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Craig Cobb on White Men Staking Out their Space


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  1. CSR

    Keep in mind a mini Ice-age is coming. Everyone North of Oklahoma will be moving South in the next 20 years.


  2. If that’s the case, I should buy some property.

  3. See it here:


    beware of fracking though which causes sinkholes and extreme water loss to nearby areas so make sure no fracking is going on where you choose to purchase:



  4. Steven

    I think a few might be moving a little closer to the equator but a little ice age if the last one is an indication means may be up to 500 years of chancy to crappy growing conditions cooler summers colder winters, famines, plagues and political problems. Nothing we can’t handle if we can retain the benefits of white civilization. What you really have to be concerned about is what appears to be a little ice age but is really the start of a thousand century big ice age. Our people likely went through several of those but it will not be easy and we will have to move south and set up and maintain some kind of civilization.

    One way or another a white civilization needs geographic and political sanctuary that can be defended. I am not sure that a few acres in North Dakota serves that purpose but what the hell white people need some where to live.

  5. What kind of jobs are there? Do you need experience, because I have none. I’m willing to help populate a town of White people that believe in Jesus Christ, the “Bill of Rights” and FREEDOM.

    Also, what is the name of the song and group you are playing in between the two hours, I really like it?

  6. Edward, you need help. http://thewhitenetwork-archive.com/saturday-afternoon-with-carolyn-yeager/

    I think you would fit right in with the local population in Leith.

  7. Carolyn, I never understand your responses to me. I would like to believe I am a part of this “so called” White nationalist movement, and would love to be accepted as a fellow ethnic warrior but it seems that it is impossible w/ you people. My God, what does it take to unite our people?

    Carolyn, you still don’t get it WAKE UP!! There is only one other man the JEWS hate more the Adolf the Great, and that is Jesus Christ.

    READ: John 8:44 (King James Bible)

  8. Like he explained on the show Craig Cobb is a Creator, a follower of the Creativity religion that’s exclusively for White people.

    Yes, Edward will probably get along with the other residents of Leith, ND. Here is the note Craig found on his doorstep last week from a neighbor couple, the Fernies, attached to a bag of fresh vegetables they gave him: http://www.whitenations.com/showthread.php?t=2150&page=12

    [Dear Craig,]
    As you can imagine, there are a lot of surprised people in Leith. We were very saddened to learn of your views. It is our belief that there are absolute truths and that these truths are found in God’s Word, the Bible. if we do not base our convictions upon the principles of God’s Word, then everything becomes a matter of personal preference; there are no absolutes.

    You state that it is a pretention that all races are the same. However, Scripture says, “And He made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth,” Acts 17:26. Man, every man, is created in the image of God and for that reason has dignity and worth and should be treated with respect. But that image has been greatly marred because all of us are infected with the sinful nature which was passed down from our common father Adam. The sinful nature is something that every human being carries around inside him/her, and this is why our world has been so corrupted and why hatred and strife exist between races and peoples.

    Even if you create a white nationalist community in Leith, North Dakota, it would not be an ideal place because of sin. There will never be perfect unity and harmony on this earth; that will happen only in heaven.

    However, when a person comes to faith in Jesus Christ and trusts Him as the Substitute who paid for his/her sins to God’s satisfaction, that person becomes a part of God’s family. And it should be (though because of the ongoing presence of sin it will never in this life exist perfectly) that in Christ people from every nation, tribe and tongue will find a basis for unity and love. As the Bible says, “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free man, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Jesus Christ” (Galatians 3:28). This is why Christians do not believe in racial cohesion. God commands us to love one another regardless of our differences.

    Please know that we harbor no ill will toward you. You are in our prayers. It is only in having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ that a human can find meaning, purpose, and fulfillment, and true abiding joy in this life. (Jesus said, “I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly,” (John 10:10) People search for these things just about everywhere else, but they are not to be found anywhere else. It is our hope that you will come to Christ for salvation. In Him you will find true peace while you live and an eternal Utopia
    in heaven after you die.

    (Signed in ink) In Christs’s love,
    Paul & Miller Fernie

    Edward, you might enjoy these other songs by the group Dresden: http://williamlutherpierce.blogspot.com/2012/12/call-of-blood-album-reviewed-1995.html

  9. I have to tell you Will, that your making fun of the Fernies is no different at all to PC Christian people pre-judging White Nationalists.

    But I think your point is that Christians can never be pro-White — or as you say, White loyalists. Based on that, you think it’s okay to dismiss all Christians, and let them know it. But these particular people have probably lived around White people all their lives; they only know other races from what the media tells them (excepting Bobby Harper). They pay more attention to what their pastor says in church, or maybe the TV ministries they watch (lol). But still, they are uneducated on these issues and live in blissful ignorance. But they raise vegetables and probably kids too. They have a good side.

    And here is Edward, sincerely standing for both Christ and White Nationalism. And he’s not the only one! So Edward should direct his comments to you, not to me because I’m okay with that. I’m okay with the Fernies. I’m just not okay with those who demand that you do their simple info search for them, when it’s right in front of their face. (Got that, Edward?)

    I’ll bet Edward could present the Fernies with some bible passages that would contradict what they are relying on. Go Edward!

  10. @ Carolyn: Ha! I told Craig that since the Fernies like the Book of Galations that he should cite Galations 4:16 back to them, with a big, disarming smile, of course.

    I didn’t make fun of the Fernies, just quoted their letter, in full, without comment. Nor have I dismissed Christians or expressed in any way that they can’t be pro-White. I was raised Christian — Presbyterian — in the segregated South, so nearly all of the people around me growing up were Christians, even our Negro domestics. The people around me then were not my enemies, nor are they my enemies now just because they didn’t set aside their childish beliefs when they became adults, as I did. If there is any subtle point I may have tried to get across with that letter it is the problem Craig is going to have there in Leith trying to sell his beliefs to his neighbors…and do it flying the Swastika flags, no less.

    I’m not in favor of Craig’s method, BTW. I’m for quietly moving into an area, like I did here in East Tennessee 20 years ago, getting to know my neighbors and earn their trust, first by being a good neighbor. I’m not going to buy lots near me and give them away to notorious people like Tom Metzger, Skinheads, David Duke, the KKK, the NSM, and Pioneer Little Europe (PLE) people, alarming the hell out of them, shaking my weenie in their faces, telling them how things are going to change in Leith, ND.

    I believe more in Dr. Pierce’s White Zion approach to building an all-White community, like here: http://williamlutherpierce.blogspot.com/2012/06/white-zion-part-1.html and here: http://williamlutherpierce.blogspot.com/2012/06/white-zion-part-2.html We separate from those who disagree with our world view and build with those who agree. In other words the ideology comes first. The Cosmotheist ideology is Nature-based, race-centered — geared for the long term preservation of our type, and it deals with the real world, not imaginary spooks, whereas Christianity is dependent upon blind faith in scriptures, and is otherworldly. It’s not real, nor is it race-centered; it’s universalist. Cosmotheism or Creativity, both founded in the 1970s, are of this world, our world, the only world where the White man has ever lived. They are not for everyone, just rational White folks who find them to be an attractive, alternative world view to Christianity which sprang from Judaism in the Middle-East.

  11. I hope you’ve noticed that Tanstaafl has begun some of Wm. Pierce’s talks on TWN streaming audio for this month.

    As far as the rest goes, I’m trying to sic Edward on you. I hope he will rise to the challenge. But I know I’m always hurting his feelings.

    C’mon Edward. You’re considered family here at TWN. So chime in with your most persuasive argument.

  12. Dear Will, The letter left on Mr. Cobbs doorstep, w/ vegies (that were probably poisoned), is the apostate Judaized Christianity brainwashing that is taught in the majority of the Churches in America, it’s referred to as Christian/Zionism. I would suggest to you, and Mr. Cobb, to read “The Controversy of Zion” by Douglas Reed, the pdf is online. Also,the Bible is a book for White people and no one else. Not Asiatic JEWS and all Asians, Negroes or others.

    White people are the people Jesus Christ is talking to. Jesus tells his disciples to teach to and gather the lost tribes of Israel whom are White people. “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.” – Jesus Christ

    I’m no Bible thumper but it is obvious that the races are not all the same and if we as a people are to survive we must have our own countries, which was the norm, only up until the past twenty years or so, when the JEW Satanist Talmudic monsters started teaching otherwise.

    WATCH: (On youtube) “From Abraham to America”, by the great Christian warrior Pastor Pete Peters.

    Again, there will never be any cohesion amongst our people as long as the intellect remains the equivalent of a dull knife.

    P.S. To Carolyn, I looked at the link posted, I was hoping to get a response from someone that lives in that area. Your elitist and antichrist attitude is not helping our people.

  13. P.S. To Carolyn, I looked at the link posted, I was hoping to get a response from someone that lives in that area. Your elitist and antichrist attitude is not helping our people.

    C’mon Edward. I was referring to this line that you wrote:

    Also, what is the name of the song and group you are playing in between the two hours, I really like it?

    I have only answered that about 5 times already in the last few weeks. If you were a reader of the comments, you would have known.

  14. Carolyn: I hope you’ve noticed that Tanstaafl has begun some of Wm. Pierce’s talks on TWN streaming audio for this month.

    I did notice and couldn’t be more pleased. The wider Dr. Pierce’s teachings get play the better. It’s obvious that Tan values Dr. Pierce’s intellect as being somewhat higher than that of a dull knife. I can only hope that TWN doesn’t feature the contradictory teachings of Christian warriors like Pete Peters for “balance.”

    Edward can trot out his best arguments as to why he believes our race needs to put its trust in the mythical Pale Jew, but I won’t be playing dueling scriptures with him. My Cosmotheist mind is made up and Edward won’t be changing it with stories about the Jewish patriarch Abraham or any of those other old Jews from the Levant. Will Edward listen to Dr. Pierce’s talks on TWN this month to try and understand the biocentric world view? I doubt it.

    Edward should take his Bible message of hope for our race to the millions of thoroughly judaized Christian Zionists who read from the same Big Jew Book he does, and not waste his time on those few of us dullards who see all forms of Christianity as being a large part of the problem. Go to the Catholics, Edward, and convince them that your and their Book is not meant for mestizos and Negroes and Asians, but only for Whites.

    Serious fans of Dr. Pierce will enjoy this new forum: http://whitebiocentrism.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=2

  15. Dear Carolyn and Edward and Will and anyone else concerned,
    DEAR GOD please come back so we can end this crap!
    I don’t know how productive the arguments or religious debates ever really are or even could be if done in a debate style with rules and people to judge objectively and point out logical fallacies but why on earth does this always have to come up? If I was really able to, and no I am not going to North Dakota but I would if I was younger and had no family to worry about. I am actually tempted even now but I would definitely have to go alone abandon my hope of staying in home area which is still 95% White and rural. But Edward, who cares? just go up there and all you’d have to say is, “Craig I disagree, I’m a Christian, but I’m here for our Race and I will keep my faith in doors out of respect. Will you have me or not?” How hard is that? You have to go through it already everyday. At least there you could be an out in the open “Nazi”.

    But one solution for you that you probably will reject but I’ll put it out there, convert to Old Believer Russian Orthodoxy. There are a few very close knit Old Believer communities in the Northwest US, Montana, Canada and Alaska which are White and separated from the modern world and live a holistic traditional Christian lifestyle. It is hard to adjust but I could even tell you who to go to find out about joining their faith community and the men always are going to marry their daughters off to fellow community members of their faith. There’s a relatively new community in a very beautiful part of Montana right now if you are interested.

    I have to agree with Will Williams, scaring the locals and making a big scene is just not smart or tactful and frankly I can get my wife on board with a lot of things but if I came in and I just started hanging a Swastika Flag and putting up busts of Hitler and a painting William Pierce and putting it in her face she would freak out and think I was going nuts. And I really see the same problem with guys moving up there getting women to come there with them now or later after it gets going. As Will said in an old show, . . . ” its hard to be at the ‘world headquarters of hate’ with your bride.”

  16. ETA

    Carolyn, I wish you’d tag your shows a little better. Months back I downloaded all your shows which were archived and that were on 3-4 different sites. And now, I can’t find any particular show to save my life. And the same goes for your latest shows. As an example, I have dozens of them on my phone at any one time. And wanted to listen to the Glenn Miller interview. But couldn’t find it. It would have really helped if you would have encoded them with a smidgen of what the topic was, and/or who was on the show with you. Now that I caught up with your shows I started to do that myself. So I can find a particular show when and if I wanted or needed to.

    Below: Examples of what I will start doing when I download your shows…

    tWn_Saturday_Afternoon_with_Carolyn_Yeager_20130824 (Miller – Anglin)

    tWn_Saturday_Afternoon_with_Carolyn_Yeager_20130831 (Craig Cobb)

    tWn_The_International_Jew_Study_Hour_20130829 (Jewish Idea in American Monetary Affairs – Episode 62)

    (Now, when I want to promote a particular show of yours, I can visually see it, or, do a quick search to find it).

    At least you do have your name in the encoding, unlike David Duke – here’s what you get when you download one of his shows….

    —- > 082613 (WTH?)

    A couple more keystrokes and a person would know something. Like who the host of the show was, the topic of the show and/or, who was on the show, where applicable.

    As an archiver of DD’s, I’ve had to add the information myself. Just so I know some basic information… example — >

    Rather than…. 082613

    I do this — > DD-2013-08-26 – Dr. Duke has a great show with Matt Heimbach and Dr. Patrick Slattery on the ultra racist…

    You all make it tough on us archivers.

    And listen sister, I’m not being sarcastic, so don’t get your panties in a bunch. I love your shows and I think… no, I know, I love you too (smiles). So if you need a man to take care of, you’ve got yourself one here (big smiles).

    Seriously though, it would be nice if you encoded your shows with at least some detail. So people could find and promote them much easier than with the present encoding.

    Also, Hadding took the 308 Pierce broadcasts I had archived and never even sent me a message of ‘thanks.‘ But that’s OK, I’m use to it. The main thing is that he’s passing them around.

    The 308 Pierce shows Hadding acquired can be downloaded in three files (rather than having to download all 308 separately). They are in ‘zip’ format (free ‘unzipper’ – http://www.7-zip.org/)


    At a later date, I uploaded more from my personal archive – so here’s a total of 630 of them (some duplicates).


    Some Pierce video below…



    Keep up the great work and best to you…. ETA

  17. ETA,

    Thank you for your archiving efforts. Among other things you have made this month’s special program (http://thewhitenetwork-archive.com/2013/09/01/william-pierce/) possible.

    tWn recordings are named and tagged upon creation, and as you note, we provide more metadata than usual. The program posts (with title, image, text and keywords) are created separately and often afterward. For archival purposes I suggest you save the entire web page in addition to the mp3.

    You can search our site using the Search box in the upper right corner, e.g. http://thewhitenetwork-archive.com/?s=glenn+miller , or you can use a search engine, e.g. at google you can use “site:thewhitenetwork.com glenn miller”.

    For phone listening I use and can recommend the free Podkicker app (on Droid). After pointing it at our RSS feed (http://thewhitenetwork-archive.com/feed/) you get the titles of each podcast, and it remembers which ones you’ve listened to and where you are in each. There are other podcast apps that work similarly.

  18. ETA – I ditto what Tanstaafl said. 🙂

  19. In the next few months this country is going to melt down because of our continued war monger actions against Arabs for the benefit of the Jews and Saudi Arabia. As the illegals riot in the streets and steal people’s property and lives, all White People will want to leave the cease pool of the big cites and their will be many white only towns popping up all around the mid-west.

    Consider the White Flight from Los Angeles County from 1980-1995. Now, from Orange County CA to AZ, NV and Midwest states. These are retiring people who are taking their money with them leaving the State of California with $500 Billion of debt. Its this type of economic destruction of America hence, City of Detroit files Bankruptcy. The City of Los Angeles will be the largest municipal bankruptcy and the final nail in the California’s future. California should be given to Mexico as its going to drag the rest of America in to the toilet.

  20. ETA

    Tanstaafl & Carolyn – thanks for the replies. Would have responded earlier but have been out of town and just got back last night.

    The tagging is OK, at least it has the name and date – which as we know, is better than other shows… where one knows nothing.

    As far as Hadding ‘taking’ the 308 Pierce shows, it sounded like I was serious (as in mad), and of course that wasn’t the case at all. He received a TON of downloads from them and that’s great. So of course I’m thrilled he added them to his site.

    And also very glad to know you all are rebroadcasting some of Pierce’s old shows.

    As far as archiving the entire page, I like that idea. It would be a pretty big task now though. Especially as I have gigs worth of stuff I need to review that I am behind on. But I would like to do it at a future date. Again, an excellent idea.

    I just Googled the Podkicker app and I think I will try it. After I’m done here I will download it to the phone.

    Thanks again and will look forward to more quality shows in the future on The White Network!


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