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Jewish Reaction to the Guilt of Leo Frank – Episode 44


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  1. JoshuaF

    Very nice and timely program as usual!
    What keeps coming up is the fact that the Jew cannot or will not see that it is their very own behaviour that causes antisemitism. If you criticise Jewish behaviour you are an antisemite and that is because you are “racist” not because you have a natural revulsion against all the abuses perpetrated by Jews. This Leo Frank-Mary Phagan story is a classic example. If you are antisemitic there is something wrong with you not the other way round. As is shown in the followng video, they are obviously worried about the rising tide of antisemitism although they are satisfied the lid has been firmly clamped on antisemitism in Germany. They are very afraid of the internet and and have a huge desire to muzzle it.

  2. An article by Edward Marshall (author of Story of the Rough Riders) in the New York Times of 15 March 1914 says that one witness named Kendley “was shown to be a Jew-hater” and had said that the authorities “ought to hang the Jew” whether he was guilty or not.

    Obviously this was brought to light because the fact compromised his credibility as a witness. Marshall’s wording conveys that “Hang the Jew” was not being said openly during the trial but was only known to have been said privately by one witness. This is far from the atmosphere that Frank’s apologists like to portray.

    By the time of the trial, Marshall says, it had become common to refer to Frank as “the damned Jew,” (which a juror named Henslee “was shown by affidavits in the application for a new trial” had said) but Marshall argues that this was merely a convenient epithet used by “thoughtless people” and did not indicate any particular bias against Frank as a Jew.

    Even though the article (perhaps heavily altered by an editor?)purports that Frank was being railroaded, Marshall says exactly what Governor Nathaniel Harris later told the New York Times, that some anti-Jewish feeling had developed in Georgia as a result of the trial.

  3. Correction on something I wrongly said: Georgia Governor Slayton communted the sentence from death penalty to life imprisonment for Leo Frank ONE DAY before his hanging was to take place. He did NOT do it ONE DAY before he left office. I got the two things confused on the program and offer my apologies for that, since I did make a rather big deal of it!

  4. fnn

    For those who want even more evidence, a long article with numerous links at the end:


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