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Holo Forgeries and Another Look at the Wannsee Conference


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  1. Happy New Year Carolyn, and congratulations on being labelled an “authentic Nazi” by the forces of darkness. 😉

    You mentioned DNA testing very briefly on the show. I’ve thought about being tested too and bookmarked this genetic genealogy website years ago (I’m still procrastinating). Perhaps someone reading this might be tempted to take action.


    Those of British and Irish extraction might also be interested in reading Four Flags: The Indigenous People of Britain by Arthur Kemp. This booklet covers DNA, history and the right to existence of the native inhabitants of the British Isles.

    “In April 2009 more than 122 Members of Parliament at Westminster signed a declaration which affirmed that there was no such thing as an indigenous people in Britain.”

    Using DNA evidence Mr. Kemp proves the traitors wrong.

  2. Hi Charles. Thanks for the link. I’m going to do it, but I won’t say when.

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