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Interview with Günter Deckert from Germany


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  1. Armor

    In the interview, Günter Deckert explains that Germany is heavily contributing to the European Union while Greece lives the good life and the president of France wants to lower the age of retirement in his country so as to fix the unemployment problem.

    As an American of German ancestry, Carolyn Yeager feels sorry that poor Germany is exploited by the rest of Europe. Personally, I don’t feel sorry at all. I don’t mind the Germans working longer days so I can retire earlier. But I’m afraid that what the Germans are really financing is the immigration policy of the European Union. I think the sooner the EU goes broke, the sooner immigration will stop. The main cause of unemployment in France is immigration. The obvious solution is to reverse the immigration flow, not to lower the age of retirement. But instead, the French government is going to increase immigration.

    So, it’s a good thing for everyone in Europe that the Germans are getting fed up with paying too much money to the EU.

    PS: Just a thought going through my mind as I write my comment: if Germany was not a member of the euro-zone, but still was a member of the European Union, I suppose it would still have to pay lots of money to the EU, which would still help to support the euro currency… In fact, I don’t know if Germany’s main problem is the EU or the euro common currency.

  2. Armor, I may “feel sorry” for the exploited Germans, but I am more angry at them that they don’t stand up and refuse to play that role they’ve been given! Sure, the leadership accepts it, but they are not “true Germans;” they are globalists following an Allied-written “Constitution” that is not even a real Constitution voted on by a single German. I agree with you totally that it’s better for everyone if the Germans say, No more! They should go back to their deutschmark. Instead of forcing Greece to pull out of the eurozone, Germany should itself pull out and that would kill the whole thing!

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