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Deception is Rampant from the Art World to the News World


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  1. Carl

    I used to follow a forum thread about Holocaust Hoaxing, focused on catching exaggerations and outright lies in the “survivors'” testimony. One thing I noticed is that a lot of them do “art”. This basically means that they put goop on a canvas. Much of the “art” is highly abstract, and the rest is really bad, bad representation. But of course they’re survivors, so they’re chronically depressed, and they have to show that to the world, so it all makes sense, right? Another thing I noticed is that more than once, a “survivor” seemed to have an “art gallery” which appeared to exist no longer. I think what happens is that they incorporate a “gallery” briefly, so they can be a benighted artiste, replete with a gallery, showing their hardship to the world, after which they close it down.

  2. thomas felton

    i only found out about the show through the stranger article . so it was good advertising . im not white but still enjoy show.

  3. Nemeth

    It strikes me that nodsinfo is in fact a disinfo site. They use wild claims and hysterical language “Sibley is busted as a Mossad mole” that is second nature to the tribe.

  4. Hi thomas felton – You are sure welcome to enjoy the programs, but I’m afraid I can’t approve anymore comments from you, as we strictly follow our tagline of “whites talking to whites” as best we can. Thanks for being honest and thanks for your comment. 🙂

  5. Markus

    Since Sandy Hook, a lot of people now understand that not only politicians and the MSM lies, but also hordes of actors. Many infowarrior types understand now the truth of the holocaust. Look at Infowars’ comment boards regarding Hitler etc, at least 50% of the commenters have figured it out by now.

  6. Lurker

    The astronaut figure – thats Buzz Lightyear.

  7. That’s it – thanks! What was he in and how long did he last as a “star?” Old Buzz. What do you think of KW’s taste in art?

  8. Lurker

    “What do you think of KW’s taste in art?” – pretty childish but I doubt its much to do with him. Some interior designer probably showed him him some examples and he picked it out.

  9. Lurker

    Harlan’s images. The last image of the children being led through the parking lot.

    1) The painted markings on the ground look very consistent with those on others of the Sandy Hook parking area.

    2) The cars in the background look to be the same, in the same positions as those on helicopter pics taken on the day. ie the last image is consistent with that of the missing stop sign image.

  10. pretty childish but I doubt its much to do with him

    I said an interior designer did the house, but … “He picked it out” you say. If he picked it out, and continued to live with it, and allowed pictures to go public, then he mustn’t have much of a problem with it. Right? Don’t make excuses for the guy.

  11. Lurker

    Wasnt making excuses for him Carolyn. Like you say, he chose it.

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