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How the Jews Use Power, By an Eyewitness – Episode 57


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  1. code law

    Having to follow the same rules and laws as everyone else seems to be the hebrew translation for extermination

  2. Tom

    Carolyn,”April” 25th show???

  3. code law – The Zionist article even said about parents who allow their children to go to non-Jewish schools, where they are in classes with a mix of children, “we must hunt them down until they are annihilated.” They use that word for their own people, in 1920 or so.

    This is some great material in this chapter. Too bad we started having technical trouble right at that point.

  4. Tom – Yes, I did say that instead of July 25th. I need to start paying closer attention. But Hadding took this problem show recording and added the missing part of the chapter, so it’s all there now.

  5. The Zionist article also stated:
    “War against the traitors among our people. War by all means legal. War without pity or mercy; that the
    traitors may know that they must not trifle with the sentiment of a people. Fight
    and win.”

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