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Jewish Control of the American Theater – Episode 33


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2 Responses

  1. Carl

    I thought Hadding’s observations about tragedy were spot-on, very astute. It is the natural disposition of the Jew to avoid true greatness, to which they can never aspire, and to favor melodrama and triteness.

    And today, when we try to see great works of art, such as operas or ballets, we find them infected with the long-term fruits of Jewish influence: Negroes and Asians. We see the Asian lifting the White woman in ballet, symbolic of support, which is ridiculously out of place. We see a Negro Commendatore, with the grotesque wooden Negro chesty singing, standing tall in judgment over the sinful Don Giovanni. Entirely absurd, and ‘staged’ to force us last few hoity-toity-ites to accept race-mixing, or to forgo art altogether.

  2. Nemeth

    Ichabod – Expressing regret at a loss of former glory or high standards.

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