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Lies about Elie Wiesel’s Tattoo, Jews’ “Special Needs” and Theft, and Where Does It End?


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  1. Roger

    There is some interesting information about the Community Security Trust on David Irving’s website. He describes them as “a paramilitary body of vigilantes raised by the Board of Deputies of British Jews with Metropolitan Police approval”.


    Martin Webster has also written about the CST, in a broader article dealing with the Jewish lobby in Britain, for the Occidental Observer. This excerpt is illuminating:

    “When the CST was established in 1995/6 the London Metropolitan Police and the Greater Manchester Police were prevailed upon by the then Conservative government to provide the CST’s personnel with training and intelligence sharing. It is likely that the arrangement was devised by Neville Nagler, for years the senior Home Office civil servant in charge of race relations matters who, immediately upon retirement, was appointed Executive Director of the JBD.

    This was a quite unprecedented and, I believe, extra-legal arrangement between the British police and a private political security formation with close and admitted connections with a foreign power. The arrangement has continued under a Labour government despite the appointment of [Gerald] Ronson, a convicted criminal, as the CST chairman.

    So senior police officers continue to be obliged — some may be more than willing — to attend annual CST banquets at swanky West End hotels presided over by a convicted fraudster and jail-bird, and exchange polite conversation with Zionist fanatics, some of whom are doubtless Mossad Sayanim….. and all “in the interests of good community relations.”

    At the last CST dinner held early this year at the Grosvenor House Hotel in Mayfair, Lord Levy made a beeline for Assistant-Commissioner John Yates, deputy head of the Met at Scotland Yard. Yates headed the investigation into the “Cash for Honours” scam and it fell to him to arrest Levy in connection with that matter.

    Before the gaze of all present, Levy enjoyed administering ostentatious and patronizing “no hard feelings” back-slaps on the hapless Yates. This officer’s feelings, and the corrosive effect news of it has had on wider police morale, political independence and integrity, may be imagined.”


  2. kilroy

    I like your idea of starting these campaigns about issues like that AP story.
    Last year one of these liberal churches in my neighbourhood put up a big Wiesel quote about peace being the gift we give to the world or something like that. On one of those ugly rental billboards.
    I looked up the minister’s email address and sent him the facts about Wiesel being a rabid zionist member of the Irgun. In two days the quote was replaced.
    The people really just have no idea until they hear. They need compassion and a helping hand.
    The obvious hypocrisies and lies are the critical points. Pointing them out is like taking a crowbar to the system. It’s continuing what Jesus was doing in the new testament. If every nationalist would take every opportunity to do this kind of thing,then our cause would make some headway.

  3. DJF

    You asked about Vietnamese refugees in Israel, there is only 200-400 Vietnamese in all of Israel, just a token amount that the Jews can point to.

    I haven’t found any information about money but I bet they got a big check from the US taxpayers for taking them in.


  4. Thanks DJF. The number of Vietnamese in Israel is the smallest in the world!! It figures … and also fits right in with Elie Wiesel’s penchant to portray things totally other than they really are. 🙂

  5. Great comment, kilroy.

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