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The Jewish Demand for “Rights” in America – Episode 38


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  1. John McGhee

    Great series Carolyn and Hadding. I have read the abridged version, but the four volume is so much more powerful. I like Hadding’s jew voices, they fit right in.

    I found this Looking around the web concerning this fabulous book. Apparently Henry Ford never apologized to the jews. From Gerald L.K. Smith.


  2. Diavola

    Speaking of holidays…..NYC public schools have 2-3 days off for fall jew new year holidays, and they are explicitly named. The last week of year, which contains Christmas and New Years is simply called “Winter Break.” “Spring Break” contains passover, and Christian Easter and Good Friday. What is very, very interesting is that the duration and timing of this latter “break” suspiciously follows passover to the day. It is all too sickening.

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