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Interview with Glenn Miller, leader of the White Patriot Party


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  1. Markus

    The only very successful White National Mass Movement with gigantic emotional gatherings, is Manowar. It’s an American heavy metal band about Odin and brotherhood of the European peoples. They are not so popular in America though.

    Here is a live video with fans from all over Europe with their flags.


  2. John McGhee

    Great interview I hope Glenn is invited back. Ha I laughed when Carolyn mentioned that Glenn was in the army. Not only was he in the army, he was a Master Sgt in the Green Berets – Special Forces. 🙂

  3. Yes, I thought he might talk about that himself, but he’s so modest. The conversation was going in many directions and I couldn’t keep hold of it. Another two hours with Glenn Miller is certainly in order.

  4. Cop out my arse! Every single pro White organization gets infiltrated and taken down. Glen Miller admits this and before the show is over, he suggests Lone Wolf tactics.The Lone Wolf strategy is the only way to go. Tom Metzger even warns to watch the body guard of the leader of a pro White organization as chances are he is a traitor. Had Hitler seized upon Joseph Goebbels idea of Werwolf to continue fighting underground,who knows what would have happened. Same goes for the Southern Confederacy.Look at Afghanistan.There’s your Lone Wolves.Nobody can beat them.Oh yes,their government has been taken over but they are still fighting.Russia could not beat them.Neither can the United States.Look at Iraq.They have a ZOG ,but the rebels do not quit.They still attack and disappear.

    As for religion,White people have their own and its paganism.Whatever nationality a White person is,be it German,British,Irish,etc if they Google whatever pagan deities their ancestors followed,they will find their own religion.As long as a person worships the Gods,they are still alive.

    Great show as usual Carolyn.Keep up the good work.

  5. Fred Wilson

    Glenn Miller is bright, hyper-dedicated and always worth listening to.
    He’s loaded with common sense

  6. Fred Wilson

    A meeting of 1,000 ppl and only contributions of $1,000 . What a disgrace. This is where I disagree with Glenn, rednecks will not be the ones that get the movement going. $1,000, how dismal !

    One MD in Fresno gave David Duke $5,000 ( the legal limit then ) on each occasion Duke ran for public office . That is serious dedication.

  7. Fred – I got that wrong and tried to correct it, but not very well. It was 300 people and $300 that was collected. Glenn said it always came out very close to $1 per person, no matter the number who were gathered. Of course, it came from only some people while others gave nothing. Isn’t that how it is? For instance, you have never sent a contribution to The White Network, lol. 🙂 while a very few contribute regularly.

    The other example was 1000 newspapers thrown out on lawns would bring an average of one inquiry or new member.

    I’m sure Duke collects a lot of money, and always has, from both rich and poor. But maybe that’s why he told Tom Metzger that he was done with southern redneck klan members — it wasn’t their green teeth at all !!

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