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Interview with Brad Love, Canada’s persecuted letter writer


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  1. Russ

    Brad says: “Prisoners are the new Jews – they’re easy to pick on, and no one will come to help them”. Actually, Jewish forces have received plenty of help, over the years, from soldiers such as Brad’s grandfathers, who fought so “courageously” to put them in power.

  2. Yes, it doesn’t sound like Brad is fully jew-wise yet. Old habits of speech die hard.

  3. Mary

    Happy Anniversary Carolyn and Tan!

    I love the WhiteNetwork and hope it’s here for many years to come.
    Thank you for all you do.

    This episode featuring Brad Love was entertaining, to say the least; he is a real character.
    I am ashamed to say I didn’t even know about him previous to this, it really is tough keeping up with all of our ‘speech martyrs’ around the world isn’t it?
    I will do my best to keep up on his case in the future, it’s a pity he isn’t on the net, although I don’t blame him one bit for staying off it, given what he is going through.


    Yes, his closing line re: the “poor jews” was an unfortunate ending to a great show, but hey, no one’s perfect, lol…

  4. This post is very relevant to the White Network and this weeks show. White Pride Worldwide!!! Check out my new song, it’s an anthem for White people all through the world including Canada.


  5. Franklin Ryckaert

    I’m sure Mr Love is a courageous man with the right opinions, but his strategy isn’t working and is causing him only trouble. Writing private letters to individuals who are part of the criminal power structure is not going to change these people’s ways, and – because these letters are private and not published – are not going to influence public opinion either. So what’s the point?

    Mr Love should understand that what is happening in Canada is happening all over the white world, which is a coordinated plan of WHITE GENOCIDE by means of mass immigration of non-whites, forced integration and the promotion of miscegenation. Jews are behind this all. To stifle opposition to this nefarious plan, the Jews have everywhere in the white world installed socalled “hate speech laws” that are meant to criminalize any criticism of these developments. Under such circumstances even mild criticism of non-white immigration is condemned and punished as a “hate crime”, let alone complaining about non-white criminality or the excessive power of the Jews. It is therefore imperative that first of all these “hate speech laws” be removed. For this purpose in all white countries FREE SPEECH LOBBIES should be formed that will try to establish a kind of first amendment in their countries such as the USA has. Once that has been achieved opposition to the White Genocide Project can be begun in earnest.

    It is not necessary – in fact it is even harmful- to conduct the activities of such Free Speech Lobbies from a specific White Nationalist perspective. Thus no calls for free speech in order to object to non-white immigration, condemn non-white parasitism and crime , jewish control of finance, politics, and the media or to doubt the Holocaust. That would only descredit such an endeavour in the public eye. Just Free Speech – as a quintessential part of Western culture – is enough. The oppression of free speech is one of the Jews’ most potent weapon and it should be taken from their hands.
    People like Mr Love should concentrate on such an endeavour.

  6. People like Mr Love should concentrate on such an endeavour.

    I think that is exactly what Brad Love is doing. He does not claim to be a White Nationalist; he only wants to write letters about issues that he, as an individual, thinks are important to his country. He writes to public officials, public organizations and to newspapers. He doesn’t write to private, non-involved individuals. He doesn’t belong to any organization himself, nor does he speak for one. There is no “strategy.” He is courageous because he doesn’t stop as the court orders him to, but challenges the court. This is exactly what you’re recommending, is it not?

    Hate speech laws are specifically directed at complaints against

    “non-white immigration, non-white parasitism and crime , jewish control of finance, politics, and the media or to doubt the Holocaust.”

    If one complains about not having the right playground equipment in the local park, it will never be objected to — there is plenty of “free speech” for that.

    The trouble is his plight is not covered by the media, as it would be if he were non-white. The only publicity for him comes from Paul Fromm’s Canadian Association for Free Expression. And now The White Network. As he said, if 200 people were doing what he is doing, it would make a huge difference. But just writing comments to like-minded people, advising others what to do, doesn’t accomplish anything. He takes his case to the enemy — you and I don’t.

  7. shukov

    Good show, Brad seemed like a very funny, smart and principled guy, though he is obviously missing the complete background to really see the bigger picture. Having been tied up with this bullshit for a decade, spending time in jail, working a very demanding job, and having mentioned being wary of computers due to fears of being framed with some BS charges, it’s easy to understand why he hasn’t had the time to follow along with all the WN and jew-aware material and debate that has surfaced on the web, but it’s something that he really ought to put some time into, even if he doesn’t want to write and be active on the web.

  8. Good program. Carylyn I want to thank you for all of the great work you have done over the years. I enjoy your entertaining, interesting educational programs a lot.

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