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Pedophile Rings Reach to the Top of Governments


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  1. Correction about the relationship between George Robertson (Labour party Member of Parliament and Defence Secretary in Tony Blair’s cabinet) and Thomas Hamilton (the Dunblane Massacre gunman).

    Both lived in Dunblane at the time of the massacre. Robertson represented that district in Parliament. He was a family man with 3 children in school. Hamilton was a single homosexual who ran a “boys club” of a sort of Boy Scout type, with lots of outdoor activities. One of Robertson’s children was in the boys club and the two men knew each other. In the 1980’s Robertson removed his son from Hamilton’s boys club. There were suspicions about Hamilton’s behavior with the boys, and indeed he should be classed as a pedophile.

    However, the report that Robertson was the “referrer” on Hamilton’s 2nd application for a gun license is false. A Scottish newspaper retracted that claim and apologized after a vigorous denial by Robertson. There are writers and websites that continue to repeat it, which is how I picked it up.

    This all happened during a big push for tougher gun-control laws in the UK. It was used as an argument to ban private ownership of handguns. From Wikipedia:

    Following the 1997 General Election, the Labour government of Tony Blair introduced the Firearms (Amendment) (No. 2) Act 1997, banning the remaining .22 cartridge handguns in England, Scotland and Wales, and leaving only muzzle-loading and historic handguns legal, as well as certain sporting handguns (e.g. “Long-Arms”) that fall outside the Home Office Definition of a “Handgun” due to their dimensions.

    So that aspect of it remains troubling. No clear motive for Hamilton’s rampage has been put forth and much of the investigation records are still under a 100-year seal! Due to public accusations of a cover-up intended to protect the reputations of officials, some were eventually released. From Wikipedia:

    Following a review of the closure order by the Lord Advocate, Colin Boyd, edited versions of some of the documents were released to the public in October 2005. Four files containing post mortems, medical records and profiles on the victims remained sealed under the 100 year order to avoid distressing the relatives and survivors.[19]

    The released documents revealed that in 1991, following Hamilton’s Loch Lomond summer camp, complaints were made to Central Scotland Police and were investigated by the Child Protection Unit. Hamilton was reported to the Procurator Fiscal for consideration of 10 charges, including assault, obstructing police and contravention of the Children and Young Persons (Scotland) Act 1937. No action was taken.[20]

  2. Franklin Ryckaert

    FYI, James O’Meara’s book “The Homo and the Negro” has come out. There is a brief review of it on Counter Currents, the website of his fellow homo Greg Johnson. One of the praising critics of this book is a certain Wulf Grimsson, himself the author of a book called “Male mysteries & the Secret of the Maennerbund”. If you are interested to be initiated into the “mysteries” of O’Meara’s ideas about the Maennerbund then that will cost you a $35.

    Perhaps an idea for a program on the TWN? After all, are we really waiting for a WN movement led by O’meara’s “Maennerbund”?

  3. Don

    I went to the website the reviewers who issued praise were Greg Johnson, Jack Donovan and Wolf Grimsson. Do these guys always review each others’ books?

    The lead essay analyzes the “homophobic Far Right” through the “queer eye.”

    I smell something very rotten. This is how liberals talk. In the 60’s the problem wasn’t communism and the torturers and murderers who ran it, but “alarmists” and “paranoids” and “McCarthyites” who were opposed to it. Even “conservatives” like William F. Buckley Jr. undertook defining “respectable” conservatives and purging those who departed from their line.

    Now we’re being told that the problem is not with “Men” who sodomize each other, but with those of us who don’t.

  4. Tonight’s Heretics’ Hour will be about this, along with a few other topics, since Arthur Topham had to cancel on the insistence of his lawyer. I should also have a working telephone line tonight in case anyone wants to call in. Hadding Scott will be my co-host.

  5. Lurker

    Councillors – these are elected members of local government in towns, cities and counties – like councilmen/women in the US.

    Party allegiance and discipline is much stronger in the UK than the US, so a local town council might be divided between Labour and Conservatives just as the national parliament is. Although local issues might predominate people stick closely to party lines.

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