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Glenn Miller and Andrew Anglin On White Organization


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  1. Donn

    A good show.

    There is an “awakening” of sorts among rank and file whites who have had their bellies full of 50 years of minority crap. It’s been brewing for a long time, but rose noticeably after re-election of Obama, the gloating of non-whites over the demise of the white majority. It’s come to a head in the aftermath of the verdict of not-guilty in the Zimmerman case.

    There is not so much an “awakening” as a growing willingness and courage of long suffering whites to speak out. Frustrated whites have finally figured it out: The Muds hate us and want us dead. It’s just that simple.

    The Zimmerman case was the last straw for many whites.

    Now we see the “conservative” talk radio and cable media, which formerly embodied “color blind conservatism” , evolving into something of a racially aware conservatism.

    This is real progress. Glenn Beck devoted an hour of his talk radio who to his assessment that “Blacks can’t think rationally about racial matters.” Wow! I couldn’t believe my ears. That sounds like a thread at Stormfront. How’s that for progress? To even think like that is a breakthrough, but to say it on a radio show is going somewhere. A white caller said that “We need a Caucasian Coalition.” And Beck did not scold him with a lot of color blind baloney. Almost all of the “color blind conservative” crowd is coming around. I think they’ve been holding their fire and personal frustrations for a long time…like many of the rest of us.

    Maybe we made it safer for them to talk this way. They will make it safer for the rest of us as time goes by.

    I think a calculation has been made that now it’s safe to advocate for white people and give voice to white anger. I don’t know how the calculation was made, but clearly it was. An alternative interpretation is that conservative media is positioning itself to hijack the growing white movement, just as it hijacked the Tea Party Movement. Who knows.

    After the Zimmerman verdict, we had the Florida school bus beating, the Oklahoma hate killing of the white athlete and the Spokane WA beating to death of the 89 year old white WW2 vet by vicious Negroid savages. These are being widely discussed and publicized. This, and the discussion of the unfair press treatment of black on white crimes, constitutes progress.

    There is an untapped undercurrent of suppressed white rage and anger and when that undercurrent blows, the tide will really begin to turn.

    All of these things being said, I want to make a couple of points.

    1. There is no single “right” form of white advocacy. Different people have different approaches and different constituencies and audiences. Whatever brings white people together and gives voice to their interests is just fine. WE NEED EVERY WHITE VOICE AND EVERY WHITE CONSTITUENCY.

    2. Things are in a state of flux. Our numbers are growing, our point of view is spreading and we just have to keep going in that direction. I think things will consolidate at some indeterminate point down the road.

    3. Existing pro-white web sites will become stronger as more people become aware of us.

    4. Leaders will appear as part of this groundswell of white awareness and white anger.

    5. We need to be flexible and to be able to exercise leadership when the time comes.

    I have sensed a groundswell of suppressed white anger for a long time and now it’s rumbling to the surface. When will it fully erupt? No one can know. But it most certainly will erupt.

    I also liked Glenn Miller’s comment that when the welfare checks stop, “Blacks aren’t going to write their congressman…” but will hit the streets. Yes they will as they have in the past. Thankfully, most whites have fled from the inner city and the black strategy of burning and looting is self destructive in that it cuts off the “black community” from fire trucks and re-supply of grocery stores and gas stations. Black strategic thinking is destroying their own chances for survival.

  2. A show of great interest as various options put on the shelf for inspection. Donn’s analysis puts him into our “Brain Trust” category for sure. Truly beneficial as White food for White thought and White Action.

  3. Owen

    Great post from Donn. Carolyn, maybe you should interview Donn because he certainly knows what he’s talking about regarding race reality in the United States. Another conversation I would like to hear would be between Alex Linder and Andrew Anglin. There is one thing about Andrew that bothers me. He seems to have given up on the United States and would rather stay in Europe maybe because he believes the USA is too far gone and has passed the point of no return. We need smart young people in this country to step into leadership roles. A new breed of White leaders for a new kind of freedom.

  4. WWWM

    What a great show. This is exactly where the debate should be, amongst racially aware White people. Not on some anti-White controlled talk show with a bunch of people who don’t care about the truth anyway. These kinds of disagreements help move important ideas forward.

  5. Steven

    Donn this Caucasian Coalition you are talking about, it is absolutely critical that semites and their fans for are not included no matter what.
    If it is antichrist, antiwhite and anti heterosexual it has to be purged.
    White civilization can not afford rainbow coalitions or tolerance for anything that might undermine the survival of our people both morally and physically.
    Let me clarify something about christianity. Its teachings and spiritual benefits might be available to the Jews if they repent but christianity and its god is neither jewish or of the jews. It is of god and god is not of this world. His kingdom and origin is not of this world. Judaism, christian zionism, islam and freemasonry is pagan antichrist heresy and can be condemned and rejected with a clean conscience. Democracy, communism and the NWO is antichrist, antiwhite and anti heterosexual heresy and political and financial crime.
    It is that simple. Trust god, love your people.

  6. My God people, you don’t have a government, the Rothschilds and American Jewry have complete control. The voting system is rigged, and even if voting was on the up and up, there is no one to vote for, there all working for the JEWS.

    Look at Rand Paul, he went to occupied Palestine and kissed the ass of the JEWS.

  7. Donn

    I made a mistake in my original post.

    Glenn Beck talked about the Newsome/Christian rape, torture murder case in Knoxville that occurred in 2007 when a group of blacks kidnapped, imprisoned, raped, tortured and murdered a white couple over a period of several days. Beck is the first “national” commentator to have mentioned this.

    Mike Gallagher was the conservative talk radio host who stated that Blacks were not capable of being rational on the subject of racism, etc, and whose listener made the Caucasian Coalition proposal. Gallagher has never been a favorite of mine but more and more he’s been advocating for whites and against the hideous black pathology euphemistically called “Black culture.” I was very surprised to hear him openly say that blacks were not capable of rational behavior or consideration of racial issues.

    I think increasing white anger has made many conservatives feel that white advocacy is “safe”. By the same token, more pro-white sentiment by public figures will make it “safe” for rank and file whites to come out. Whites have been holding their breath for more than 50 years and there is white rage that is waiting to explode.

    It used to be that “color blind conservative” talk show hosts would scold and cut off explicitly pro-white callers, but no more. I was blown away when this guy called in and advocated a “Caucasian Coalition.” I don’t think the caller was “racially aware” in the sense of us hard core whites, but rather that it was just a spontaneous, “gut” reaction by him to the anti-white onslaught in the aftermath of Trayvon Martin, etc.

    We used to talk about “White Unity”, white organizing etc. More and more, I think white constituencies will form on their own in different locations with different leaders and that through a kind of organic process the whites over all will come together. Not formally, at least not at first. But explicitly white activists none the less. We need every white voice and every white leader. We can debate among ourselves which is the better argument, better approach, etc., but nobody gets thrown out of the boat and we learn to accept our differences and fight together.


    @ DONN

    I saw a lot of this kind of talk on SF. After decades of jewspeak, FOXnews and greedy jew-centric Glenn Beck throw us a bone. BIG DEAL! I don’t think it’s worthy of mention. They’re not going to change their anti-White ways. Jews don’t pay them for that.

    WNs are so starved for the truth on the MSM, that if FOXjews, Rush Windbag, or Glenn Beck say something WNs like, many of them will waste their time and switch on these sellouts hoping for more. It’s not going to happen. This is not progress. You’re being fooled. Mainstream “conservatives” are cowards. Until millions of Whites take the bull by the horns and come out forcefully, in force, against this anti-White racism, we will be placated by these droning so-called “conservatives” who routinely sell out their fellow Whites on the jewsmedia. They know who signs their paycheck, and that’s the only thing they care about. They don’t even know what color they are. :disgust:

    Great Show, by the way, Carolyn. Love you, Glenn Miller, and Andrew.

  9. Owen – FYI, I’ve had Donn on twice and ask him every so often if he wants to come on again. He so far declines, so maybe you need to talk to Donn.

    I’ve had Alex Linder on several times, so if you want to hear what he has to say, listen to those programs because he has not changed his views or topic-interest since then.

    If you’re concerned about finding new White leaders in the U.S., what about yourself?

  10. who+dares+wings

    The purpose of the invasion of Dominica told on the show (to raise money for white nationalist causes) doesn’t quite jibe with the one described in this article that appeared on a Dominican website after one of the leaders of the invasion team Wolfgang Droege was found mysteriously shot to death in a Toronto apartment four years later. The article doesn’t mention that the man who underwrote “Operation Red Dog” with a $10,000 contribution Charles “Chuck” Yanover was a convicted Jewish racketeer. http://www.thedominican.net/articles/droege.htm. A book about this misadventure, Bayou of Pigs: The True Story of an Audacious Plot to Turn a Tropical Island into a Criminal Paradise by Stewart Bell is available at Amazon.com.

  11. Weichseler

    A good show. Donn and others make some very astute points. At this point in time, the Jews and their minions have the U.S. pretty much in lock-down. The U.S. is now a domesticated, mind controlled, de-facto Jewish colony. A programmed Golem. As things continue to deteriorate, and as the groundswell of White racial awareness becomes political, Jewry will do everything in their considerable power to either hijack or derail the rising White political opposition. The false flakes of the “color blind” conservative b.s. will likely lead the decoy operations, as they are currently paid to do. If the racial debacle spins out of their control, real White leaders may be able to break their hold on the befuddled Whites, and have a real chance to turn the tables on their destructive, nation wrecking scheme.

  12. who+dares+wings – Thanks a lot for this. If it is accurate, that is. 🙂 It names Arnie Polli as a police informant. Polli and Roger Dermee were Klansmen who “were paid US$3000 to visit Dominica to obtain preliminary reconnaissance.” Why would any klansman be trustworthy? I mean, some would and some wouldn’t but how can you tell? And getting involved with Las Vegas Casino Jews?! Such undertakings must be fueled with booze.

  13. Arnie Polli was a pimp for anyone who would pay him and especially the authorities. Unfortunately I knew him very well and suffered many consequences.

  14. Should have added too: Nothing mysterious at all. Wolfgang Droege was shot dead by a druggie he sold to. As well, he, the druggie, and a gal: a drug infested love triangle. Nothing mysterious about it all for those of us who followed the sick scene from a safe distance, back then, in Toronto.

  15. Dear Carolyn,
    First, because I hear this from time to time and just to add my two cents. I was never a Skinhead because I far too young when my two older brothers, ‘half-brothers’ technically from my father’s first marriage who lived in Waterloo, IA were active in what was a quite popular Skinhead gang scene there and in places like Dubuque, IA and you would see in in the ’90’s where ever there was a shrinking white working class overwhelmed by marauding niggers. Any decent W.E.B Dubois type of negro would call them the same if they met them! Well the point is that YES it is fueled by booze, and I am ashamed to admit it, occasionally drugs as well. My older brother who I talked to who still considers himself a Skinhead, when I got to really sit down and talk to him recently I was shocked to find out BELIEVES the holocaust of 6 million Jews in Death Camps and Gas Chambers happened. I was shocked and for years just assumed that he already knew better! He was actually disappointed by the idea that it did not happen! So this is what you are going to have to accept you will have if you are just looking for popular masses of young men. Most of them are not going to be smart or detail oriented and will not be brought in through truth seeking but simple desire to better be able to protect and achieve their collective goals and interests and out of deep seated fiery anger towards their collective enemies. You can’t even get smart ones to be interested much beyond that, and my brother, technology and business operation wise is very high IQ but he really does not much interest himself in history, ideology, or philosophy at all. Still as smart as he is in his own areas I still can’t understand how he could be so pro-“Nazi” while believing the mass murdering in gas chambers actually took place. But he has a strong sense of anger and rage over very real actions taken against him by minorities and the ZOG state since he was a juvenile so perhaps it is understandable.
    My whole point in writing this very personal and poorly written comment is that popular White movements or groups or whatever fuel a lot hooligan type behavior and naturally so. In this climate, and I disagree with Glenn, I don’t think it is at all perfect, at least not in most of America, you will only get rather poor, rowdy young men who are “out there” and often prone to violence and periodic fits of anger. That is not all you will get and I tend to feel that having ‘young toughs’ so to speak is necessary but at this point I am ambivalent about either National Alliance style, the best is what we want, style organizing, or more along the lines of what Metzger talks about.
    The biggest problem in America is: predominantly White areas are not at all willing to popularly rise up against the trends to the South and try to protect and maintain racial hegemony let alone become Anti-Jew! Those areas where Whites are actually finally starting to wake up and be pro-White are already overwhelmed and tend to be heavily fragmented due to a Libertarian-Conservative Tea Party type of ideology and the Old South is overwhelmed by niggers. Again the kind that would shoot a white baby in the face! and expect to have 15 kids by 9 ‘baby-daddys’! I am not going to call them anything else! I don’t see anywhere where organizing on a true popular recruit the masses scale is sensible at all! Because the Anti-Jew nature of the ideology will not work! They are too cowardly and brain-washed and Glenn knows this about most of them but he has, and I can’t help like this about him, and indefatigable optimism!
    Really interesting show Carolyn and it is always nice to listen to Glenn and Andre! Good pairing of guests for a discussion!

  16. Thanks Konrad. I read every word. You are such an honest, truth-telling soul. John Beattie’s input is good too.

  17. Thank you Carolyn!
    Please forgive the spelling and grammar errors!
    One more thing to add that I think is also pertinent.
    I actually have two older brothers who were Skinheads in the ’90’s. But the other older brother is not a Skinhead at all anymore aside from occasionally finding it amusing to listen to old Screwdriver songs. He has no interest in associating even with a Pro-White movement at this time.
    He really has developed more along the line of the views that Tom Metzger has which are certainly more class and economics focused. However why his example is pertinent, I think, is that he actually got out of being involved with “neo-nazism” precisely because he was and still is serious about Adolf Hitler, read every word in Mein Kampf, is very Anti-Jew, and believes in the dream of Nationalist and Socialist Revolution, more Socialist but absolutely Racialist. However all Skinheads and the pro-White Tea Party Conservative types care about is BBQs and Beer and nigger and wet-back bashing. Its pathetic really being around Tattooed truckers, Skinhead punks, and white trash sitting around drinking Keystone telling one nigger joke after another. I care about the real working class but most of these people are just our lumpen proletariat and Dr. William Luther Pierce was absolutely right to reject them. They often will disgust and scare away people who would be serious Racialists like my other older brother. But to be fair to Glenn I think if any serious movement rose up that showed some promise and had at least a core party that was not just hooligans he would definitely light back up like a fire!

  18. Monty Storm

    I had a dream, where little white boy’s and girls interacting and playing with other little white boys and girls, but I am living in a nightmare instead!

  19. west

    Please, what is the name of the song and group is this episod, THX! Thank

  20. Commander Goyim

    No problem helping Iran if they Nuke Israel.

    Andrew, Glen asked about Golden Dawn but you only elaborate on their present stance etc., which is in the news but I wonderr if you are making any direct contact with the leadership etc.?

    Since the topics were mostly American there was no mention of what kind of work you are doing in Athens.

    If you can tell how long you are staying in Athens maybe we can meet when I am next in Greece.

  21. Commander Goyim


    I hear what you say Comrade and share your concerns. There are many Americans in Europe that are still plugged in to what is going on in America but are also working with groups over here.

    This why I asked Andrew specifically what kinds of contacts he is growing in Athens with Golden Dawn. There is a language issue with Greek but the Greek community in the USA is huge. Glenn said the magic words when he said,”It could be anywhere”..this is the attraction here. As Andrew said the Golden Dawn don’t pull any pnches — so much so that the Jews FROM America bitch to New Democracy and Pasok (the current government) to ban Golden Dawn scum like David Harris from a major Jewish group in the US…they are rattled here BIG TIME. Glenn did mention Hungry as well; a Juden infested wasteland from Communism.

    I am in contact with many in Golden Dawn and building new friends all the time — GD are some of the strongest NATIONALISTS on the planet and hate the Jew. The Swastika is a sacred Greek Symbol — they are sick and tired of American hooked nosed rats yelling to the EU Human Rights Commission to have them banned while millions of mud parasites suck their life blood.

    I encourage a White patriots to support your European brothers and if you are interested to Go to the –Golden Dawn International News Room– to comment and lend support. Thank you.

    PS / Carolyn; excellent show and site and you might like to include a link for the GD International Newsroom on your site.

  22. Commander Goyim


    If you can post your email I would like to wrie you …the address is not showing onthe site (cell phone)


  23. You are another person who needs help. Go to http://carolynyeager.net

  24. Commander Goyim

    I Wouldn’t say that; a small bit of sluething managed to uncover your email address (2) in the catagory: “Saturday Afternoon with Carolyn Yeager.”

    Thanks for the link — now all signed up!

    Ps/ You might wish to display a “Contact” icon at the top of your site(s) for prospective guest speakers…I passed right over the ones in Saturday Afternoon with Carolyn Yeager because they were “at dot net” etc.

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