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Questioning and separating the real from the fake


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  1. Burt

    I couldn’t agree more about the sickening aspect of knowing that Boston is a fake. I have for some time been conscious of 911, the Holocaust, and other things being fake. But even though I ignore the media, other people have it on, and I catch glimpses of it here and there. It is inescapable that people are just being hit over and over, with details that sound like logical and necessary continuations of the topic (such as, what kind of a person was the ‘perpetrator’ and so on). It’s as if the investigative journalists simply run like lapdogs to the authorities whenever they need the story. The cluesforum people have done the real work, and it’s so easy! Even the very photo Tan uses on his blog contains an erroneous shadow, one of their first discoveries. The Boston incident will get us into war, it was a chance to practice police state practices in Watertown, and the least bit of work by an investigative journalist, the least effort by a defense lawyer for the remaining ‘perpetrator’, can show that it didn’t even happen. I think it is very dangerous for the future that a small group of operatives can create false events out of thin air, and use them to endlessly manipulate political outcomes and public mood. And that’s sickening.

  2. The quite amazing ascendancy which the Jew has achieved during the course of the twentieth century in America, gives him a sense of their own power and causes them to drop their mask; and it is just
    that, that will give us the chance to oppose them as Jews and not Americans.

    Transplant a German to the United States and you turn him into an American. But transplant the Jew and he remains a Jew wherever he goes, a creature which no environment can assimilate. It is the
    characteristic mental make-up of his race and strict adherence to his Talmudic doctrine which renders him impervious to the processes of assimilation.

  3. John McGhee

    Great comments on the indolent Mark Weber, Carolyn. Weber has suckered young American Freedom Party activists to work for free, as Weber relaxes watching You Tube video’s, reading, putting together his jewish news service wrongly named “News & Comment”. The fools send money to Weber like a bunch of retarded lemmings, while real activists who PRODUCE, like Vincent struggle. Weber lives in a $500,000 condo in the plush area of Irvine, California. His latest appeal letter was pure scam, on how “busy” and “active” he is, when the reverse is the truth, it’s all a big con to keep his lemming donors donating to his miserable and slowly dying “organization”.

    I really don’t know what it is going to take for his donors to finally wake up and see Weber is just a conman, seeking money to pay his child support and a comfy salary, while he conducts two-hour speeches to the young AFP members who work for free for him.

    As you rightly have said Carolyn, nothing productive has been produced by Weber in years. When was the last revisionist article Weber wrote? Where is his Final Solution book, in fact I would like to see any book Weber has written, it won’t be hard because he hasn’t written any. When was the last book the IHR published new or a reprint under Weber’s directorship?

    Weber has a nice deal going, wheree little or no work is involved and still affords a salary!! Weber is also a liar, he states that the JHR is no longer required because of the Internet, yet Willis Carto still produces the Barnes Review in print.

    I just wise people would wake up and donate money to people who PRODUCE and not give it to slackers like Weber.

  4. Markus

    Japan was busy controlling the Inner Crescent of its region, according to Mackinder Pivot theory, where central Russia is the natural axis of the world and center of power, around which the other powers are surrounded in an inner (Europe, Arabia, East Asia) crescent and an outer crescent (Britain, the Americas, Australia, Oceania).

    This would also explain why the Bolshevik world revolution started out of Russia, as explosive force toward the crescents, while forces that start in the cresents implode toward the pivotat center.

    Japan should have focused its entire energy toward the pivot before taking influence on its cresent area.

    Hitler did this. He wanted an alliance with the Britains to control the pivot, but Britain had an alliance with the Jews in Moskow already. Japan paid the price by not having invaded Russia right away along with Germany and Finland, Bulgaria etc, when Germany was strong.


  5. Martin

    Great show, Caroline!

    I’m not sure about gatekeepers on cluesforum. The moderators try to keep the debate very clinical and based around photo forensics and the detection of other clues and circumstantial evidence or supporting data. That’s partly a technique to keep out professional shills/derailers. The idea is to keep politics out of it, to a certain extent (at least in the main sections), and concentrate on the mechanics of how these cons are pulled off.

    Secondly, I think posters/moderators like Simon Shack and brianv have their own story and personality quirks, and it’s important to take this into account. Brianv is from the Irish Republic and he knows full well that there are many white British ‘perps’ who consider it a badge of honour to carry out dirty tricks for the Royals (say, the fake IRA attacks of the 1980s and 1990s). Similarly, Shack claims to be of Norwegian-Swedish background, and he’s well-aware that many ethnic Norwegians are willing to sell out their own people. The country is NATO’s most faithful servant.

    Thirdly, a lot of my own research (username Euphoria) is focused on UK-based PSYOPs, and it’s clear that senior police, coroners, pathologists, ER specialists, psychiatrists, QCs and judges, are involved in these hoaxes. With the Boston marathon I clearly identified the likely role of Daniel Mandeau, Lynn Usoskin Mandeau, Erica Retblatt, Dr Richard Wolfe and Jonathan Burstein MD in the PSYOP. It’s obvious who we’re dealing with in this case, and nobody questioned my findings. The posts have been left intact. They are still up on the site.

    I also propose that the town of Great Neck, Long Island NY is perhaps a base for Israeli agents, but I take care to bring my research to the table. No problems there either. The posts are still up. However, I try to avoid the term ‘Mossad.’ Why? Because they’re only ‘people’ and I want to show other investigators how to track or identify the names and faces behind the crimes. ‘Mossad’ gives these jokers a powerful mystique which they don’t really deserve. They’re liars and con artists.

    Finally, I believe there are two types of ‘shill’ or gatekeeper on these research sites, and neither is particularly advanced. The first group are kids (think of Israeli bloggers, the Jewish Internet Defence Task Force etc, and similar) who attempt to derail with insults, being offended, claiming to know a ‘victim’ of the attack etc. The second are gentiles working for US military or government agencies. As more people wake up to how they’ve been deceived, this group’s job is to disseminate bogus ‘Truther’ research which mixes fact with fiction, in order to throw people off course. Another technique is to follow up an incisive post with a flood of irrelevant information or pointless banter, so that it is pushed onto the previous page before too many people can view it.

    The occasional over-defensive reaction, I think, can be attributed to the suspense and paranoia that comes with discussing such a powerful subject. All new posters are treated with a fair degree of suspicion; this is possibly a bit over-the-top at times, but it comes with the territory.

  6. I really don’t know what it is going to take for his donors to finally wake up and see Weber is just a conman, seeking money to pay his child support and a comfy salary,

    Weber did some good work at one time and has been living off that reputation, and his getting control of the Board at IHR, for far too long now. He has become a joke. We are not in a position where we can afford to tolerate people like him. Let him go to the poorhouse! I believe the jews love having him there — so maybe they helped put him there! He and David Irving are both afraid of the Jews.

  7. Martin

    Oh yes, one other thing.

    The US military shills are pushing the idea of ‘actors.’ In this case, the now famous claim that our dodgy wheelchair victim was in fact Jeff Baumann, appeared out of nowhere suspiciously quickly after the supposed blast.

    In the past, actors were used. Now, digitally created CGI characters can be utilised in place of actors. Presently, the US military will push the idea of actors to distract from the following:

    * Life-like graphic characters (even moving images) can be created for these events
    * PSYOPs can be filmed partly or fully in a TV studio, on another day, even in another country, from where the drill and fake attack appears to take place. Green-screen and high level special effects are used
    * The specific actor theory (i.e. Jeff Baumann) can later be totally debunked by the government shills who created the theory, which then discredits those ‘conspiracy researchers’ who latched onto it

    I believe these techniques originate from COINTELPRO or its successor, which Alex Jones is also part of.

  8. I really thank you for the comments, Martin.

    I have a very hard time explaining the 14 people who are said to have lost a limb from this bomb blast. I have seen pictures or video clips of three of them in hospital beds, talking to reporters, etc. (I don’t have TV so only see a small part of all the coverage.) They have friends and family that would all have to be invented in this cgi world. Seems impossible to do. There are doctors and hospitals giving reports on their condition. If they were not in those hospitals, someone would figure it out.

    Also, it is never explained how the real people at the real Boston Marathon did not experience an explosion, etc. but then watched it on their TV news. Is the BM not to have actually taken place?

    I can understand the use of PSYOPs for a lot of purposes, but to create a total event with thousands of people involved, completely out of cgi’s, is out of the realm of possibility, imo. But this seems like what you are saying.

    At the same time, I cannot believe this Jeff Baumann would still be alive after a couple minutes (or less) without a tourniquet. In the photos (maybe taken from video camera? — and who is taking these pics anyway?) he is laying on the ground unattended, and no blood is pouring out of his leg at all, as it should be. Or does the blood just trickle out when the femoral artery is cut. There is no smoke in this picture. Also, the skin on that leg with the bone sticking out makes a kind of a clean flap — very strange, not what one would expect. It’s just amazing that the people standing around are just ignoring him, not rushing to help. I would like to know the timing of the photo where he is alone, looking like he might be unconscious or still not aware of what happened, and the other pictures where a woman and another man are tangled up with him. They might be trying to give him assistance and the other fellow might be applying a tourniquet, but it’s impossible to tell. The next time we see him, he is being rolled down the street in a wheelchair, awake. But there are no time stamps on these pictures. More needs to be said about this one person, but the posters at Clues Forum are not up to the job, it seems.

    I see the questions being asked, creating doubt, but unfortunately no satisfactory answers are given. If Jeff Baumann is all cgi, why didn’t they make his facebook pics look more like the JB at the Boston Marathon?

  9. Martin

    I’m not denying the use of actors. I’m saying that a blend of techniques is used. For example, the supposed victims’ families are played by people in the pay of the Department of Defence, DHS, diplomatic service (via NATO in some cases), the World Bank and NGOs like Amnesty International, who are simply acting out a drama for the international news media. However, some of the crowd/marathon scenes may have been digitally constructed.

    It’s a challenge working out the exact modus operandi. I understand the Rome riots, a couple of years ago, coincided with a drill near the finishing line of the marathon there. Drills on the day are characterised by:

    * The cellphone network going down
    * The end of the marathon re-diverted for 10 minutes or so
    * As with Hungerford and the Toulouse school shootings, nearby pedestrians hear shots or firecrackers going off (in the sealed off area)…and later see the news reports, so assume the official story is authentic
    * After rediversion, the police/DHS check each civilian’s cellphone before they are allowed out of the enclosed area

    This ensures that no civilian is able to take photographic images in the area of the drill that may conflict with the bogus, manipulated press images, and indicate foul play. It also provides some continuity so that the runners are able to accept the official account. Nobody is able to PROVE government involvement, even if they suspect it.

    As for ‘Baumann,’ you put it well. Whoever he is, he should have died from those injuries within a minute or so, and there was no blood trail. The real giveaways are right in your face, in plain view. However, all the claims of Baumann being the actor are unnecessarily confusing, and unsubstantiated. Nobody knows where these claims originate from. It needlessly muddles the debate. He possibly WAS an actor, but not necessarily Baumann. Either way, it was a bogus casualty portrayed to the general public as real.

    With the hospitals, all they need is a few closed off, restricted wards, which the executive board has arranged for. Perhaps actors with existing injuries are enlisted, to stay at the hospital for a while? There is no need for all the hospital staff to be insiders, but a lot of them must have worked out something fishy is going on by now. Maybe they keep quiet because of their careers? Or maybe they are so horrified by what they have found, they feel powerless, and disgusted into defeat?

  10. margel

    Hi Carlyn,
    Toward the end of the show you read something which has a small inaccuracy. In the reading you said something about Russian soldiers with Kalashnikov. Well, Kalashnikov (AK – 47) came into existence in 1947 and there were NO Russian troops with that kind of gun at the time, because the gun did not exists.
    Please correct me if I am wrong. This is a small detail but crucial to the accuracy of what you read.



  11. margel – It was no doubt an automatic rifle that Wenger called a Kalashnikov because people identify with that name. But I have asked him.

    Wikipedia says:

    The Soviet Union had returned to the development of an assault rifle in 1942 when the need for an intermediate-powered rifle became clearly evident. By that time submachine guns were already in widespread use but they could not replace service rifles because of limited power of pistol cartridges. Like the Germans, the Soviets designed an intermediate cartridge that could be made on existing production lines (despite Vladimir Fyodorov’s insistence on a special small-calibre cartridge). The work on the weapons for the new ammunition commenced in 1943, with the AK-47 of Mikhail Kalashnikov, the SKS-45 of Sergei Simonov and the RPD of Vasily Degtyaryov emerging as the victors.

  12. Margel – Willy Wenger replied to your question that “many years ago” he saw a photo of a gun like that in use during wartime and he “believed it was called Kalashnikov, but it was probable my mistake. So please forgive me, in any case that weapon” [in the photo he saw] “looks quite as those Russian soldiers used with the typical round magazine, when attacking in Berlin.”

    Thanks for your sharp attention. I’ll make a note about it in the article.

  13. fnn

    Germany has had a serious fertility problem for a long time:

    …In 1964, births exceeded deaths by 486,985, the highest postwar surplus. By 1972, deaths in Germany exceeded births by 64,032, and deaths have surpassed births every year since. In 2010, the difference between births and deaths stood at -180,833. Only a positive balance of net immigration has forestalled a much more rapid population decline.

    Luckily, the BRD is not as as attractive to immigrants as France.

    The neighbouring countries also differ when it comes to migration: France has been recording net immigration of maximum 200,000 people for the last 40 years. Germany’s migration figures, on the contrary, exhibit considerable upward deflections: in times of the guest worker immigration, but also after the end of the Cold War, when around three million ethnic Germans from the former Soviet Union, and in consequence of the Yugoslavia War, numerous refugees entered the country. Meanwhile, however, the attractiveness of Germany as an immigration country has declined considerably. In 2008, statisticians observed net immigration of a mere 4,800 people. That same year, France welcomed 67,000 immigrants, mostly North Africans, who reunited with their families in Europe. In France, both nationals and foreigners have more children than their respective counterparts in Germany.

  14. Lurker

    Fake events, manipulated imagery and the rest are useless [unless] one controls the way in which they are interpreted and consumed by the target audience. Its all about the good old narrative. Thats the most important part, so manipulating the raw material is less significant than manipulating the finished product.

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