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Episode 26 – How Jews in the U.S. Conceal Their Strength


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  1. Don

    You ask how Jews conceal their strength? The conceal it by using it to crush anyone bold enough to expose them.

    The other issue is Jewish immigration into this country in the late 1800’s. The Jewish tidal wave into this country was indeed an invasion. I read The Warburgs by Ron Chernow, a main stream (Jewish) historian who has written books about JP Morgan, Wall Street and, most recently, George Washington.

    The Warburgs refers to the Warburg banking dynasty which established branches in Europe, Britain and finally in New York. In addition Paul Warbug is credited by this book with being the intellectual and political father of the Federal Reserve System.

    He also discusses the issue of Jewish immigration in the US and describes how it was supported by dormatories and facilities in Europe where migrating Jews were concentrated before being transported to the US on Jew owned shipping lines. It was supported and underwritten every step of the way by Jewish bankers.

  2. Well, we weren’t asking – this chapter was telling how it is done.

    The Warburg bank in Germany was run by Max Warburg, brother of Paul and Felix who emigrated to the U.S. before the time of the Third Reich. Paul is the most dominant and important of the 5 brothers. What is interesting, and disgusting, is that their family name of Warburg was taken from the German town of Warburg when their ancestors fled from Italy to Germany in the 16th Century. It should not have been allowed for a bunch of refugee Jews to take the name of an historic German “Imperial” city that was founded in the 10th Century. In this way, Jews insinuate themselves into being seen as Germans, which they are not. They all married Jewish women, the daughters of other Jewish bankers. A jew cannot become a German by moving there and living there, even for several generations.

    The Jewish support in Europe for the Jewish immigrants, to help get as many as possible to the U.S., was mentioned in this chapter. Good that you have corroborated it using the Chernow book.

  3. It would only have required passively listening to the show, or browsing at the chapter in a free online PDF, for Don to have found out what he was talking about. Just a few minutes’ listening or a quick browse probably would have sufficed.

    The chapter is not about what Don assumed.

    What this chapter in The International Jew says is that Jews in the United States conceal their numerical strength by not allowing their population to be counted. It is not primarily about how much power Jews in the United States wield, nor about concealing it. There have been other chapters that dealt with that, and it is a fact that they do try to make their power appear less than it is, for example through the use of non-Jew fronts.

    The thing about Jewish power — which is the disproportionate power of a small minority, exercised largely against the interests of the majority — is that the more it’s recognized, the less secure it becomes. If that power is used in a very obvious way, that’s what happens. For example, I think that Jews did huge damage to themselves with their behavior toward Ernst Zundel. It’s the Jews themselves that gave Zundel immortal fame by trying to crush him.

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