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From the Damascus Affair to the Protocols


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  1. I realized after doing this show that it was a bit silly to say I had disagreements with Waters Flowing Eastward while never reading it, so I looked it up and read it the next day. I chose this version on the Internet: http://ia700605.us.archive.org/17/items/WatersFlowingEastward_307/1-watersFlowingEastward.pdf

    It didn’t take me very long because it turns out to contain the same contents as the book I have used all along, titled Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, which is a reprint of the 1934 book published by ? … I don’t know who. I always found this strange. The book I have is the one with the red and white cover that was “Reprinted 2004 by Liberty Bell Publications, York, South Carolina.” It is: Translated from the Russian of NILUS by Victor E. Marsden.

    The contents of Part II are the same in both books, “How the Protocols Came to Russia” and 3 other chapters about suppression, refutation and commentary. Then the 24 Protocols themselves, which are Part III in the book I have. In Waters Flowing Eastward, Part III is Fabianism, the Alliance Israelite Universelle, etc, which is in Part IV in my book.

    Waters Flowing Eastward ends with 3 Appendixes which do not appear in my book (they are The State of the World; The Berne Trial; and The Rulers of Russia), followed by “About The Author” (Paquita “Mady” de Shishmareff) signed by Tony Blizzard [!!], and an index.
    My book contain an short appendix with three brief news items quoting Jews that are very similar to the Protocols. No index.

    Thus, what is the most different between the two books is Part I. In my book Part I contains 8 chapters from Henry Ford’s The International Jew. In Waters Flowing Eastward, Part I is composed of six chapters on the history of Zionism and the recognition of the state of Israel, supposed written by Shishmareff, although it doesn’t say. The important 4th chapter is about the Russian Jew Asher Ginsberg, who Shishmareff claims wrote the Protocols in 1889. HE IS THE AUTHOR. Yet, in Part II we find “How the Protocols Came to Russia,” the now familiar story of how Mlle Glinka was given the document in Paris by a Jewish lodge member sometime after 1884, and had it translated from French to Russian! So which is it? I didn’t find any attempt to reconcile these two versions.

    I find this all a bit sloppy, though it does not make me (yet) doubt the “authenticity” of the Protocols as a genuine World Program of the Jews. If anyone can shed some light on this, I would welcome it. And onto Madame de Shishmareff also — an American, it’s said she returned to the U.S. before the Bolshevik revolution in which her Russian husband was killed, and was active in the America First movement of the 30’s and 40’s.

  2. Mike

    Regarding the Damascus affair. I recall a book by Harrell Rhome that talked about ritual murder and the Damascus affair. I think the chapter was tittled ‘debacle in Damascus – Ritual Murder’, if I’m not mistaking. But you are right, very little objective research can be found online about this.

  3. Mike,
    I have no quarrel with Harrell Rhome, but I also don’t always agree with his conclusions. I know he has written a lot about Jewish ritual murder and believes it to be a reality. I haven’t read his books, but tend to think he knows more about it than most people, so I accept it as reality until something proves to me otherwise. It’s not the guilt of the Jews that I doubt, but the way the Protocols of Zion have been handled by so many of it’s proponents. If one starts to dig into it, one is very quickly in a hole that leads nowhere. I think it’s now time to contact Peter Myers and ask him some questions.

  4. Well now, I just read this article by Harrell Rhome: http://solargeneral.com/jeffs-archive/ritual-murder/debacle-in-damascus/
    What I said in my program on Monday, Dec. 10 turns out to be very right on in relation to this. Of course, I was reading a letter from the Jew’s version of it and I did not know that Father Thomas’ remains had been found. The Jews don’t talk about that! But thanks for mentioning this, Mike, as I’m glad I read it, it fills in some holes. A good job done by Harrell.

  5. Nemeth

    Interesting to compare the Damascus Affair with the case of Leo Frank which gave birth to the ADL, who to this day claim that he was innocent despite overwhelming evidence that he was guilt of the crime.

  6. Nemeth – I also found in Harrell Rhome’s article that I linked to that the evidence was overwhelming that the arrested Jews in Damascus were guilty, even though their confessions involved “torture.” They were kept in separate cells and interrogated separately, yet their testimony of what occurred matched exactly. Father Thomas’ body parts were found where they said they would be; his distinctive black cowl was also found where the body parts were (mainly in a sewer outlet). So the letter from the Jewish leaders which were included in Montefiore’s journal, really were equivalent to the lies/exaggerations “Holocaust Survivors” tell. In both cases, justice was set aside because of Jewish pressure from on high. And yes, the Alliance Israelite Universelle was the first organization created to defend guilty Jews, and to watch for and counteract “defamation.” Another similarity between the AIU and the ADL is their “teaching mission” … to produce ‘educational’ materials and to work with governments.

  7. … the book I have used all along, titled Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, which is a reprint of the 1934 book published by ? … I don’t know who. I always found this strange.

    As I have time, I look further into this, and I now have the answer to who was the original publisher of my red and white book: The Patriotic Publishing Co., Chicago. It is the last edition to be published in the United States. While this is not all that important, it is something.
    United We Fall, Divided We Stand
    The Protocols of the Meetings of the Learned Elders of Zion
    Translated from the Russian by Victor E. Marsden
    Formerly Russian Correspondent of “The Morning Post”
    With Preface and Explanatory Notes.
    (Chicago: The Patriotic Publishing Co., 1934)

    From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Cause_of_World_Unrest

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