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Jewish Idea Molded Federal Reserve Plan – Episode 63


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  1. Steven

    •One of the functions of the Federal Reserve Board is to guard the gold supply of the country, yet Jews who were associated with foreign banks sat on the Board.

    Carolyn if the Federal Reserve has committed to guard the gold supply of the United States, other countries and wealthy individuals then it should be available for repatriation any time the owners show up to take delivery.

    If this were the case Germany would not have to wait 7 years to take delivery of their holdings. This points to fractional reserve gold and silver lending by banks in general. If you are lending an asset that has infinite supply that does not present a supply problem but if you lend out an asset that is being held for safe keeping and is in limited supply then that is a problem if not a crime against the true owners of the asset.

    Nations and investors should rethink the wisdom of entrusting their gold and silver to jewish banks and banks in general for safe keeping and act on that basis.

  2. I’m very sorry that I kept referring to the M.M.Warburg bank in Hamburg as a “law firm.” I couldn’t believe my ears, listening to the show, that I just kept repeating it. Hadding did not correct me, either. But he did correct me on some other mispeak, for which I was grateful.

    Anyway, Paul Warburg was not associated with any law firms or partners, but only with banking houses and bankers, both in Germany and in New York.

    Also, Samuel Jones Lloyd, mentioned as “virtually” responsible for Peel’s Bank Act of 1840, was not a Jew as I thought he must be.

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