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The Gentle Art of Changing Jewish Names – Episode 75


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12 Responses

  1. JohnM

    Woody Allen -> Allen Stewart Konigsberg
    Jon Stewart -> Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz
    Gene Wilder -> Jerome Silberman
    Chuck Lorre -> Charles Michael Levine

  2. Markus

    Peter Marx is a leading politician in the BRD-NPD.

    It’s always funny to hear the contradiction.

    Very annoying having all these Jews running around with German names and speaking Yiddish, which is basically German with an accent.

  3. Mary, White Advocate

    As an interesting side note to the International Jew Study Hour for Dec. 5, 2013, Alfred Rosenberg, Reich Minister for The Occupied Territories during the Third Reich, has a distinctly Jewish name. Instead, he is of Latvian/Estonian origin and not at all Jewish, although black and white photographs show his nose to have a slight curvature which might a remote Jewish ancestor.

  4. You are so right, Mary. But I have read, and seen evidence, that some photos of Alfred Rosenberg have been photo-shopped by those tricky Jews, to give him a larger nose.

    Anybody could have a remote Jewish ancestor, probably, but those who insist on “not one drop” don’t like to consider that.

  5. Bobby

    Toward the end, it was said ‘you can not say we are a Christian nation’. It reminded me of the seasonal ‘conservative’ cry of – they is a war on Christmas. It is true, you can not offend anyone, except Christians. Then it is okay. Merry Christmas has been changed to Happy Holidays and so forth.

  6. We will all miss the classic International Jew Study Hour when it sadly comes to an end and hope the great tradition may continue with something like the Mein Kampf Study hour.

  7. It won’t be Mein Kampf but it will be good. 🙂

  8. Neal Joitke

    Wesley Clark 4 star general bombing Serbia
    Last Name is KANN Lied about being a jew.
    But got promoted big time by civilians who knew he was a jew.

    Sixty Minutes the TV show starts off with Hi I am Mike Wallis
    That is not his real name he is a jew.

  9. Ken

    Schicklgruber –> Hiedler –> Hitler. LOL

  10. Ken, first none of these are jewish names. “Hitler” did not come from “Schicklgruber”, since Schicklgruber was Alois’ mother’s name and Hiedler was his father’s name. Hitler was pronounced the same as Hiedler – sounded the same, anyway. Alois preferred this spelling, or the functionary preparing the documents only heard the name spoken and spelled it this way. A lot of people in villages were illiterate in that time and place.

  11. Charles


    Ken could have benefited from watching and listening to your excellent YouTube videos entitled “Carolyn Yeager – Putting Popular Hitler Myths To Rest” – Parts 1 through 4.

    His childish sniggering could have ended then and there.

    You have explained all those German names above quite well, but you did just as good a job in those YouTube videos. I watched them all this evening in fact.

    Thank you.

  12. Charles, I probably should have suggested this to Ken instead of calling him an idiot. So I think I will remove that line. Thanks.

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