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“Jewish Rights” Clash With American Rights – Episode 39


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3 Responses

  1. katana

    This episode shows that jewish demands for concessions has no limits, since their tyrannical mindset has no limits.

    Henry Ford recognized the evil nature of jews towards non-jews and did his best in warning us, but his organisation was eventually silenced.

    The German nation also rose up against the jews and were physically crushed by the jewish controlled Allies in WW II.

    Whites need to wise up and destroy the jewish virus that has infected our collective minds via their media, or otherwise continue to suffer the consequences that end in further domination.

    Thanks Carolyn and Hadding.

  2. Thank you, katana.

  3. I was wrong to agree with Hadding that Germans don’t use Deutsch for a last name. I guess I was just in an agreeable frame of mind, because, growing up, there was a large family named Deutsch who were friends of our family. They definitely were not Jewish. I’d say there are a lot of people named Deutsch who are real Germans.

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