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Jewish Idea of Central Bank for America – Episode 64


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  1. Fred Wilson

    Before there was a Federal Reserve, there was J.P. Morgan. He brought bankers together to resolve panics and banking crisis. He used the power of his bank to persuade other banks to help finance the bailout of any failed financial institution.
    Can’t have a Welshman solving financial problems. Must have jews in control of the money system.
    (Morgan was dumbstruck when the President said that a Federal Reserve would resolve financial crisis, in the future.)

  2. Fred Wilson

    How can Carolyn expect simple, sincere, trusting White folks to be vigilant of the jews? We are adapted to work together in cooperation and trust, while the jews have been cunning and scheming for thousands of years. For them, deceit is a birthright.
    23 centuries ago, the Greeks called the jews of israel “nomadic cattle thieves”. Four centuries before that, the Babylonians called them
    “desert cutthroats”. They are genetically adapted to predation.

  3. Fred – If White folks are genetically and constitutionally unable to stop Jews from taking (big-time) advantage of us, then we had better bar them from our societies. What is your plan to accomplish this?

  4. Fred Wilson

    I don’t think that we are ‘unable’, but it will take a lot of education for folks to become jew-wise. A lot of education to overcome our sincere naive instinct to trust. Just like training a small child not to talk or go with a stranger.
    You’re absolutely right about barring them from our societies. They are just too treacherous and predatory. (Their spying alone has put us on the brink of nuclear disaster.)
    The educating that you, Hadding, Tans and Duke are doing is the best first step I can see. Try to start some White groups for political activism. White charities to help our own (jews must have 10,000 charities that help jews). Try to recruit bright young minds that can motivate people to see the truth and find a way to support them. I’ve struggled with this question for years and only come up with a few vague ideas.

    The crux of the issue always comes back to finding a way to get White People to work together for their common good.

  5. As I expected, Fred, you have no plan that you would put yourself behind. Why don’t you try to start a political activism group, or start a White charity, or try to recruit bright young minds and help support them? All 99.9% want to do is to continue to study the issue. At least you use your real name … I think.

    If the solution is barring them from our society, that’s how we should be directing our energy. But most so-called white leaders won’t even say that. Too reminiscent of you-know-who and you-know-what.

  6. Fred Wilson

    As you expected is wrong.
    I did support NA while Pierce was alive. I did distro his material and web info. I did support Miller’s distro of his leaflet and campaign ads. I did support Duke in his election runs. I did help financially in both Chester Dole’s and Ed Steele’s defense funds.
    Beyond my puny contributions, I am not in a position or location where I can do much good.

  7. Fred Wilson

    “As I expected, Fred, you have no plan that you would put yourself behind. Why don’t you try to start a political activism group, or start a White charity, or try to recruit bright young minds and help support them?”
    I did in the past. My sphere of influence was too small. I don’t have enough resources to implement my ideas. So, I try to make contributions to those that have a wider audience and are already working their plans.
    What’s the big deal about using a real name ?
    ( I strongly discourage people from using their real name. See the bad effects it has had on Craig Cobb and several major contributors to SF).

  8. Fred – Sorry if I sounded rude. I am disappointed that we don’t have some men who can get beyond making puny efforts, who have some real vision. We’re not going to get anywhere with people like Chester Dole and Ed Steele.

  9. Neal Joitke

    Please answer this in 1921 there was over production of farm goods so loans were tough to get. By 1929 the great depression started before 1929 there was a need for more farm goods as in in loans to make the farms bigger. That is what the goverment was saying to the farmers. More out put
    take a farm that is owned in full and make it calateral for the loan to make it biggger. Great depression lose the farm bought and payed for because the goverment wanted the farms bigger. MY answer is this.
    1921 interloping jew restrict loans to the farms
    1925-1929 interloping jew trying to steel the farms with loans that are over calaterlized.
    The goverment is a interloping jew tring to steel the farms.

    Make the farms bigger has been a goverment interloping jew cry for a long time. Look at the farms today.

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