would be happy that people like us might enjoy it for what it seems to say about Black people and their music, but I heard a recording of this last night and it amused me:


    The live album recording I heard was made in New York and the no doubt liberal multiculti audience lapped it up. Subversive.

  14. Robert

    Thanks Nick… wow, a young Dudley Moore! Long long ago…

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