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How Charles Krafft inadvertently forced the art world to deal with “holocaust denial”


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  1. Also discussed: Renowned Seattle artist Charles Krafft admits to being a ‘Holocaust skeptic,’ white nationalist, by Sasha Goldstein, NY Daily News, 5 March 2013.

    The word “denial” colors the dissent as pathological, as a psychological disorder. Goldstein and his readers don’t need such hyperbole. For them a brief, factual indictment suffices.

  2. Charles,

    We don’t know where this email will find you, if you are still in India or if you are back.

    We hear about the polemic in USA regarding your last statements, and given that the promotional work that we are doing here in France for the artshow, the French press is aware of all the artists presented in the exhibition. French newspapers eagerly retook your remarks, and French audience is starting to react extremely badly on all the social networks related to HEY!

    The Museum finds your remarks unacceptable, and accordingly decided to remove your artworks from the exhibition.

    hope to talk to you soon

    Anne & Julien
    HEY! Revue d’Art (Rédaction en chef / Head Team) + HEY! La Cie (on stage)
    National Radio : France Inter / “Addictions” broadcast
    + 33 (0) 6 82 33 92 94 / + 33 (0) 1 42 41 43 91
    Please send your books here : 4 avenue debidour 75019 Paris / France

    Article about the Hey! exhibition and The White Network podcast.

  3. Many thanks for informing us of all this, Charles. It looks like some “artists” and “upholders of the art world” (art myth?) will decide that the political and social views of the artist are what count — more than the art itself. Strong arguments can and will be made against this view. Plus, it’s tied in, I’m sure, with the laws concerning enforced holocaust belief in European countries. This brings into question “What is Art?” Do the courts decide? There are laws against obscenity in art — can political views be ruled “obscene” too? Again I bring up Picasso, Wagner and others.

    This is actually a positive development. I hope the people who are able to speak intelligently about it will do so … and those who cannot will keep quiet. What this HEY! Revue d’Art looks like to me, you haven’t lost out on anything of value yet. 🙂

  4. The tolerant folks at Salon ran a hit piece on Mr. Krafft and kindly linked to The White Network. Publicity is publicity I guess.


  5. To Snake- What a stupid and BIGOTED article. Who is Samuel Sattin? He and Salon (and HuffPost too) are so far gone and dim-witted they think “Whites talking to Whites about White interests” is some kind of scary idea that shouldn’t be allowed! Think about that. It’s quite ridiculous to call Charles Krafft a “neo-Nazi” but Sattin does. These people have shown that they have no understanding of history, not even an understanding of art. They are stuck in their little “west coast” arty scene among the fags and over-age hippies. I can’t imagine they have any real influence.

  6. Alexander from Flanders

    Charles Krafft is a brave man. But the liberal-left will do everything in their power to destroy him. I hope that they will fail, and wish Charles Krafft the very best.


    What is the name of the beautiful music during the break? It was absolutely wonderfull. I must have it. 🙂

  7. katana

    Thank you very much Charles for appearing on the show a second time. I admire you for standing up to the bullies and remaining true to your convictions!

    Like many of us here you are on a journey of discovering the truth about our past and current situation and who our real enemies really are. It makes for a lot of turmoil as the lies break down. You also find yourself exposed and alone as many friends become uncomfortable or downright hostile with your new views. So it goes.

    As Carolyn indicated you going ‘public’, however inadvertently, will be very beneficial to our cause of overcoming the Hollowcost lies and raising racial conscience among Whites. Again, thank you for being a man of conviction!

  8. Thanks very much, Alexander. We will hear more from Charles.

    ”Ruhe Sanft” (Sleep Safely) from Mozart’s unfinished opera Zaide, sung by Mojca Erdmann. More information and English subtitles here. It’s kind of a weird video, but that’s not her fault, nor Mozart’s. She is as beautiful as her voice.

  9. katana

    In the podcast Charles calls himself a holocaust skeptic in contrast to Carolyn who calls herself a holocaust denier.

    I think, once you have passed the research stage and have reached the conclusion that the holocaust is a myth then it’s time to hang up the skeptic spurs and embrace the non-nuanced label of Denier with the capital D.

    A Denier is someone who disbelieves in the holy Holocaust Trinity, that is, there was a plan to exterminate the self chosenites, there was gas involved and there were six million killed.

    Deniers deny the Holocaust Trinity and that’s it. They don’t deny concentration camps, that jews died, etc., ad nauseam.

    Like the issue of race, I think it is a better strategy to openly state that you are a racist/denier in the sense defined by the mass media.

    The next issue then will be why are you a racist/denier. Then you can explain.

    Dancing around definitions of commonly understood terms make you look apologetic and weak. An assertive stance on these negative labels thrust before us is best. Throw them back into their faces.

  10. margel

    Hi Carolyn,

    Did I hear you saying that Romanians are Slavic People? It is somewhere in the second hour where you tell your guest that he seems to have some sympathy for…

    I mean no offense, I just want to clarify.

    Thank you,


  11. Armor

    If you think that the Jews’ holocaust story is rubbish, then you should just say that the Jews talk rubbish. There is no need to call yourself “a denier”, as if your identity was defined by your opinion about the holocaust story.

  12. Armor

    All along, Salon and HuffPost had secretly been hideous anti-Krafftists. They were just hiding their true nature. Salon and HuffPost are heavily Jewish (even more so than the mainstream media), just like the heavily state-subsidized French blog Rue89 (source) and the “France Inter” state radio station.

    I like their headline: “We let Charles Krafft fool us”. And I like even more the warning: “You can listen to it here, if you’d like, though be warned, it’s not for the faint of heart”. Their anti-Krafft campaign sounds like a big joke. But it is also very sad. With their quasi-monopoly of the media, they have largely replaced the public intellectual life with garbage. In their articles, there is no trace of intelligence, humor, or intellectual honesty.

    I agree with them that using people’s bones to make plates is creepy, but you cannot be more creepy than Jewish activists with their holocaust soap stories and their nauseating propaganda that they push everywhere, in schools, on TV, and in movie theaters. They have no sense of decency. When creepy Jews criticize Krafft’s art, that is as good as a recommendation.

  13. Margel – Yes, I did say that. Please do clarify. I need to listen to Andreas Wesserle’s program with me again! I’ve forgotten too much of it. http://carolynyeager.net/heretics-hour-11-22-2010-slav-settlement-eastern-europe

  14. margel

    I just listened to the link and your guest says clearly that Romanians are NOT Slaves.

    For a review of Poland history, I think one of the broadcasts of Matthew Raphael Johnson on VOR has a very good discussion about Poland, its role in Eastern Europe and its people. He states clearly that Poland was a very powerful kingdom in its days.



  15. Margel – Please tell us, in your own words, what Romanians ARE. I think everyone would like to know. Though I have not listened again (yet), I now seem to recall that Wesserle (a superior scholar with better credentials than M.R.Johnson) found the Romanians difficult to classify, as in, they are a mixed group. He was positive about them, though.

  16. A Slav is anybody that speaks a Slavic language. Romanians speak a derivative of Latin — a Romance language. This is the simple reason why Romanians are not Slavs.

    What Romanians are racially is surely a more complicated matter. Lothrop Stoddard says this:

    The Rumanians are obviously of extremely mixed racial origin. Alpine Slav blood seems to be the largest element in their make-up, though there is also a considerable infusion of Mediterranean blood, together with diverse Asiatic strains. Nevertheless, the Rumanians speak a Latin language and proudly consider themselves full-fledged members of the “Latin Race” (there being, of course, no such thing). [Racial Realities in Europe]

    Stoddard should have said simply Alpine instead of “Alpine Slav” since Alpines are a race that has lived in Europe since the New Stone Age, whereas the Slavic languages that many Alpines happen to speak only arrived circa 1500 B.C. along with other Aryan tongues.

  17. Stoddard wasn’t necessarily wrong. The nature of Slavishness seems to me analogous to the nature of Aryaness. Some people insist it is purely a matter of linguistics, but the common language is largely an expression of common culture and, ultimately, biological links. In other words, Slav has a distinctive genetic meaning, just as Aryan does.

  18. Collin

    As a romanian I can tell you that we were crossed by a lot of migratory peoples that came just after the dacians were quasi entirely crushed by the legions of Trajan..
    The slavic element did in fact played an important role in the course of our forming, altough an outsider can think that we are a latin people.
    All in all we are White and that is what counts the most!
    P.S. Doug Cristie died this week..A True Fighter!
    Carolyn, you should make a podcast about This contemporary Hero!
    All the best!

  19. Phil

    Holocaust myth denial is more correct. The only people holocausted in the truest sense of the word were Germans in Hamburg, Dresden and other cities that were firebombed by the genocidal Allies (the true war criminals) along with refugees fleeing west from the mass-raping and murdering Red Army and POWs held captive there.

    The Jewish holocaust is bogus; it is a historical FRAUD and LIE.

    Being interned in concentration and work camps DOES NOT in any way constitute a holocaust, no matter how many Jews died there (most certainly not six million!) because of old age, Typhus, other disease and malnutrition thanks to the ‘good’ guys relentless bombing of German supply lines that supplied the camps with food, water, medicine and other necessities.

    Deny the LIE!


  20. Phil

    P.S. I’m a Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy and Flat Earth denier too.


  21. Everyone should go to The Guardian article: Should Charles Krafft’s work still be on display? (Google it) and vote in the poll. Only 5 hours left to vote, it said. I already voted so can’t access the page where you can vote anymore with my computer … so I can’t give you a link.

    Do it please.

  22. katana

    March 12, 2013 at 10:57 am
    If you think that the Jews’ holocaust story is rubbish, then you should just say that the Jews talk rubbish. There is no need to call yourself “a denier”, as if your identity was defined by your opinion about the holocaust story.

    Armor, thanks for your reply.

    I agree there is no need to go around calling yourself “a denier”, or defining your ‘identity’ in those terms. What I meant was that you should be up front and say that you do deny that a Holocaust occurred. That makes you a “Holocaust denier” in an everyday sense of the term, by definition.

    Now depending on your situation it may pay to be pedantic and play the definition game.
    All us heretics are going to burn in hell anyway, so let’s not hold back.


    Carolyn, I went to the site but voting was closed. The vote was easily in favor of Krafft.

  23. Armor

    I’m a Holocaust and Tooth Fairy denier is a nice way to put it.

  24. Bert Graves

    Charles Krafft has a point, but his ability to make it (as well as yours to get it it out of him, Caroline) may as well be pointless. Jen knew this going in.


  25. Bert – I appreciate your comment but am not sure what you see as Charles Krafft’s point. His point about the holohoax or his point about the real intentions behind his art? Are you saying that when it comes to the holohoax, no one can or will listen to reason? And Jen knew she had Charles bagged at the time she wrote her article? You are a bit cryptic here and I would like to understand your comment.

    I’ll just add that the imagery Charles used on his art was never and still isn’t the problem. It’s his simple statement “I think the holocaust is a myth,” uttered on my radio program. That’s what is not allowed. I wonder what is your own view and whether you have ever read a well-written, well-researched revisionist text?

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