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When Editors Were Independent of the Jews – Episode 43


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  1. Weichseler

    Nice musical introduction. Is that Hadding playing the fiddle music? Does he also play Soldier’s Joy and Tenn. Wagoner as well?

  2. This must be the first time you have listened. It’s not Hadding; he’s not that good. I forgot who it is and didn’t put it on the Program Page, but he’s a master fiddler. I’ll have to look it up and add it. Hadding will have to answer to the rest.

  3. The intro/outro music on The International Jew is “Breakin’ Up Christmas” by Bruce Molsky on fiddle and Mike Seeger on banjo. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKWRhJ6navk

  4. Fred Wilson

    There were terrible ‘press wars’ in NYC, from the late 1800’s and especially the 1920’s. Arson, murder, sabotage and brutal beatings to establish press dominance. ( Who’s business tactics does that sound like ?)

    NY times is scandal ridden. They have been caught grossly inflating their circulation numbers ( dumping tons of unsold copy into dumpsters.) Many advertisers are suing them for false circulation numbers. They have self-enriched the Sulzberger Family by the manipulation of class A and class B shares, giving overly generous payouts to class A holders(Sulzbergers and family).

  5. Fred Wilson

    The NY Times has held an anti-gun position for over 50 years. Opining that private citizens have no reason and no right to have firearms. Yet the Sulzbergers have licenses for multiple MACHINE GUNS . In a city which makes it impossible for the normal, law abiding citizen to get a pistol or long gun permit.

  6. I can definitely play Soldier’s Joy. I am not sure if I ever heard Tennessee Wagoner.

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