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Rodney Martin has gone beyond the pale, part 1

Published on December 16, 2013 by in Blog


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7 Responses

  1. Charles


    What skills you have! Bravo! You vindicate yourself and renew the well-deserved skepticism about Rodney Martin’s character quite well here. Geez! What newspaper journalism has missed for not keeping you on, a true veteran!

    Thanks for this Part I piece. I never doubted your research or your motivation. I look forward to Part II.

    Beautiful work!

  2. Brigid Therese

    I very much agree with Charles’s sentiments. Thank you, Carolyn.

  3. Mary

    What immediately tipped me in the direction of disbelieving Martin’s rant on ANN, was his completely outrageous attack on Tan. It was a cheap play at directing attention away from himself, and the sign of a terrible character.

  4. Dietlef Busch

    His vile slander continues on facebook (https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=220643521440779&set=a.167138610124604.1073741828.167091753462623&type=1&theater), must be he has an obsession with Carolyn and he is TICKING off the WN/NS hard-liners, he is in for a mighty fine surprise of his life very soon, we will not let him continue this to happen to our women (for the countless of others we have seen him attacking!!!!)

    Carolyn you have all my respect and have shown more backbone than that squaw lover will ever have! Keep up the good work and thank you!

  5. Kevin Sommers

    I said it on the Daily Stormer in response to the whole John Friend debacle, and I’ll say it again here. We need to learn to recognize one’s legitimacy from their voice alone. Both John and Rodney have the voices of men having fun with their radio shows, playing games and talking about conspiracies whilst the rest of the hosts out there(TWN hosts included) have the voice of seriousness and have a certain ‘tiredness’ to them.

    I honestly don’t get how I can pick up on it so quickly, with both of these men I listened to one show and decided there was something tainted in their message or delivery. Guess it kind of ties into that instinct/intuition thing you were talking about on one of your shows Carolyn(I don’t remember which one.)

  6. Mary

    Yes Carolyn, I did indeed just do a catch up on Tan’s blog, thank you 🙂

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