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How Jewish International Finance Functions – Episode 65


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  1. Monty Storm

    I am not trying to cause trouble, but could anyone prove to me that Catholics are Christians. It’s my understanding that Catholics believe that Mary “the mother of God” is co-redeemer along with Jesus, and to further complicate things, the Pope is Christ on earth. It is easy fo me to see why Jew’s often join the Catholic Church.

  2. Monty- I think you have posted to the wrong show.

  3. Monty Storm

    Carolyn, I understand that the subject matter per say is not concerned with catholics or christians, I guess I had taken offence with you and mr. Hadding calling catholics ” christians”. This was concerning Otto Kahn who was obviously a catholic but refered to as a Christian. Except for that, I really enjoy your study of the International Jew, and of course Mr. Hadding does a great job reading in the jewish accent.

  4. Well, Monty, Catholics are Christians last I looked … in spite of what you might think. 🙂

  5. Fred Wilson

    Dutch Schultz was a jewish mobster, his real name was Arthur Flegenheimer. He was called the Beer Baron of the Bronx.
    Any bar owner that wouldn’t buy his low grade beer he’d have them
    kidnapped , hung up by their wrists and put gonorrhea puss soaked
    gauze over their eyes. Yeah, they went blind. That was the idea.
    He was going to have Thomas Dewey killed. His fellow mobsters knew that would bring all hell down on the mobs in NYC. So they had Dutch Schultz killed.
    This would fit into one of Tans’ programs, jews hiding behind goy names. I’ll bet, if you ask 100 Americans what Dutch Schultz’ nationality was, they’d say German.

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