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The White Network 6-Month Progress Report


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  1. Carl

    I think you guys did a really nice job of discussing the election, in such a way that White people would recognize in a non-threatening way that they have an alternate way to understand events.

    Regarding the standards of broadcasting, I think a good idea is to broadcast only material that could be used by a high school or college student in a paper. If a broadcast purports to be about a subject, then anyone should be able to assume that the broadcaster knows the material and that what one is hearing is the product of sifting and contextualizing. Otherwise it’s a book club. You can have someone in your living room, talking, and you get their best guess. Then it’s your turn to give your best guess. That’s okay as a model, but it’s not as useful.

    Now of course if a person with deep knowledge is just talking, not 100% of what is said will meet the standard, but, you can hear from tone of voice and pace of speech when someone is winging it a bit.

    Anyway I was just outlining the ideal, of course.

    I think it’s real sad that the history by the window guy is unable to get himself together to be radio-ready. He’s so close! He has knowledge, and he’s unafraid. All he has to do is come up with a production package. The easiest part! Come on, window guy!

    One thing William Finck does on Christogenea is, after a decade or two of being a student and a scholar, he has written one or two hundred papers about the classics, ancient population movements, linguistic and language study, and so on. Sometimes he’ll go through a paper, and read a paragraph, then discuss, then read a paragraph, and discuss. That’s not fancy, but it’s great radio. Very informative, solid material. Occasionally he’ll read a paper of consequence written by others. Sometimes he’ll read historical articles, such as something appearing in the Congressional Record, etc. This model requires deep knowledge, and some planning of what to say about each paragraph or significant quote. Anyone who has good knowledge and is unafraid could easily do this. The Journal of Historical Review would be a good target for review of this type.

  2. Nick Dean

    Well done for your achievements so far, Tan and Carolyn. And thanks.

    I had not heard of August Hurst or Robert Lloyd before but they’ve done some great shows. I hope August returns. Hadding Scott has good radio presence, too. Any new programs lined up?

  3. Hi Nick,
    If we had any we would have mentioned it. 🙂

  4. katana

    A good discussion Carolyn and Tan.

    This little outpost of White civilization doesn’t require a big tent approach, but it needs to go beyond the one-man tent, the two-man tent approach.

    We need people who are pro-White and jew-wise. Bugger the other differences.

  5. Fantastic self analysis by you folks. Very accurate at pin pointing how your shows doing, etc. Well here goes: without doing a search on google for the specifics of the three little piggies building their houses: let’s for fun say that one house of straw was built by a jewish pig, and the house of sticks by third world invaders. The third house is being built by us, we the White Race, and it is of course being built with brick. These fairy tales have so much truth in them, and yes, I have twisted here a bit to support my conclusion. Not being a coward….I have travelled down the ” expose the jews ” road and it got nowhere, and certainly NOT any admiration. What we have here is a fixation on the two cheap houses being built of straw and sticks, when in fact we should stick to building our own house of brick. To hell with the fixation on sticks and straw. Let’s just talk about our bricks, and the fine weather resistant house we are building. This is not a dodge of cowardice. This suggestion is not a dodge for fear of losing day job, or attracting advertisers. The nursery rhyme tells it like it is. The smart piggie had no time to play, whilst building his house of brick. He did not need to waste his time ridiculing or exposing the stupidity of the other two piggies. As one dear old passed away little gal advised me years ago: show by example and this leads the way. Loved the show when you two talking about building the White network, when talking of building on our own strength. Our race has fallen for the decoy for far too long. Let’s get back to building on our own merits. Thus we shall succeed.

  6. Great show, much better than a recap. However, these things have been said by other people that I have brought up before and it seems that everyone one wants to be the ring leader instead of working together. You cannot have a White “movement” unless all those who profess to be working towards such a goal are willing to work TOGETHER, and THAT seems to be an ego problem. I don’t have an ego, thus I don’t completely understand why atheists are determined to work against Christians that are anti-Jew, especially CI, and all the other more subtle subdivisions that have more to do with style than ideology, ala Norman Lowell, whose 2010 European New Right speech expressed many of the same points. Nope, I just don’t get it. Either we all work together or we fail. I heard Alex Linder debating some Southerner recently and there is just such a ridiculous divide on such stupid points. Secession? No way, they are on this continent, IN our country, and we can’t stand united and kick them all out?!!? People actually believe that secession will keep them out of smaller and smaller territories? How? Who gets all of the Fed’s military power? The nukes? The bombers? How do you secure imports and exports through hostile territory? The Germans couldn’t do it. We either make a stand and go all out politically and develop the means militarily to back up our political views and triumph or we will fall. There is no compromise, compromise got us HERE today.

  7. Audun

    People give too much credit to the Jews saying they are smart and work well together. But, their control and power is achieved through their evil way of thinking. It takes much more intelligence to do good. I don’t think the Jews really want their own country. They wouldn’t have an excuse to be in everyone else’s and they would cheat each other and self-destruct.

    The idea of uniting or finding something that is going to get further beyond the current status is definitely the direction this needs to be going. It will take a combination of the best efforts today as well as many more new ideas. For me, I don’t like the idea of non Whites and gays in the movement.

    It was great to see Roger Waters address to the UN last week!

  8. Lurker

    Re Don’s comments.

    Much MSM TV output is implicitly and explicitly anti-white (and therefore implicitly anti-GOP). We all know that of course.

    Thus a well funded GOP commercial parachuted into the middle of routine anti-white propaganda is merely going to cause a degree of dissonance. Its probably even counter-productive, its money down the drain.

    From the anti-white point of view its a twofer, the advertizing money is thrown away for nothing and they get to point and splutter about the large amounts the GOP spends. Money they dont need to overtly spend since they already dominate the media agenda.

  9. I have travelled down the ” expose the jews ” road and it got nowhere, and certainly NOT any admiration.

    So your advice is to ignore the Jews? My strong conviction is to do just the opposite – to talk MORE about them, but in the right way: To tell the truth about them, even though they will attack back. You ought to read The International Jew and you will see that ignoring what the Jews do just plays into their hand. Do you listen to TIJ Study Hour? There is a new one tonight.

    To ignore Jews as they continue working in our societies is a death sentence for Whites. In fact, the main point to be gotten across to the political “conservatives” is that Jews are not White and therefore don’t belong in White societies. They never have. Any nationalist must take that position.

    In the road you traveled in the past, John, you were “handled” by Jews, so no wonder you got nowhere. The governments of Canada and the United States are “handled” by Jews. Some of our White organizations must be “handled” by Jews too. That has to change before any of us can get somewhere.

  10. Loved the show when you two talking about building the White network,

    What we revealed is that we aren’t in the mode of building The White Network. Neither one of us has the time available, and no longer even the inclination, to seek out new radio hosts and get new shows started. I have all I can handle with three shows of my own every week (which I want to do and I appreciate Hadding Scott’s faithful co-hosting of TIJ Study Hour with me every week). Tan has many family responsibilities that necessarily take precedence for his time. Thus, we are what we are. If any White person can produce a program that fits our profile as we have clearly presented it, we are happy to consider adding it to our line-up. Otherwise, we will not be going out hunting or suggesting to anyone that they consider producing a program for tWn.

    In other words, Tan and I are satisfied that we are independent and don’t have to answer to anyone. Neither of us are entrepreneurs; sometimes I get inspired in that direction, but one either engages in outreach or one produces content of their own — no one can do both, at least not well. Neither one of us wants to crash and burn.

    To all who would like to see more programs on The White Network, consider producing your own or be a talent scout for us and search out some talent. We can provide the vehicle.

    Thanks to all for your comments so far. By the way, listen to John’s latest podcast of Dec. 2nd in which he has some important things to say: http://www.britishpeoplesleague.com/?c=commentaries

  11. Ulfric

    I heard Alex Linder debating some Southerner recently and there is just such a ridiculous divide on such stupid points.

    That “Southerner” you heard with Alex Linder is Hunter Wallace over at Occidental dissent and he is doing some incredible work these days. Unlike WN who can’t stop fighting with each other over what to do, Wallace makes a point to show that these differences that we all have are the reason why WN (as a movement) is a failure.

    How can you have White nationalists from San Francisco and White nationalists from Alabame or Texas agreeing on anything? We have nothing in common. It’s absurd and its why WN is failing.

    There is nothing wrong with White nationalism but this pan WN is not going to work and it is proven everyday within this “movement.”

  12. Don

    Break the taboo.

    Criticize the Jew!

  13. Hey, that’s good Don. It should become a popular slogan. Let’s work at it.

  14. Don

    I listened to most of the Alex Linder / Hunter Wallace debate about Southern Nationalism and don’t find their disagreements particularly disturbing. The US is a large country and there’s room for more than one brand of white nationalism. Southern nationalism is by definition…southern. It is regional. There is no conflict between Southern racial awareness and any other white awareness if groups don’t undermine each other and I don’t see that as a problem. Southern white nationalism isn’t necessarily my cup of tea but if it appeals to and energizes other whites for whom is is more desirable, then God bless the Southern nationalists. There is plenty of room for more than one brand of white nationalism and in the coming battles our skin color is our uniform so nit-picking about minor points will just not be an issue. The more racially energized whites the better. That’s my view.

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