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Kevin MacDonald on End of Year Strategies for White Advocacy


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  1. Carl

    One thing that struck me was the absence of any speculation about the culprit(s) in CT being Jews. The last name is rumored to be associated with Jews. A rather famous singer by the same last name turns out to have changed his name when he started working for MGM (a Jewish concern), and it seems plausible that they selected a Jewish name for him. I appreciated the program’s emphasis on psychiatric drugs. If the culprit(s) turn out to be part Jewish, it certainly fits a well-known pattern in various respects.

  2. Good show ! I enjoyed it.
    I’m going to listen to it again….

    BTW; Both the fathers of the Connecticut school shooter, and the Colorado Theater shooter are connected to the ?TABAR? (I forget the acronym?)bank scandal, and there were witness reports of a second shooter in both cases….At least that’s whats going around the internet. I can’t substantiate it for a fact. I don’t have the time to do all the research.

  3. WWWM

    What a great discussion about psychiatry. You could have an entire 2-hour show about psychiatry and its total lack of reliability.

  4. Yes, Lanza is associated with Sicilian Jews, it is not an Italian name. Mario Lanza’s real surname was Coccomo or something like that. I mean look at the picture of the kid, he looks like Joey Romone of the punk band The Romones. He is clearly Jewish.

  5. Mary, White Advocate

    A number of years ago, the popular singer, Mario Lanza as mentioned in a previous comment, was the current teen-age heart throb. I remember him back when I was in High School and was a member of his “fan club.” Then, an Italian friend told me that the word, “Lanza” means “vomit” in Italian. Is this some kind of Jewish joke? I would not bet that it isn’t. Jews are everywhere.

  6. Rick1

    Nice interview. The impact of legal drugs on society is a big topic. Marijuana is becoming legal too in some States. We are soon going to be a totally doped up society.

    The cost of diversity lowers any chance that there will be funds to properly tackle mental health issues. One strategy going forward is to link the 1960s liberal revolution with the actual dollar costs of its consequences. How much more do we now have to spend on prisons, police, bilingual education, welfare, attempts to “shrink the education gap” etc because of liberal egalitarian thinking.

    @David. Can you provide a link that provides some info on Lanza being associated with Sicilian Jews ? I can’t find any such thing doing basic Google searches. I often confuse southern Italians and jews, so I suspect that arab and jewish blood from converts to Christianity got into the Southern Italian population.

    It will be interesting to see what KMAC does after he retires. Southern California weather is hard to leave, and the rest of the country is just heading in California’s demographic direction – so, unless taxes are the issue, I am not sure there is much benefit in moving. Orange County and some other areas of California are still decent places to live.

  7. I’ll put my money that KMac will leave California after he retires, and I’m sure taxes will be an issue. I think he wants to get into the Red part of the country. He’s been in S. California for a long time now and will be ready for a change.

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