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“‘Jewish Rights’ to put Studies Out of Schools” – Episode 40


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  1. No, Hadding. Semitic does not mean a language group. It is in fact a Biblical reference to the children of Shem, as in Shemite, from the line of Noah. It is genealogical. The problem is who exactly flows from that genealogy. It is not the Arab, it is the Caucasian. The Arab is a mongrel, just like the Jew, who is more more mongrelized. The Jews are an anti-race crime cult. That is what they have been since before the coming of Jesus.

  2. I am not aware of any physical anthropologist of recent decades that uses Semitic as a racial classification. To the best of my knowledge, the word that refers to the race most strongly associated with Semitic languages is Orientalid, which is not at all the same as Europid.

    The only current scientific use of Semitic, so far as I know, is to designate a linguistic group.

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