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How Jews Ruled and Ruined Tammany Hall – Episode 58


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  1. For all of you unaware, before listening to this broadcast, now you know the connection between the Irish and the “Talmudic” satanic JEWS in American politics, today, and all through out the 20th Century.

  2. brucewhain

    Surprising they say Tamany Hall didn’t go bad till 1884, not to minimize anything that happened after that. Boss Tweed was responsible for forcing the Roeblings, or maybe just the son by that time, to use inferior wire in construction of the Brooklyn Bridge, which was finished in 1884. Believe there was some delay from having to re-weave some cables. There’s a fairly famous news drawing of one of the main cables snapping. It killed at least one. Seems to me Tweed was mayor at the time, though Wikiganda doesn’t mention this. (I could be wrong about that.) Tweed was obviously at least part Jew, you can tell from the photos. From what I know I like Smith. How would it have been if he had been president instead of Roosevelt?

  3. bruce – I think what they said was that Tammany Hall was not “seen” as the evil force it had been once it came under control of the Jews – the press, which had once criticized it so often, now stopped doing so. As bad as it was under the Irish, it was even worse under the Jews but was less talked about. More on this is explained in the next chapter.

    I don’t think Tweed looks Jewish in his photographs; in some of the political cartoons, yes.

    Smith would have to have been better than Roosie.

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