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Arthur Rudolf and Julius Streicher – Two very unlike German National Socialists martyred by Jews


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  1. Carl

    I don’t always have something to say but I really enjoy these historical presentations. It’s way better than PBS which I haven’t looked at for years. Please keep it up. 🙂

  2. Thanks Carl. I’m enjoying them too. In fact, it was on PBS radio yesterday in my car that I heard a discussion about Lance Armstrong and the Justice Dept joining the lawsuit against him. It was so sickening, so I decided to mention it in relation to Rudolf’s case. U.S. Justice is totally perverted.

  3. Audun

    With all the ridiculous fashion trends that pop culture cycles every year, it would be great to see a Hitler style mustache make a comeback!

  4. Collin

    You give a lot of Strenght with youre podcasts!
    You are verry much appreciated!
    A real Old school Woman!

  5. Thanks Collin. 🙂

  6. How sad, and there was no one in a position of power with any scruples to stop any of this. How truly pathetic we are as a people.

  7. fred wilson

    Carolyn, please quit using the terms NAZI and anti-semite .

    These are both jewish terms used to corrupt clear thinking .
    As Hadding has stated , NAZI is derisive Bavarian slang used to mock the NSDAP . Either call them National Socialists or NSDAP , but not NAZI .
    Anti-Semite is another corruption . We are not talking about Semites, such as Iraqis or Bedouin , we are talking about JEWS .

    Clear thinking requires clearly defined terms .

  8. fred wilson

    Additionally, Arthur Rudolf was instrumental in the development of the Space Shuttle , he was a key consultant .

    Our space program and aerospace achievements would have been nothing without the work of German engineers and scientists . Nearly all of the advanced fighters (F100 to F107, the Century Series ) were the result of German engineering . Same is true for Dassault Aircraft ( owned by joos ) in France , which hired 1,000’s of desperate Germans , at the end of WWII . Also true for MIG series in Russia .

    You mentioned that the joos threatened his family with retribution .
    This is so common a method with joos , to threaten a persons family .
    I have read about this in many instances of ‘confessions’ of German ‘war criminals ‘ to this method being widely used by jooish criminals and the israeli mafia .

    Another innocent man to suffer for his convictions was Johannes Stark , the Nobel Prize winner . He spent 4 yrs in prison for his writings and opinions against jooish influence .

    What happened to Julius Streicher is just unspeakable . For a country that so prides itself in the Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Press , to allow a man’s execution for expressing his opinions is the ultimate hypocrisy . A very black and sinister hypocrisy .

  9. Phil

    I’ll never forgive Jimmy Carter for creating (or allowing the creation of) the Office of Special Investigation (i.e., Office for Jewish Revenge). Never. Where’s the Office of Special Investigation of Jewish Bolshevik war crimes committed by the Soviet Red Army both during and after the war? Ditto Britain and the U.S.? The real war crimes were committed by the Allies and Soviet Union. God knows that is a (true) historical fact!


  10. Phil

    David lamented:

    How sad, and there was no one in a position of power with any scruples to stop any of this. How truly pathetic we are as a people.

    No, not we the people, but they in positions of power, our so-called leaders, who are beholden to Jewry’s blackmail, money, fooled by their lies, disinformation, etc. and/or threats.


  11. Fred, I will continue to use the words Nazi and antisemite. I say, rather than defer to them determining what words we will use and their meaning, we should throw the word Nazi and antisemite back in their faces. Be proud of both!

    Nazi is a handy ‘short-form’ for National Socialist. From people I knew and know who lived there then, Nazi as in nazi-sozi (or soci) was commonly used by the people. This is just copy-cat-ism you are espousing, in my opinion. I know that Hitler didn’t use it, and the party people didn’t either, but the people did. Because Jews and Leftists try to make the work Nazi sound bad, no reason we should agree with them.

    I am an antisemite (I don’t use the hyphen) and like to say so. Everyone knows it means anti-Jewish, not anti-Arab.

  12. Fred – I just found an example of Adolf Hitler using the term ‘Nazi.’ You can see it here: http://www.calvin.edu/academic/cas/faculty/streich3.htm

    What probably was typical of the source of much Stürmer material was later reported by Adolf Hitler:

    One must never forget the services rendered by the Stürmer. Without it the affair of the Jew Hirsch’s perjury, at Nuremberg, would never have come out. And how many other scandals he exposed!
    One day a Nazi saw a Jew, in Nuremberg station, impatiently throw a letter into the wastepaper basket. He recovered the letter and, after having read it, took it to the Stürmer. […]

    From Hitler’s Table Talk, pp. 31-32.
    Although, it may be that it was translated that way by Bytwerk, who always uses Nazi.

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